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Grand Chase Warns Players to Prepare for Rin-sanity

Grand Chase Warns Players to Prepare for Rin-sanity



SG Interactive is proud to announce Rin the Phoenix, the next character to be released in its action MMORPG, Grand Chase: Chaos. Rin is a fan wielding class and represents the reincarnation of a deity who sealed away the ancient evils that threatened the world long ago. Coinciding her launch will be two special events for players to enjoy:


Increased Exp: Players who collect Rin’s silhouette emblem in dungeons and PvP modes will receive a 10% EXP boost.


Sales Items: The “Karma Fusion Package” will be on sale for a week until March 5 when Rin makes her official debut.



For more information on Rin be sure to check out the new trailer!

Otherland Releases First Gameplay Trailer @ NextG

Otherland Releases First Gameplay Trailer @ NextG




During the European press event “next-g”, publisher gamigo and developer RealU released the first gameplay trailer for the MMORPG Otherland, which is currently being developed in Singapore. The trailer is made entirely of scenes from the game in top-notch graphics displayed by the Unreal Engine 3 that are sure to raise the bar in the free-to-play genre.



Otherland features lush landscapes, highly-detailed character models and top-notch effects thanks to the state-of-the-art technology of the Unreal Engine 3. The developers had a wealth of material to draw upon when creating the highly-varied mulitverses. There is little to limit the imagination in virtual reality, making an endless variety of settings imaginable. “Eight Squared” is a classic medieval world with fairy-tale castles and massive chess pieces floating in the air. Mars is hardly a red wasteland but instead boasts impressive Oriental buildings. Additional worlds are already in development.



The “non-targeting system” makes fighting in Otherland focused on the action. The game features long-range weapons such as bows or guns as well as weapons designed for melee combat such as clubs, swords and lances. Attacks are not aimed at a specific target, so sweeping blows or mighty swings will hit all enemies within range! Position and separate targeting are important aspects of battles, making them far more dynamic and intuitive.



Socializing plays a huge role in Otherland.  In the colorful neon gorges of the “Lambda Mall”, players can make plans to meet up for a chat in one of the many bars to unwind from the hubbub of battle. They can also take part in a variety of mini-games such as dancing competitions or aerial combat. The Lambda Mall is a central meeting place, a shopping center and a place for relaxation, all rolled into one.



Those who prefer to have their own private place to relax can create their own little realm in “MyLand”. Throughout the multiverse, players can gather what is known as “eDNA” from opponents. After collecting enough eDNA, they will be able to place, among other things, creatures to protect them in the MyLand.

Lime Odyssey Welcomes more Players into Alpha Testing

Lime Odyssey Welcomes More Players into Alpha Testing



Aeria Games, a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games, announced today that more fans of Lime Odyssey: The Chronicles of Orta will be able to experience the game prior to its launch. Lime Odyssey, a highly-anticipated 3D MMORPG, is currently in production and will be published in North America by Aeria Games in 2012.


Following the success of its initial Alpha session in November, Lime Odyssey will expand its user base to support over 10,000 Alpha players. The expansion will offer a significant number of new and returning players an early taste of the title’s North American version. Players interested in future participation are encouraged to sign up now for a chance to join the upcoming Closed Beta.


Lime Odyssey delivers an engaging and immersive player experience. Its high-quality graphics provide a realistic open-world setting brimming with unique races and creatures. The game’s dual-class system and three playable races, each with a unique, robust starting zone, offer players a truly customizable adventure as they scour the breathtaking continents of Orta for fragments of Lime – a sacred substance with the power to restore order to a troubled world.

RODE Online Prepares for Official Release

Rise of Dragonian Era Prepares for Official Release


Rise of Dragonian Era


Rise of Dragonian Era (RODE), a new fantasy F2P MMORPG from Mgame USA, has today set an official release date of March 9, 2012.  The game, which has already amassed legions of fans during beta testing, thrusts players into the fantasy world of Piral, a once peaceful and prosperous land that has been overcome by a disastrous dragon war. To celebrate the announcement of RODE’s release date, RODE is hosting a Dragon Coin Giveaway and releasing a new batch of screenshots! Play RODE for the chance to win a FREE Alienware M17 Laptop, a SONY PS Vita, graphic cards and much more.



Join the great dragon lords Firean or Azurian as they rage war against Deablo and prevent his malefic plan to dominate the world. Choose from a number of races, classes, and specializations as you embark on a sword-slinging and spell-casting journey that will take players across vast lands and immerse them in a magical world of adventures. Featuring unique gameplay that allows players to not only ride dragons for aerial combat, but raise and evolve their own dragon mount as well, RODE provides dedicated gamers with an action packed and tense experience both on the ground and in the sky.


Rise of Dragonian Era


Stunning graphics, engaging story quests, a pet system centered on hatching your own dragon, extensive crafting and upgrading systems, engaging PvP systems and RvR wars, plus a forthcoming castle siege mode set RODE apart from other F2P online games.


Rise of Dragonian Era


Jump into the adventure on March 9 for your chance to win a range of great prizes during the Dragon Coin Giveaway. Dragon Coins will be handed out to players each half hour and once a player has amassed 7 coins they can roll the Dragon’s Orb to see if it is their lucky day. Prizes include an Alienware M17 laptop, Sony PS Vita, graphics card, gift cards, and much more.

HoN Kicks off 100th Hero Celebration

Heroes of Newerth Kicks off 100th Hero Celebration



S2 Games, creators of award winning PC game franchises – Heroes of Newerth and Savage—announced today that after nearly two years and over 100 updates, its massively popular session-based, multiplayer, Action-RPG Heroes of Newerth (HoN) will usher in its 100th hero this Friday, March 2nd. The hero – a telekinetic warrior dubbed Kinesis, will be commemorated by S2 Games with a week-long $100,000 player appreciation event and celebration.



The event kicked off yesterday with the launch of a daily drawing giveaway for packages of in-game currency (Gold Goblin Coins) valued at over $100,000. One thousand $10 prize packages will be given out each weekday as well as another one thousand $50 prize packages over the course of the coming weekend. Once a player logs in and wins a game of matchmaking, he or she will be entered into that day’s drawing. Winners will then be chosen randomly from that pool of eligible participants. The event will conclude with a grand prize giveaway of 100,000 Gold Goblin Coins for one lucky player who logs game-time and wins at least one match each and every day throughout the week.



S2 Games will also be giving away hundreds of promotional copies of their 100th hero through Heroes of Newerth’s official social media outlets – Facebook and Twitter. Following the hero’s release this Friday, March 2nd, the developer will host a very special S2 vs. The Community event, where North American and European players will have the opportunity to play head to head in exhibition matches with S2 Games staff, including the HoN Hero Design and Balance Team. Every time the community beats the developer at their own game, everyone who played a game that day (12:00am-11:59pm EST) is one step closer to winning an account symbol, silver coins, and a brand new Alternate Avatar.



In addition to Gold Coin giveaways and event prizing, players can also take advantage of double Silver Coin matchmaking and mega-sale prices on all non-Early Access heroes. Heroes of Newerth players new and old are invited to take part in this week’s 100th hero celebration complete with giveaways, prizes, and so much more. Visit for full event details. Also keep an eye on OnRPG forums later this week as we’ll be holding a competition and giving out 25 keys to claim your own free Kinesis hero!

Jagged Allilance Online: Beta Impressions

Jagged Alliance Online: Beta Impressions

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist




Jagged Alliance Online is the modern version of the ever-popular classic game Jagged Alliance. This turn-based tactical action RPG builds on the series’ strengths to become a browser-based MMOG with extraordinarily high-quality graphics and an unparalleled game experience. The sophisticated artificial intelligence and great variety of different opponent types make each of the more than one hundred missions available a real tactical challenge. An innovative player vs. player mode allows players to measure their skills against those of other players.



Back in the old days when I was a little boy I got familiar with this tactical role-playing game called Jagged Alliance 2. I must have spent months playing that game and trying to complete the quest line that I was following. The story was a well crafted centerpiece of the entire product, but the mechanics and features that the Jagged Alliance series offer were unlike any other games available at the time. For me personally the game got me in touch with tactical turn-based role playing games, and I had a lot of fun playing it back in the days. Since I managed to grab a key for the closed beta of Jagged Alliance Online I was really psyched to try this new sequel. I have been waiting a long time for a sequel and there were a lot of rumors a few years ago about Jagged Alliance 3D but unfortunately the studio that was making that game had to close down, erasing all hopes of the game ever launching. Just when this game was beginning to fade into history, Gamigo announced Jagged Alliance Online.



When I made my character and company I quickly got into the tutorial that explained the basic mechanics and UI. Every player starts off with 1 mercenary. For the newcomers that aren’t really familiar with the mechanics of the Jagged Alliance series, you set out to build a powerful cohesive mercenary team as you travel around the world taking on odd covert operations. As your company grows, you will acquire more mercenaries that all have different stats and weapon specialization. And for those who are familiar, this new sequel has some of the old known faces from the previous game to add that nice kick of nostalgia in. Unfortunately they were still a little too expensive for me and I was a too low level to hire the big shots so I had to do it with one mercenary for now. In the first mission I took on, I relearned the basics of the turn-based combat and movement, but there was something new! It was possible to view the area in 3D at your mercenary’s point of view and thus gave me more possibilities to scout the area better.



Unfortunately your mercenary has to say something EVERY time he moves which didn’t happen that often in the previous titles and I got tired of hearing the same line over and over after a while, resulting in me muting him in the options.. Since the last title was released more than 10 years ago I was quite happy to see the graphics so detailed and up to date. The UI has been reworked to perfection and the overall production value is much higher. I do miss the use of the laptop like in the previous games but that doesn’t spoil the fun. The combat mechanics seem to work quite nice just as the previous title; you can aim for the body or you can aim for the head which offers the basic risk reward trade off of higher damage for less accuracy. Though be cautious as helmet wearing foes won’t go down from any basic headshot.



In general the game has a lot of improvements over the previous titles and this sequel brings no shame to the Jagged Alliance series. It’s a relief to see that the game didn’t change any important factors that made the series a lot of fun, and I really like the fact that you could play with the old mercenaries that also still have the same voices and sound they made like in the previous games. This game is still in beta so there will be a lot of fixes and changes before launch, but as the game is currently stands I cannot wait to get my hands on the full version.