MMORPGs Need To Change


MMORPGs need to change. That’s a well known fact. The question is, how do they change?

Does WoW Really Deserve To Be Compared To Cocaine?


The computer game market has skyrocketed in popularity during the past few years. Quite specifically, the Blizzard Entertainment MMORPG: World of Warcraft, or more commonly known as WoW, has introduced millions to the MMORPG concept of computer gaming. Recent studies in Sweden promptly conclude WoW as the most addictive computer game on the market, and make remarks such as: "There is not a single case of game addiction that we have worked with in which World of Warcraft has not played a part," (Sven Rollenhagen at the foundation to the newspaper Metro), and “The problem with computer game addiction is large in Sweden although there is currently no medical diagnosis of the condition” (Swedish National Institute of Public Health). Is World of Warcraft really an internet drug?

The Onrpg Guide to ValentineÂ’s Day!


This guide will serve as a short compilation of the various Valentine’s Day events and contests you will be able to participate in (or can participate in right now!) in many MMORPGS.

DC Universe Online vs Champions Online


Back in early 2004 the first superhero MMO, City of Heros created by Cryptic Studios, was released and from what I can remember with decent reviews.

Gold Farmer Bounty Hunting: The Newest Innovation In Player Moderation


Gold farming has been an issue in MMORPGs since the very beginning of online gaming. Players who offer real money in return for in-game currency quickly unbalance the economy within the game, resulting in a harsher difficulty to retrieve items for the average player.

Combat Arms Europe Preview


Combat Arms is the latest game from publisher Nexon. This First Person Shooter aims to revitalise the stale and pretty much absent free online FPS genre.

AdventureQuest Worlds Interview: The New Flash MMO


This interview focuses on their newest release, AdventureQuest Worlds. You will learn about what updates are to come in the game, the benefits of paying to play or remaining a free account player, and so much more.

Real Crime In Virtual Worlds

FEATURE By Ben Lamb, Onrpg writer Crime and gaming have gone hand in hand for many years. Everyone likes to play at being a gangster. But some people take their thieving a little more seriously. In April 2005...

History of Phantasy Star Online


The Dreamcast started off as a shiny beam of hope for its developer Sega; however the light gradually faded on the new console as Sony’s latest demon (the PS2) began to walk over the horizon and straight towards the little box of gold that was Sega’s new console.

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