Kal Online – The Good – The Bad – The Ug

FEATURE Kal Online

Kal Online :

The Good - The Bad - The Ugly

Well this game is not bad. Not bad at all.

So lets get down to business. Here are the real facts about kal the real deal and the real story about what you want to know.

The Good!!!


-This game is everything you would expect from an online 3D MMORPG.

-The skill's sets are great for each class of character.

-The interface is really well done and special effects kick ASS.

-You can F*%&en use some F%@#en swear words in it cus there are no filters

-The quest are quite fun and you never get bored

-The land is HUGE it can and will take you a couple hours if not day's to go from one end of the land to the other.

-Clothing rocks

-You can transform into a great but creature that's totally wicked!

The Bad


-The game is HUGE about 165 MB download for the install file and about an other 75MB of updates after that.

-You need a pretty decent computer to run it. Something like a 900 MHz and up with 512 MB ram, 64MB video card and definitely a high-speed connection.

-You well need a total of 400 MB of hard drive space for now.

-There are far too many people on the same server, I know the game is fairly new but they would definitely benefit from having a second server.

-They do updates ever wensday from 9 PM EST to 10:30 PM EST during what time the server is down.

The Ugly


-This is the only really ugly thing I find about this game. Im French and my English spelling is not the best I know!!! BUT the English spelling on the website is much much worse then mine.

So on a final note


Kal is a relay good game for anyone who likes anime and eastern mythology. For a Korean made game this game really gave a good impression. If your interested in a free 3D oriental based story line with excellent game play and graphics this game is for you.

I give it a 5 out of 5 G’s.

Master G


Conquer Online

FEATURE Conquer Online (CO) is a MMORPG that is free to play. It is published by TQ digital and is lots of fun to play.


CO is set in a era similar to ancient China, where you have many mighty warriors and monsters are commonplace. There are magic elements, based off of the Taoist religion, and much of Chinese mythology is incorporated into the world. There isn't much history to the world, and it is not very condusive to Roleplay. 7/10


CO uses 2d backgrouns with 3d characters and an angled top-down view. The backgrounds are very beautiful and crisp, and the character models are pretty good. There could be better, but they are pretty good for a free game. Think Sims 1. Special effects for abilities, etc. are pretty good too, although when there gets to be many effects on screen, things get laggy and you could be disconnected. Great graphics for a free game. 8.5/10


The gameplay in CO is pretty straightforward. Level your character up and try to get better equipment. Occasionally you can participate in quests, and although most of the standard ones aren't worth it, the holiday quests can be inteesting. Also CO is PK-free. No that doesn't mean free of PvP, it means that there is almost no punishment for PKing and you can enter PvP at ANY time. At low levels, you may find that people just kill you for fun. Leveling get really slow at high levels and the differences between levels are great. A person 10 lvls above you (generally) would destroy you in PvP. Max level is 120(?) and you can get Reborn once to start again from lvl 15 as a different class. There are four classes in total: Archer, Taoist, Trojan, and Warrior. Archers are long range specialists. Trojans are basially fighter, and have the highest physical attack. Taoists are basically mages, and can specialize later to be more offensive of defensive. Warriors are kind of underpowered, and most consideer them to be Trojans that aren't as good. I think their best stat is defense. 7/10


Well, most people are idiots on the servers. There are some good people, but most of the time, unless you are high level, no one will say anything. Once you become high level, you can enter their 'clique' and get to know some people a litle more. 5/10

Overall, CO is one of the best free MMORPGs and I love it. Play it for a while and see if it is your thing. My advice, start playing along with a few of your friends.

Total: 8/10

www.kingsonline.be – Free medieval MMORPG

FEATURE In KO you start out as a petty landowner who must work his way up to maybe one day become King of one of the 14 castles! But the road is long and to get there you must fill your treasury by collecting taxes, organizing fairs, raid villages, attack other players or go on a holy crusade together with some of your friends!

But money is not enough to become King of the land, you will need soldiers to become strong enough to defend your own land and attack the enemy. Send out preachers to convert people to your side or simply go on a slave hunt and capture them that way. If your need for a workforce is larger than ever then you could go on an African expedition together with several other expanding players.

War isn’t the only thing that keeps the world going. Play a game of dice to enhance your riches and if your ambitions are truly great than participate in jousting tournaments with your very own Knight who you can equip with various items you can find on a crusade! If you are clever enough than you can make loads of money by buying goods in one province and selling it at a large price in another but beware of Kings (other players) who are overzealous when it comes to taxing!

So you’ve gathered a fortune, bought a mansion, won several tournaments, expanded your empire with a flourishing population. Then now is the time to claim the throne of one the castles for your own! Deploy catapults, trebuchets, rams, siege towers to improve your chances of winning the day but remember that the enemy king will have likely put down some serious defences such as killing pits, archers, iron gates, boiling oil , …

But the most important aspect is to have fun, kings online is completely free and will stay that way. Ideas are also very welcome as the game is open to expansions.


FEATURE Tried ROSE for a few days, won't be back. The game has great potential but more time on game interface and less on graphics would have been a major advancement.

The characters' equipment is kind of cool in a younge teenage way. You can make your character 'pretty pimp' with some effort. The monsters and all around feel made me think of renaming the game to "Candyland", very immature. As an adult I felt over ran with 'kiddies'. I have a horrible graphics card but I was able to play and was happy with the graphics for items, equipment etc...visually the game is easy to read.

Lots of items, weapons, armor...you get the idea...

I must stress I personally hated the camera view, you must constantly adjust when you move. I think I spent more time adjusting to see what was in front of me then having fun.

I also hated that Gm's seemed to be non-exsistant. Offensive names were easy to find as well as language.

The servers are consistantly 'extended' and lag was a major factor in busy areas.

The game interface was far more complicated then it needed to be. As for a game manual....Even if some explanations were vague because of translation...it was still a joke.

Bottomline: To say this game is only in testing stage is an understatment. This game brings a new meaning to 'user UNfriendly' and with the immature feel and the average gamer age of 14...it's hellish for those over age 18. At 29, it was pure terror.

Ferion- a space strategy game

FEATURE Imagine a space game where you can compete with players from around the world, and conquer the hell out of them. Now you, like many others, are thinking of Ferion.

Ferion is a space strategy sim that has been running (and addicting its players) since 1999. You control your own galactic empire. Your main objective is to capture planets, build ships, settle new worlds, wage war on other empires and generally fulfill your need for conquest and power; with the hope of eventually becoming #1!

The main difference between Ferion and other space MMORPG’s is that Ferion games are played over around 2 months at a time in enclosed arenas, where each player must build their empire from scratch. Even the biggest vets must still start from the same point as the noobs each time, although player’s scores from past arenas are kept so you can tell a skilled player from a noob by their score and medals that they have collected for winning arenas.

Because of this Ferion is very accessible for new player with special section of the game only for noobs... and of course veteran sections for when you’re ready. And the best part is that you can play as long as you want for free!


FEATURE I have played the most recent beta-testing of guildwars.. it was a closed beta test, only open to those who preordered the game.

Beta March 18-21.

This game has had alot of hype to it.. and it was all true. I played this game almost nonstop for the 3 days the beta was online.. it was unbelievable. Lets get down to the ratings.

Graphics - 10/10

The game was simply amazing.. its a Free to Play game like Diablo, etc.. you must purchase the game, but its free to play past that.
This game has graphics that rival its counterparts like WoW, EQ2, City of Heros, etc.
For a pay to play game this is all we can ask for, but this is a free to play game.

Gameplay - 10/10

The entire game is based upon wise team construction, character development, and pure strategy.
The max lvl is 20, but its all in how you setup your skills that determines who wins a pvp fight.
There are missions for PvE and then PvP battles.
The missions are great, the monsters are really hard and have great AI.. it takes the best teamwork and the right team to beat these missions.

The PvP is the best of any online game I have ever played (and I've played alot of them)
In most games, the higher lvl would win the fight.. but in guildwars its who has the best strategy with setting up their skills, working together as a team, etc.
The game definately deserves the highest rating in Gameplay.

Interface - 9/10

The interface can sometimes get in the way, and when you minimize things and move things.. they go back to their original ways the next login.. but besides that.. the games interface is simply amazing.

Killstealing/Looters/etc - 10/10

These are words you wont hear in GW.
The game is designed that when you exit a town into a hunting ground or mission, you will have your own version of that battle area and own copy of the world.
You may bring in party members and guildmates with you, but besides that.. you will run into no one else while hunting.. great experience.

Easy to Learn? - 10/10

I had no experience in the game prior to playing it this past beta... but I got on the game and knew exactly what to do.
The game is setup so well that after a little while of playing it, you learn the concepts pretty easy.

On my first character I had alot of trouble once I got past the tutorial area.. but after an hour or so of wandering around and asking people for help.. I learned the game just fine.

People/Community - 10/10

The community in this game is just amazing.
The people are nice, and they are always willing to help you and help you learn the game.
It really was a joy playing with people like that.

Overall - 9/10

The game is simply amazing, and its free to play.
You couldnt ask for any more.

Please leave a reply with any constructive criticism/compliments about my review or the game.


FEATURE This is my first review so bare with me... this one is complicated because it really is not your standard MMORPG...

Concept - 7/10: The concept is awsome, Playing in ancient china with shaolin monk style fighters is an intersting change to all the full frontal tanker style fighters you see in most games nowadays which in my opinion is very westernized... however you can still see some elements of games which have already been about Xiah style assassins and swordsman...(the monk idea is nice although he's stupidly fat)

Graphics - 5/10: Half of me says yes these are good graphics for a game like this (free MMORPG)...when you stand and look at your surroundings you can really see that alot of thought has gone into the making of the environments. From close up your character looks very nicely done and realistic altough when you zoom out it seems to go kinda blotchy looking. Now the other half of me thinks something is not right when I look into things with more depth... when your character runs he looks like hes late for something. When he then comes face to face with the animals, which are actually real life friendly little critters from your back yard you come to realize they're all infected with the mad cow disease... you even attack stiffed up, I won't even go on about how the animals react!

Community - 3/10: What? Who? Why? When? Where?... The 3 is for the site itself wich is very helpful and hintful and for once even stated what the stat modifiers are and what use each avatar has...

i. Warrior : Long sword, Axe, Spear.

ii. Assassin : Bow, Claw, dagger.

iii. Mage : Sword, Fighting fan, Gauntlet.

iv. Monk : Staff, Maul, Flying Wheel.

1) Strength: Determines physical attack strength.

2) Dexterity: Determines hit rate and speed.

3) Constitution: Determines defense and life force.

4) Agility: Determines movement, attack speed, and critical hits.

5) Intelligence: Determines mana force..

Sound - 7/10: Nothing special...special effects and combat noises were kinda lame.

Lag - 9/10: Basically none at all (from my personal gaming experience.)

Gameplay & Evaluation - 6/10: I know i've been kind of harsh here but there really is one more thing to add... the interface has to be the most un-user friendly piece of work i've ever encountered...seriously it took me ages to get the hang of the basics, so much stuff i dont even know what is all about now and i got to lvl 19 before quitting completely! For experienced RPGers this is a good one to try for a little change but i cant see any one who has gotten very involved with Xiah or KalOnline getting addicted to this... for people who have just come from the likes of Runescape this is the one for you.

Monster and Me 3.0

FEATURE MAM 3.0 is a good pokemon ripoff, with a nice battle system.

Graphics: 3d claymation models mesh perfectly with the anime backrounds.

Gameplay: A nice turnbase system of battle really gives the game a unique feel. You can also have pets and start out with a turtle.
Sound: Music is nice, and there are nice quality sound clips.

Overall: A fun game but i wouldn't pay for it.

Kal online

FEATURE Kal is great and is very fun. It has a very good community and a lot of selling things!It is fully free and will keep you playing for weeks to months!

It isn't the best graphics I have seen in my life but are about average and what you would expect!There is nearly all languages and nationalities in the game! The EXP rate and level up time isnt so good though i could manage and level up quite quickly but if you are new to mmorpg's you would find it hard to level up!

Overall this game is quite fun and good to play but any body who are quite new to MMORPG'S should practice on some easier games first!

EVE Online

FEATURE I've been playing EVE for some 10 months now, progressing from noob frigate pilot to master of an awesowe Battleship capable of mounting huge weapons and laughing at the damage from fleets of bad guys.

Anyone who remembers Elite and wished for a little more from it will find most of what they could have envisioned in EVE. The universe alone is huge, with hundreds of systems holding thousands of players and NPCs, and the graphics are stunning.

The skills system is well thought out. Plenty of scope for defelopment of character.

The number of different ship classes, mining barges, frigates, haulers, destroyers, battleships etc. is impressive, and there is a ship suitable for almost every type of operation you can thnik of, be it mining in safe space, battling pirates in remote regions or shipping goods about from station to station.

Various corporations exist. Some conrtrolled by NPC's, but a fair few run by players. You can even, with the appropriate skills, form your own.

PVP is supposedly limited to outside of faction space, although if someone declares war on your corporation, they can come into your safe area and frag you. Although if you enjoy PVP, you'll find all that you can handle outside of "civilised" space.

Sadly, the instability of the server cluster lets it down. It is far too easy to lose in seconds, a ship and equipment you spent weeks mining/running missions/trading to put together.

Customer support is pathetically bad too. There is a wait of days before receving a response and this is invariably a stock reply that doesn't really address the problem.

There is also the ever present problem of e-bayers who play the game purely as a way of making money. These abound in EVE and despite CCP's claims to be doing something about it, the economy is goin the same way as Everquest's; prices for rare items reaching silly levels as the greedy and selfish profit from the confusion and lack of support for the ordinary gamer.

In short, EVE is a game that fails to fulfill it's enormous potential, due entirely to the lack of control that CCP has over the environment it created. This is great shame, as I personally like EVE, but, like others I deplore the lack of support and capriciousness of the GMs and developers.

Try before you buy (free trial currently available), and be prepared to have to make up your losses on a regular basis.

Maplestory Global

FEATURE Introduction:

The game starts you as a beginner on Maple Island. You take the role of a traveller who has to choose between four simple jobs as you advance through the game. Depending on your personality, or just how you want to play will take effect on the job you choose. You can be a thief, mage, warrior, or bowman. You start off fighting simple snails and build your way up to fighting dragons and other mythical creatures.


The graphics are nothing really to brag about. It's simple side scrolling mixed with very small 3D effects. The spells and skills you use however do have very nice designs. The anime flavor will catch alot of people's attention and keep them entertained throughout the game.


Like I said before, it's simple side scrolling. More or less a hack and slash game all the way through with a mix of small puzzles and long quests thrown in. It's very addictive and will keep you entertained for hours on end.


Some of the maps have very nice background music that won't always lull the gamer to sleep. Some places may seem repetative, but overall it's good. But honestly, I generally have winamp on in the background while I play.


It's very entertaining, and what class you choose will greatly change how much fun you have while playing. Most people find the assassin to be the most fun job. Jumping around throwing ninja stars was probrably a fantasy of many of our childhoods.


The community is pretty decent, you have a buddy list that comes with a standard 20 slots. There are whispers, parties and buddy chatting. It all comes together to help friends play together. However the downfall is having to pay 250,000 Mesos (that's the currency in game) to expand your buddy list five slots.


Even though this game is very incomplete it has fans addicted and wanting more. It's very fun to play with friends in large parties against powerful creatures. Or simply compete and see who can become the most powerful. If you're an otaku this should be a nice game for you.
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