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Virtual Earth Online

Virtual Earth Online is an upcoming free-to-play 3D sim MMORPG developed by VEO Games for PC and is expected to release on Steam. In Virtual Earth Online players can take part in one of the most ambitious sandbox MMORPGs ever attempted with a massive open game world the size of the entire Earth. Houses, streets, and other facets have been reproduced in a virtual world that players can travel, explore, and shape to their liking. Do what you wish and be whoever you want to be. The entire world is yours to explore, discover, and shape in Virtual Earth Online!


Be You: In this game you can truly play the way you want to! Become a farmer, builder, traveler, or something else entirely! Take in the sights of other players’ creations as you make your way around the world or purchase your own land and build to your heart’s content.

Voxel-Based Building: Building in Virtual Earth Online is voxel-based, meaning payers can build nearly anything from building blocks of all kinds of shapes and sizes. The blocks don’t even have to be square and can take custom shapes when needed!

Massive World: With every house, street, park, and corner of the Earth reproduced in the game there will always be somewhere new for you to go! Travel instantly across vast expanses or take the long route to different famous locations, big cities, or the most remote corners of the world.

Custom Blocks: Create your own custom textures for blocks to unshackle any creative limitations. Whether you want to create one of the most modern skyscrapers available, a humble abode, or the garden of your dreams the options are there to make it all happen!


Starborne is a free-to-play sci-fi 4X strategy game developed by Solid Clouds and will be available in open beta during Q2 2018 on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Combining 4X empire building with the real-time strategy elements of the MMORTS genre, Starborne puts players in the role of a space commander competing against thousands of other players. If you’re looking for a game that will reward you over time for your well-thought-out strategic decisions then look no further! Only time will tell how grand your strategies truly are and how strong your alliances have actually become!


Unique Gameplay: Starborne seeks to do what no game has done before by marrying the feeling of traditional board games with epic, long-term gameplay and political conflict. Games will culminate over a total of six months with decisive endgame content before resetting, giving players more shots at taking over the map with different strategies.

Card-driven: The entirety of your experience in Starborne is card-driven. New cards can be discovered and collected as you play, enabling you to do anything from upgrading your stations and fleets to gaining special bonuses and changing your avatar picture.

Strategic Points: Each map has numerous strategic points in the form of planets which players will strive to take for their own and expand their sphere of influence.

Lordmancer II

Lordmancer II is a free-to-play mobile fantasy MMORPG developed by Active Games for iOS and Android and is the sequel to Active Games’ previous title Lordmancer I. It is expected release in Q1 2018 and improves upon its predecessor in a number of ways, but stays true to the popular core features and mechanics of the original. Players can explore a huge game world that doesn’t tie users to any particular home town, giving them complete freedom in choosing where to go and when to experience both PvE and PvP content. Numerous beautiful arenas are waiting to be desecrated in intense battles with engaging content, different types of units, and various magical effects in this game!


Open World: Explore a huge open world with freedom to go and do as you choose, taking part in both PvE and PvP content.

Clans: Experienced players can create a clan or join an existing one to expand their potential goals and the level of their engagement. Clans can seize and own castles, but the number of castles in the world is limited which leads to conflict between clans over ownership of these massive structures.

Market Conversions: Players can level up their characters to craft even more valuable weapons and artifacts that can be sold in the game for LordCoins (LCs). LCs can later be sold on a cryptoexchange for your choice of BitCoin or Etherium, giving you the chance to cash in on your in-game efforts!


Doomtrooper is a digital CCG based on the diesalpunk sci-fi Mutant Chronicles universe from the ’90s. Choose a faction, craft cards, build a deck, and face off against cunning opponents from all around the world, available for Windows.


Interplanetary Adventure: Explore a domain of chainsaws, hostile encroaching aliens, corporate conspiracy, stylized mechanical vehicles, and legion vs. horde warfare.

Board Battlefield: Learn the distinct tactics behind your various possible actions including playing a warrior unit card, supporting the frontline, equipping them with attachments, activating a faction power, or changing destiny with fate.

Personalized Playstyle: Mix, match, and see what works with 8 different classes and over 400 cards to choose from.

Slash Arena: Online

Slash Arena: Online is a free-to-play fantasy MOBA developed by Drunken Monday for iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and Linux that is available for download on Steam Early Access. In Slash Arena: Online players can fight in multiplayer battles with their trusty weapon of choice, spinning it in circles in hopes of connecting with an enemy to eliminate the competition. With very simple, addicting gameplay all you need to do is dodge incoming attacks and choose the right time strike back at your foes! Will you rise to the top of the arena rankings?


Changing Appearances: Choose one of 3 different characters to take into your battles. Your character’s appearance will change every 3 levels as you get more experienced, showing off to everyone just how great you’re becoming at spinning your weapon.

Weapon Upgrades: Every match gives you the chance to collect more resources to upgrade your weapons and increase your striking power, as well as boost your matchmaking ranking so you can take on more experienced opponents.

Two Game Modes: Fight in free-for-all Deathmatches where 30 players battle it out against each other, or take part in Arena 1vs1 battles where players can fight another individual to increase their ranking.

Absolver Review: Age of Wushu meets Assassin’s Creed?

By Jordan Hall (ApocaRUFF), OnRPG Journalist

Absolver is the kung-fu masterpiece brought to us by Sloclap. There’s some controversy over whether or not the game is ‘good,’ with the title currently sitting at ‘Mixed’ Steam reviews, but there’s no denying that the combat system is something special. If you’re the type who enjoys Martial Arts, combat somewhat similar to Assassin’s Creed, and multiplayer mechanics that will remind you of Dark Souls, you’ll feel right at home in Absolver. If you’re the type who likes to be competitive in fighting games, you’ll especially feel welcomed, as player-versus-player duels are the end-game. Let’s take a closer look at Absolver and see how it stands up to review.


Cosmetic customization isn’t that diverse, but overall the game has a decent amount of choices. You can select the bare basics for your characters (for example, gender), but other than that you’re going to end up looking just about like everyone else. The gear is reflected on your character, which adds another layer of cosmetic customization, but there really isn’t a huge selection of gear and you’re going to end up wearing whatever gives you the best stats. Where the game shines, in terms of customization, is the ‘deck’ system that lets you determine your characters combos. It’s an in-depth system that is difficult to explain, so I’ll just give a basic overview.

Absolver Review Screenshot

You start off choosing a style of martial arts, with each having a specific focus for the type of combat. I feel there’s some imbalance, with certain styles definitely being better than others. As you progress your character, you’ll unlock moves that are added to your ‘deck’ that you can then use to create combos. I’ll explain the combo system more when I discuss combat under ‘Gameplay.’ This is part of the reason, I think, the game gets mixed reviews. It’s a system that is difficult to master.


Absolver is stunning. Somewhere between cartoony and realistic, with a bright and interesting color pallet. While the areas you can explore are fairly confined, you still get to view a lot of beautiful open vistas. Plus who doesn’t enjoy exploring beautiful ruins? I enjoy the colors in the game as they really make it easy to focus on the fighting and the natural brightness helps keep you from getting overwhelmed in larger fights. In short, Absolver looks amazing.

Absolver Review Screenshot


The controls in Absolver are so-so. If you’re using a keyboard and mouse, you’ll probably have a somewhat difficult time adapting, mostly due to the games use of ‘stances.’ If you have one available, I suggest using a PS3 controller (or any controller, really). The difference in the fun I had in the game once I started using my PS3 controller compared to when I used my keyboard and mouse is night and day. The only issue I had, really, was switching lock-targets, and that wasn’t an issue all that often. Other than that, the controls worked quite well.


The community in Absolver is large, and the way the multiplayer works makes the game rarely feel dead, even during off-hours. People that stick with the game tend to be very competitive and good at fighting games, so if you’re more into a casual experience, you may want to stay away. Of course, that’s not to say you can’t get your money’s worth of enjoyment as a casual player, it just might be more difficult. This is one of those rare games where I actually liked participating in the community.

Absolver Review Screenshot


Absolver is a pretty unique game that mixes elements from multiple genres. It’s got the adventure RPG style of gameplay you would find in something like Dark Souls, the in-depth player skill you would expect from a fighting game, the third-person camera and combat mechanics you would usually find in an action adventure game, plus a few other bits thrown in to round it out. Like I’ve mentioned earlier in the review, the game definitely favors those on the hardcore side of the spectrum of gamer. Why that is will become obvious soon.

There are essentially two parts to the game. The PVE aspect, which exists solely to develop your character, and the PVP aspect, which is essentially the end-game (for now… who knows what the future will hold). The story is actually interesting, though not as developed as it could be. You find yourself as a potential Absolver and you are sent out to overcome several boss NPCs. While you’re out doing this, you’ll have to fight through numerous lower tier NPCs to raise your levels so you can develop your skills and increase your stats. You’ll also get gear that can also increase stats (which isn’t always great, such as when it comes to weight or armor that increase cutting over bashing damage).Absolver Review Screenshot

PVP has a few forms. While you’re playing in the ‘adventure’ portion of the game, players will randomly phase in (or you can choose to join them if they’re your friends). You can either work with these players or attack them. Other forms of PVP include the duel arena. Honestly, I wish the game had more going for it in terms of PVE, as I’m nowhere good enough to stand against most players (at least not yet). I’ve not had many fights where I consider myself to be evenly matched with my opponent. It’s either I win easily, or they do.

Absolver Review Screenshot

The combat system is actually quite nice. It feels a lot like Assassin’s Creed. You lock on to targets and can (usually) easily switch between them. While I don’t think it’s quite as smooth as Assassin’s Creed, I’m sure most people who have played both games will see the resemblance. Of course, Absolver has a focus on hand-to-hand combat. As a fan of Age of Wushu, Wuxia, and Kung-fu in general, I loved the take of martial arts found in this game.

The combo system is actually quite interesting. Like I mentioned in customization, you can pick-and-choose the individual moves that make up a combo. There are actually only two attack keys. Light and Heavy. However, depending on the ‘stance’ your character is currently in, and how you have your combos set up, your character will do different attacks. This system can be difficult to get a grip on, especially when your character is new and you don’t have many moves to choose from. There are also certainly some overpowered combos that can be created, but it offers enough room that skill can often overcome mechanics, though they both usually come hand-in-hand.

Absolver Review Screenshot


Absolver is the perfect game for those of us who enjoy fighting, adventuring, and intuitive combat systems. Sure, there are issues, but they are mostly restricted to personal preference rather than actual flaws. The game will hopefully receive more content updates, as right now it feels a bit light and repetitive. The multiplayer mechanics are also really interesting, though you don’t need them to be there to enjoy (or play) the game. Personally, I enjoyed my time in Absolver A LOT and do not regret my purchase at all.

  • Features: 4/5 – Lots of interesting and innovative features.
  • Customization: 3/5 – Not much, but the combo system is great.
  • Graphics: 5/5 – It’s a personal preference, but I loved the way the game looks.
  • Controls: 3/5 – Good, but perhaps more polish would be good.
  • Community: 4/5 – It’s a good community, rare for a game with online elements.

Overall: 4/5 – One of the best games to come out of 2017 so far.

Absolver Screenshots