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Actraiser Renaissance Launch Trailer

Heaven, earth and mankind – Create and destroy everything according to your will!

Experience the revival of the ‘90s classic hit, “Actraiser.”

Actraiser Renaissance combines 2D platforming action (Realm Acts) with a City-building simulation (Realm Management) in the ultimate battle between good and evil!

Featuring the soundtrack that sent shockwaves through the gaming world when it was first released, composed by the legendary Yuzo Koshiro – now remastered!

Playing God has never been so satisfying!

DE-EXIT – Eternal Matters 2021 Showcase

Is there life after death?

Embark in a surrealistic afterlife journey, discover the secrets of a new and mysterious world in this atmospheric light puzzle-platformer with a hint of stealth. Explore a warm voxel world with an intense cinematic approach. Dive into this deep reflexive experience and try to find the exit!

A relaxing journey with unexpected encounters

You wake up in a new and intriguing and surrealist world. Where are you? What are you doing here? Why everything seems so different? Embark on a voyage full of interesting characters, learn and rest in warm environments, explore and hide in cold ones. Discover the purpose of your journey but always remember that some adversities can’t be faced alone.

A Voxel art style with a strong cinematic approach

Be delighted by the curious combination of a minimalistic art style with an intense cinematic approach.

A light gameplay approach

Embark on a thrilling journey without needing to be a hardcore player. DE-EXIT mix touches of puzzles, stealth, platforming, and action game in a chill and pleasant experience enjoyable by anyone.

A reflection around the afterlife and the memories

We want to open the discussion around these fascinating topics in a heartwarming way. We hope you will enjoy our ode to life.

Flewfie’s Adventure Launch Trailer

One day, disaster strikes on the sweet, colorful world of Cutemellow – a cruel, angry cat named Uzzu and their swarm of monsters have invaded! Under their orders, they begin wreaking havoc on the once peaceful planet.

Join Flewfie and friends on an epic side-scrolling adventure! Zap, beam, and fly your way through 5 unique worlds and put an end to Uzzu’s chaos!

Fly across the sticky Caramel Coves, the shimmering scenes of the Crystal Plains and sneak through the murky depths of the Abandosphere – and explore each world to discover many quests on your journey!

Developed in collaboration with Valorware. Available now on Steam.

Scarf 2021 Showcase

What does it mean to be a hero? To fulfill your destiny? Or to rebel against it? Scarf is an exciting singleplayer puzzle adventure that blends lyricism with a 3D platform game to offer an allegorical journey through beautiful worlds. Will you discover their secrets? And at what cost?

Immerse yourself in a metaphorical tale that reflects on what it means to be a hero. With your scarf as your only ally, your mission is to trap the rebellious souls that have created their own worlds.

Explore beautiful 3D landscapes, each with its own unique mechanics. Travel through different areas and learn new abilities that will allow you to overcome interesting challenges. Jump, glide, or swing as you discover the secrets of these new worlds.

Embr Release Trailer

Curve Digital and Muse Games are happy to announce the frenetic firefighting multiplayer game Embr launches on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch today.

Fight fires for fun and profit in this unpredictable and frantic multiplayer game. Team up with friends, take on daily challenges and climb to the top of the corporate firefighting ladder. More than one way to become a hero!

Embr is a marvellously manic multiplayer game where you and your friends come together to have a go at fighting ferocious fires and rescuing residents – if you consider tossing them out a third floor window window “rescued”, that is.

Players can take on the game solo or work together in online teams tackling fire after fire to pick up tips from clients, earning the ever-so-crucial 5-star rating in order to collect cash, upgrade tools, and hopefully become the ultimate ‘have-a-go hero’ firefighter.

World War Z: Aftermath – Launch Trailer

The next evolution of the hit zombie shooter is here — experience the new first person mode, story episodes, melee gameplay and 4K|60 FPS action on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

A new chapter of World War Z begins as survivors start to make a stand against the undead swarms. Saber Interactive and Focus Entertainment have officially released World War Z: Aftermath, the next evolution of the ultimate co-op zombie shooter inspired by Paramount Pictures’ blockbuster film, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store and Steam, with backwards compatibility on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X at 4K|60 FPS. Check out the Launch Trailer!