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Blade of Arena

Blade of Arena is an online multiplayer third-person melee game featuring both the battle royale and MOBA game modes. Increase your stats over the course of the match and survive long enough to become an incredibly powerful dragon with the ability to wipe out the remaining opposition. Available for Windows.


I Studied the Blade: Pick from your favorite weapon combo including Sword & Shield, Dual Swords, Heavy Blade, and Katana. Each will require new gameplay tactics and will affect your performance in dynamic ways!

Ding Ding Ding: Farm up levels on low-level mobs and become powerful enough to take on other players.

Uniquely Amazing: Change the way you play through every match including mixing and match costumes, experimenting with level paths and talent trees, swapping out equipment and weapons, as well as upgrading abilities to new heights.

Skull Port

Skull Port is an addictive dice-throwing online multiplayer game requiring players to juggle chance and strategy to become the glorious Pirate King. Available for iOS and Android.


Snake Eyes: Alleviate bad luck by planning turns ahead of time.

Earning the Win: Keep up with necessary requirements and turn the tides of battle with influence tokens to amass points and score a victory!

Numbarr’ One: Compete on daily, weekly, and monthly ladder boards for various rewards.

Fire Emblem: Heroes

Fire Emblem: Heroes is a free-to-play strategy RPG utilizing the vast roster from the incredible Fire Emblem series. Call forth your favorite character, train them up, and take on the various trials available to anyone looking for casual progress or more hardcore challenges. Available for iOS and Android.


Making Them Mine: Match orbs to heroes types and zero in on your desired summon.

Mixing and Matching: Auto-battle through the easy stuff and take direct control for the more difficult puzzles.

Unstoppable Creation: Raise stats, farm skills, and upgrade equipment for the perfect champion!

Zombie Battleground

Zombie Battleground is a F2P collectible card game giving players the power to buy and sell the cards they use in-game. Grow a collection of crazy undead creatures and compete against brilliant players from around the world. Available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OSX.


Digital Cardboard: Each of the 30 (and growing!) cards are gentrified and tracked in real-time ensuring a free, open, and accurate marketplace.

Advantage Abuse: Master the 6-elemental affinities and craft tactics to manipulate those strengths and weaknesses.

Rarrggh: Explore the unique take on humanity after defeating a zombie uprising. Who knew enslaved zombies could be so helpful and hilarious at the same time?

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will hit shelves March 15, 2019. After the Crisis in New York City, the world is left changed. The US government hangs by a thread. The Division, of which you are a part, is all that stands between lawlessness and salvation. Will you be strong enough to stand in defense of society?


New Progression Systems: Ubisoft has some twists and surprises up their sleeves, promising new designs that will keep gamers hooked.

Three Game Modes: Play through the Campaign solo, hop into a Co-Op mission, or go head to head against other agents in PvP mode.

Boss Gear: Your agents will be able to customize their loadout for maximum efficiency against whatever challenges they’re set to face, be it the environment itself, or hostile warring factions. Higher level players will find some exotic kit, and endgame will open up specialization options.

Survived By Closed Beta Key Giveaway

We’ve partnered with Digital Extremes to celebrate the start of Survived By’s closed beta!

Survived By is a free-to-play MMO bullet-hell game where permadeath is just the beginning. Every time you die, you’re survived by a new descendant who carries a small part of your legacy with them. Team up with hundreds of survivors as you shoot your way through hordes of Chimera, explore dungeons, collect loot, craft gear and of course… die. Again, and again. Who will you be survived by…?

To kick off the development milestone, Survived By will begin letting in more players who sign up for accounts on the game’s website, and has launched its first major event, dubbed Prophecies of Sin, for a limited time running from July 18 through July 25. Atop a giant ziggurat, players must summon a devastating new boss and coordinate their efforts to save the world. Only the most brazen will emerge victorious and earn never-before-seen exclusive event skins, gear and unique titles. Gather your friends now for a night of retro-style bullet hell bonding and madness as you protect the world from the Prophecies of Sin!

Your Key grants access to the Survived By closed Beta on Steam. There is no region lock or expiration on these keys!

How to redeem:

  1. Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account.
  2. Click the Games Menu.
  3. Choose Activate a Product on Steam…
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.
  5. Make an account at
  6. Login and enjoy the game!