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Fork Parker’s Crunch Out

Cut costs, and if need be throats, to make your game development studio into the #1 provider of digital entertainment in Fork Parker’s Crunch Out, created by Mega Cat Studios. This tongue in cheek title is a collaboration between Mega Cat, Devolver Digital, and the Take This charity organization in order to help raise awareness of and combat mental health issues as well as the unhealthy practice of placing ‘crunch deadlines’ on employees in the game development industry.


Help Charity: Publishers Devolver Digital will donate 100% of their profits to Take this.

Game dev Tycoon: Plays like a game dev tycoon with less than ethical, but funny, practices. Even death is no escape for your workers. You know how to take care of that sort of laziness.

Mini Games: Deal with additional obstacles, like a nagging wife who wants to go on vacation, or an internet that blows up from overuse.

Fork Parker’s Crunch Out Trailer – Mega Cat Studios

Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker enjoyed a life of luxury and spent his days watching the profits roll in from the lucrative indie game publishing industry. However, an upstart new publishing label threatens to take his beloved market share, forcing the handsome executive to take matters into his own hands and start ‘motivating’ his game developers by any means necessary. Meaningless elements like “artistic integrity” and “engaging gameplay” are out the window as efficiency and deadlines now dictate the studio’s every move – welcome to crunch time.

Little Medusa

You must outwit the Titans of Greek mythology and ascend to the summit of Mount Olympus in Little Medusa, by Mega Cat Games. Puzzle through the temples of earth, air, fire, and water in a game very reminiscent of the original Zelda games.


Physical Cartridge: Available for NES, SNES, or Sega Genesis consoles.

Cute but Engaging Story: Prove you’re worthy of being the favorite of the gods of Olympus while managing the worst hair-day in the history of bad hair-days. It’s the bad hair-day of legends.

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two

Can you and a friend escape the trap laid by Mr. Ravn and his daughter Amalie? Find out in the upcoming atmospheric co-op game from developer Other Tales Interactive.


Full Crossplay: Supported on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and even Nintendo Switch, players can pair any combination of devices or desktop, so long as audio communication is available.

Immersive Story: You’ll have to communicate what you see and work together in order to solve the puzzles and escape the eerie trap.

Star Trek Online Age of Discovery Giveaway (PC)

We’ve partnered with Perfect World to celebrate the arrival of Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery on PC!

Age of Discovery is now available on PC and will launch at a later date on Xbox One and PlayStation®4. The update’s first installment lets players create a Starfleet captain from the Discovery timeline and embark on their first mission with fellow Starfleet Academy cadet and friend, Sylvia Tilly.

Star Trek Online is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game that allows players to explore the Star Trek universe from within. Players can forge their own destiny as Captain of a Federation starship, champion the Empire through the far reaches of the galaxy as a Klingon Warrior, rebuild the Romulan legacy as the commander of a Romulan Republic Warbird or carry out daring missions on behalf of the Dominion as a Jem’Hadar soldier. Captains can also explore iconic locations from the Star Trek universe, make contact with new alien species and battle alongside other players in customizable starships. Star Trek Online is currently available on PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

Players can jump start their careers as a Starfleet Cadet with the Age of Discovery Starter Pack! The package offers unique rewards that will help Captains with their exploration into the Discovery universe. Most notably, this includes a new variant of the Walker Class that can be used as soon as players complete the tutorial. The new type of starship offers Hull and Shield values that continue to scale up with Captains as they continue this career (all the way to level 30!).

Your Code Contains:

  • Walker-class Prototype Light Exploration Cruiser
  • 12 Additional Inventory Slots
  • 1x Large (150,000) Experience Bonus Pool
  • Discovery-era Phaser Sniper Rifle
  • Discovery-era Phaser Stun Bolt Pistol
  • Tardigrade Vanity Pet

To Redeem Your Code:

  1. Install and launch the Arc client if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Select the gear logo at the top right of the client.
  3. Select “Activate a Product” and enter the item code.
  4. Enter the game and visit the C-Store.
  5. Rewards can be found on the “Promotions” tab.

*These codes are only eligible for the PC version of Star Trek Online and can only be redeemed by a Discovery Federation Captain on a single account.

Note: Unfortunately ad blockers may interfere with our site. If you have any issues claiming a key, please disable them and try again.

Dead by Daylight Invites Players To The Hallowed Blight

Dead by Daylight - The Hallowed Blight

There’s plenty to die for in Dead By Daylight‘s Halloween Event, “The Hallowed Blight”. Starting today and going until November 2nd, Survivors and Killers alike have challenges to await them. While this event is in play, horrific experiments are conducted on unwilling specimens, injected with a toxin from a mysterious plant only found on the world of the Entity. This creates aggressive killers on the hunt for unwitting survivors. Survivors are in a rush to collect toxin from plants to fill Vials, though death can interrupt the process. And death is never more than a heartbeat away as Killers will be trying to fill their own Vials, hanging their preys on Cankerous Hooks.

For both parties, filling a Vial rewards Putrid Serum, a special event currency that can be traded for wicked Hallowed Blight cosmetic pieces, a Survivor’s Will’o Wisp flashlight or the All Hallows’ Eve Lunchbox (medkit) that glows with ghastly images. There are also new Halloween-themed ensembles to be as spooky as possible.The game itself and certain DLCs will also be on sale across all platforms.