Monthly Archives: May 2021

Enlisted: New Player Giveaway

We’ve partnered up with Gaijin to offer you a strong start in Enlisted!

With a unique combination of unit-based tactics, first-person shooting, and an emphasis on authenticity Enlisted will give you more than just one way to appreciate World War 2 campaigns. So gear your troops up and get ready to lead them into battle!

Your key will grant you:

  • 4x Silver Orders for Weapons
  • 2x Silver Orders for Troops
  • 3 Days of Premium Account

NOTE: Key can only be used for new players who have not played Enlisted before.

To Redeem Your Key:

  1. Login into, or register for, a Gaijin account.
  2. Redeem your code on the Redeem page.
  3. Download the game and begin your battle!


Note: Unfortunately ad blockers may interfere with our site. If you have any issues claiming a key, please disable them and try again.


Before We Leave Launch Trailer

Before We Leave is now available on Steam! Nurture your Peeps and help your universe thrive!

Set in a world that’s recovered from an apocalypse and ready for exploring and recivilising, Before We Leave sees players guide a group of surviving ‘Peeps’ as they chart new discoveries and lands.

Lumione Announcement Trailer

The beautiful horizontal platform jumping game “Lumione” officially opened an appointment today. Find the light that illuminates the darkness with the protagonist Glimmer, feel the beautiful and colourful deep-sea landscape, and challenge extremely difficult brain-hole levels.