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Summoners War Swag Pack Giveaway

We’ve partnered with com2us to celebrate this weekend’s Summoners War World Arena Championship with the giveaway of an epic Summoners War swag pack!

Summoners War is the flagship mobile RPG developed by Com2us. Launched globally in 2014, the game has ranked #1 grossing in RPG games in 108 countries (App Store) and in 96 countries (Google Play). Summoners War features over 1,000 unique characters and provides a premium mobile RPG experience gamers are able to enjoy anytime and anywhere.

Fans can stream the epic conclusion of the Summoners War World Arena Championship on the Com2us Twitch channel:

Summoners War Giveaway

The pack includes an eSports jersey, two Summoners War action figures, and a collectible game scroll!

To Enter the Giveaway:

  • Visit the official entry thread. If you don’t have one, you will need to sign up for a forum account to post.
  • Post a reply to the thread telling us your favorite thing about Summoners War.
  • One lucky winner will be announced on Friday, November 24. The prize will be mailed directly from com2us!
  • Please see official rules and conditions below.

Rules and Conditions:

  • The sweepstakes will take place between Monday, November 20, 2017 and Friday, November 24, 2017.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • One (1) entry per eligible person will be accepted through a post made in the OnRPG/MMOHuts forum in the appropriate forum thread.
  • You must be over the age of 18 and live in North America to win.
  • Winners will be selected by random chance from the list of valid entrants using
  • Winner will be posted in the forum thread, as well as contacted via forum private message (PM) in order to obtain a valid mailing address. This mailing address will only be shared with com2us in order to ship the prize package, and not used for any other purpose.
  • In the case of the drawn winner being determined as ineligible, a new winner will be drawn immediately upon discovery.
  • In the case of the drawn winner not responding to messages within one week (by December 1, 2017), a new winner will be drawn and announced.
  • This contest is sponsored by com2us.

Skyrim Switch Review – Pretty and Portable

Skyrim Review Switch - 2

All that the light touches … shall be yours.

by Jason Parker (Ragachak)

Here be Dargons — Jarl of Windhelm

There are many people that feel that Skyrim is the best RPG ever made. I am not counted among those, however. Please don’t blast me for it, but I do enjoy Skyrim, but it’s not in my top five or even ten. The story did not really capture me because it felt sort of shallow. But you know what I love? The power to be and do whatever I feel like. I do have a pretty bad case of Decision Paralysis, but when that starts acting up and I clamp up, I find a quest chain to do and work on that instead. It really takes the edge off. I suppose it was only a matter of time before Skyrim hit the Switch; even before it was announced, I had a feeling it would hit the portable console. It’s a fantastic test to see just what this console can handle if it’s really a powerful machine. As it turns out, the console is just fine, and it runs Skyrim beautifully. Don’t get me wrong, though: I enjoy Skyrim quite a lot. It’s just not (in my eyes) the best game of all time. This one lies around the quality of Skyrim: Special Edition in my estimation, and visually, looks leaps and bounds better than XB360/PS3 versions of the game. But it is one of the most celebrated and acclaimed RPGs in this or any generation and for good reason.

Skyrim Review Switch - 1

I was amazed at how pretty this version can be.

The story, as I said, is very simple. At least on the outset. You’re the legendary Dovahkin, the Dragonborn. It’s your job to put right all of these asshole dragons flying around causing a ruckus. Well, there’s only one at first, but once you’ve pressed into the story just a little bit, you won’t be able to swing a dead skeever without a dragon flying down to harass you. I actually didn’t know that the first time I played this game, because once I was told, “Hey, you have to go fight this legendary, incredibly powerful dragon with a handful of troops”, I decided I didn’t really want to do that. Instead, my Dunmer (Dark Elf) wandered into the countryside, leaving those people to their fate for the time being. After all, they’ll wait. Instead, I wandered the land, becoming a deadly assassin and then a trainee at the magic college. I pummeled bandits into submission, kept their loot for myself, grew immeasurably powerful. I collected many of the “Shout” keywords, even though I couldn’t use them yet. The time would come when I could though. That’s what I do love about this game, being able to just wander the land and find an adventure. Not to mention when it’s docked, it’s 1080, and when portable, it’s still 720p.

Skyrim Review Switch - 4

Some herbs, coins and a soul gem. Thanks, Wario.

So the game’s still very pretty. I was genuinely shocked at how gorgeous it looked on my screen, both portable and otherwise. You have a few ways to play as well. You can use the controller, you can hold the screen with the joycons, or you could just use a joycon and wield power in an all-new way, using motion controls. However, I’m not wild about motion controls, never have been. It works great, but the best part is using your joycons to pick locks. I’m so bad at that, but it’s so awesome to do. It makes you feel like an actual brigand, picking locks to steal peoples’ stuff. So there are definitely options. Speaking of new stuff, one of the really cool things about this version, is that it has Amiibo support. Have any Zelda Amiibos? I don’t, sadly, but I know enough people that do! I needed an excuse to buy Zelda Amiibos anyway … You can use the “Amiibo” spell in game once a day. What the end result is a Treasure Chest falls from the sky, which has a random assortment of stuff in it, from weapons, armor, to just herbs and spices. The Zelda Amiibos have a better chance for the Hylian Shield, Master Sword and Champions Tunic, and from what I understand they can also be improved with in-game smithing/etc. You can only do it once a day though, so use it wisely.

Fus-Roh-Huh? 4/5

Skyrim Review Switch - 3

Rocks for dinner, again? Being a peasant sucks.

The only major downside is for fans of modding. I know more than one person who have Skyrim files that contain 100+GB of mods. It changes the game in unreal ways, making the bad parts of the game (spells) work gloriously, and in some cases, changes the entire landscape. You can do amazing things with some code and time, but not on this version. There are no plans to add mods at this point, according to Bethesda, but never say never. I think that it would be a strain on the hard drive of the Switch, personally, but I could see it working somehow. It does have all three DLC packs with it, but nope, no mods. This is, what I have dubbed, the purest version of Skyrim. It’s pretty to look at, the things that work still work, and the things that weren’t as fun are definitely still not as fun. If you travel a lot, and want an epic game with 100s of hours of content, or simply want to play it again (or for the first time, Hell, I’m not judging), you’ll get a lot out of this. While Skyrim’s not my favorite RPG of all time (That goes to EarthBound), I do enjoy it, and this version of it immensely. I get bogged down by all that modding stuff, to be honest. This is the version for me without a doubt.

Delta Wars

Delta Wars is a free-to-play browser-based RTS game developed by Studio Hoppe GmbH. In Delta Wars players can build up their industry and army to fight for the limited resources left on the Earth. The world isn’t in ruins yet, but harsh times are certainly coming. With resources running out everyone is scrambling to stake their claim and strengthen their armies. How will you fare once the going gets tough?


Persistent Worlds: Worlds in Delta Wars are persistent in nature, meaning if you log out then your base stays as it is and ripe for assaults by enemies. You’re going to need to prepare yourself for the events you plan to cause when you’re online, as well as for the events that might happen while you’re offline.

Alliances: There are going to be plenty of Alliances in the world when there is too much chaos for one person to handle alone. Join up with other like-minded players to take over the world’s resources together.

World Rules: There are currently three different game worlds to play the game in: DW2, DW4, and DW5. Worlds DW2 and DW4 pit players against each other in real-time to battle for remaining resources and to nurture the strongest army possible. World DW5 functions in a similar way, but has a revised ruleset for players looking for an even greater challenge with faster gameplay.

Armor Age: Tank Wars

Armor Age: Tank Wars is a free-to-play RTS game developed by HEROCRAFT for iOS set in the world of 20th-century tank battles. Take command of a platoon of different tanks and lead it through a whole row of battle operations with different objectives. With different platoon commanders emerging and fighting for their own causes you’ll need to be prepared for anything at any moment. Customize your own platoon of battle-ready tanks, complete strategic operations, and take down other players in Armor Age: Tank Wars!


Realistic Units: Your platoon can be made up of six different tanks modeled after real-world combat vehicles. This means like their real world counterparts they too have varying roles on the battlefield, whether it be laying down massive firepower from afar or leading the charge against your enemies.

Campaign Battles: Play through campaign operations to strengthen your tanks and find blueprints for new kinds of tanks to add to your platoon.

PvP Matches: Take to PvP matches with other eager platoon commanders looking to prove their worth. Your experience in carrying out operations will surely come of use here when you come face-to-face with other able commanders ready to rip your platoon to shreds.

Mad World

Mad World is a browser-based 2D fantasy MMORPG developed by Jandisoft and is expected to release sometime in 2018. In Mad World nobody remembers the past since the world was cast into complete annihilation a thousand years ago. Now in what is left of the post-apocalyptic world infested with dark souls a few brave men dare to try their luck of escaping the grim reality. Will you be able to survive the Mad World and escape?


Class-less System: Staying true to the gritty reality of the world your character will have the freedom to use whatever they need to survive. Mad World has a class-less character system where weapons will affect your role in combat.

Horrific Enemies: This world is filled to the brim with gruesome monsters and grotesque creatures that want nothing more than to kill you where you stand. Some of these monsters gave grown so large and strong that it will take a full raid of players to bring them down, but the rewards will be well worth the effort.

PvP Arena: When you’re not busy fighting for your life there are certain to be fights among players vying for supremacy. Take to PvP battle arena modes to put your skills to the test.

Mighty Battles

Mighty Battles is a free-to-play 3D mobile arena shooter developed by Hothead Games for iOS and Android. Acting as Commanders players are tasked with destroying any enemy bases they encounter by whatever means necessary. Deploy your units down the battlefield and take matters into your own hands by gunning down enemy forces yourself. Eliminate the other Commanders who stand in your way of developing one of the strongest military bases in the world in Mighty Battles!


Victory Crates: Win victory crates that can be opened for even more resources and units that will help you grow stronger.

Diverse Units: Whether you need a grenadier, flamethrower, or rocket trooper you’ll have a unit to counter every situation you’re presented with.

Leaderboards: Earn medals from wins to climb your way through the leaderboards and prove to the world why you’re the best Commander.