Apocalypse Beta

FEATURE Apocalypse

This game has progressed in the period of 3 years to a booming game in 6 months of an implementation. I played Version 3.5 and the beginning of the fourth age. The 4th age came and went due to bugs but releasing in 4 days from this post, it should be good from what I saw. Testers now say it is completely stable. Due to rushing it was bad when players entered, with 4 bugs bogging down gameplay, but now it is fine. The admin is friendly and players are pretty competitive. They added trading, alliances, private messages, improved attacking and also a new system to keep track of a province.

This game lost score because of course it is a beta and can improve and also the ages are too short in my opinion. I know the admin wants to give a chance for newbs to join but a month and a half is kind of short.

The good part is that between ages theres like a 1-2 week break. And new features come in quite often because it is a beta.

It isn't hard to learn, signup is easy, gameplay is fun and sometimes addicting, so overall its an 8.

World of Warcraft

FEATURE WoW, the best game i've played!

Gameplay: 10/10
If you HATE the hack-slash win xps yay i leveled then you'll LOVE WoW, because the combat system is WAY more complex. you can also, Fish, ( a personal favorite) and do MANY more professions ( I.e. Jobs to make $$ with) You can join guilds, Raid the other races and make them dance naked ( a Personal Hobby from Open Beta ) ( No offesense to night elf lovers :D ), and you can chat. There are quests but the first 20 are sry quest lovers but they are BORING!! Shamans warlocks and i think druids get special quests which are fun ( like totem quests as shamans I LOVE EM!). You can also just explore because you get XPS for finding new lands ( wierd eh?). So since you can do all this PLUS MORE TO COME LIKE HOUSES AND MAYBE marriage, this is going to be absolutily KICK ***.

Sound/Music: 8/10
If you love to explore you'll find the music very great because it varries from place to place, but if you stay at the same place for awhile you may want to TURN THE SPEAKERS OFF!!! Well thats pretty much it for this!

Stunning, says Gamespot in the highest rated mmorpg review EVER! They are truly amazing. IF your horde its nothing special and you may wanna take a vacation to see the naked night elfs dance, i mean ERRRR A hum Ahum, to see their landscape.

Transportation: 10/10
This is aswome, you can fly on zepplins wierd bats, gryffins, gliders, mounts and more! Truly MUCH better then the 1 MPH walking you do!

Pets are actually VERY usefull in this game! YAY i love hunters but i play Shamans now, anyways you will love the pet system as a hunter because you can get Almost ANYTHING as a pet!!!

PvP: 100/10
This is the MAJOR part of WoW YES i did do 100/10 because i LOVE the PvP no matter what THERE is A point in leveling on none PvP servers because you can fight the other side of the force! ( hehe star wars galaxy blows :D) I love the PvP servers but i unfortunetly play on A PvE server atm!

Replay: 10/10
This is always rated high because all MMORPG's have updates and more... CANT WAIT TILL HOUSING!!!! hehe.

My Comments:

Anyways You should buy this game retail or not and try it. If you dont like leave the WoW forums because if you flame, about 1/4 million people will flame you azz to helll! I LOVE THIS GAME AND ITS second only to Asherons Call, ( I luv the skill system in that game but grandma took the accounts :( oh well) BUT i guess now WoW is 1st PLAY AND I WILL HELP YOU! JOIN THE PST SHADOWSONG SERVER!



FEATURE Eternal-Gaming is a game that is beginning to emerge itself into the game creation work's. It is a 3D game that will be hopefully made with the kjAPI engine. All the images will be custom made by a hand selected 3D graphics group. Any question's about the game can be asked on the website's forum.

The site's link is: www.Eternal-Gaming.com.

Sign up on the forum and be one of the first to adventure into this world of wonder and gaming!

Battle Of The Scripts

FEATURE An incredible online rpg. You start out with a lowly level 1 "BOT" For the first few levels you "train" against practice bots then after a small bit you can begin to fight other peoples bots to gain levels faster. You choose how you would like to diss your points making a dex, balanced, or str bot :)
it's all online and nothing to download. The game has a nice clan system as well as a great community. it consists of a blue and green version as well. It's been running smoothly for 2 and a half years now :)

Jumpgate, Episode 2 Attack of the Conflux

FEATURE Ok, so the title is sort of influenced by a well known series of films ;-) but it must be the greatest galaxy based mmorpg out there. Look past the tired graphics (it is 3 years old now!), and you will find a fantastic real time space sim, that relies totally on skill, and not who has the best skills or biggest ship. No point and click here, all done by you!

Jumpgate features 5 factions, of which 3 are playable, and have their own styles. Play the Solrain, a trader type faction, where the credits rule. Be a mining religious zealot, in the Quantar faction, or a warmongering combat orientated player from Octavia. Each has its own types of ships suited to their own unique personality.

Jumpgate has a lot to do too, mining, hauling for profit, killing the npc enemies, known as the conflux, and of course PvP. PvP in Jumpgate is definately better than in any other game. Skill is definately the requiement here, he with the biggest ship does not always win, a steady hand and a good aim is needed here.

The only minus for Jumpgate is it can be tough in the early stages, getting through the levelling treadmill can be laborious, and somewhat repetitive, but isnt that the case in most games? Besides, it is definately worth it, once you get the good stuff :-)

Overall, while it doesnt look as good as the latest releases, Jumpgate is an absolute must for the skill based rpg fans, who want more than Eve's point and click type gameplay. Give it a go, free download, free 10 day trial, what have you got to lose?

I don't work for them before you ask, but am a stalwart fan, who would LOVE to see more players, so drop by and give it a go.

The Kingdom of Loathing

FEATURE Hey guys, if you're ever sick of conventional RPG gaming, here's a new site for you to check out. It's called the Kingdom of Loathing. Originally founded by Jick, he didn't quite expect it to be a major hit with many people playing it. Recently, it has also gotten on Gamespot News and News.com, as it's a refreshing change to conventional RPGs.

It's essentially a parody, to say the least, and we are able to find, point, and laugh at the references given to other games, such as the Protagonist (Cloud) and his Ridiculously Large Sword, the Burly Sidekick (Barret). The pictures drawn and simple, but yet reflect deeper insights. To quote from one of the randomly random battles in the Kingdom:

"This is a white chocolate golem.
Chocolate is neither white nor chocolate. Discuss"

What other site would have gotten you to ponder harder than that? Hilarious classes available include the Disco Bandit, the Pastamancer and the Sauceror, each with their own unique stats.

The players are also very friendly in the chat, and a newbie should receive plently of help if he doesn't go against the rules and beg. I'm not considered as a very experienced player, but you can contact me ingame for help by locating either ResiLiang or Ghost of the English Language. (The latter was inspired by a similarly named Ghost in the Altar of Literacy)

So come and join the community now! You know you want to.

An Adventurer is You!

Shadow Lights

FEATURE Graphics: I like the layout, other then that, its text based browser game, no graphics

Community Pretty good, not alot of people play so, chat is rarely active since lack of players, but from what I've seen its good 6.3/10

Gameplay Very addictive, ya, all you do is click..but still fun, get runes to upgrade your weapons/armor/spells (Only way to get better items) kingdoms are going to be implemented sometime soon 8/10

Pimpin Down Under

FEATURE Pimpin Down Under is a multi-player web based game where you take on the role as a Pimp, living the thug life in the cities of Australia. Your mission is to build an empire of thugs and hoes increasing your networth.

The game is absolutely FREE to play so there's no reason why you shouldn't give it a go! When you first sign up to play you are introduced into the current playing round and are also given 300 bonus turns into your reserve, which you can transfer into your game whenever you like. Turns are required to actually perform in game actions like scouting your hoes or attacking other Pimps. Read the How to Play section for more information on turns and other specifics of the game.

If your aim is to be one of the most bad ass Pimps then you need to build your networth. As you play you will realise the absolute necessity for turns and how quickly you will use them, and run out of them. More turns can be bought so you can add literally hundreds of turns to your game for a very small price. If you get into Pimpin then the purchase of turns is a great way to support it!

Are you a good enough Pimp to be one of the best on Pimpin Down Under? Only time will tell... good luck!

World of Warcraft

FEATURE Just, wow...to say this now, I am defently buying WoW on release date.

I'm in stress beta, played first day it was out and it is awesome.

Classes/races: So, pretty common races, elf/human/dwarf/gnome/undead/orc/troll and then the tauren. All are great, I made all of them so far, except the gnome (gnome punt! :P) My favorite being the undead. Each feals totally different from the other

The classes are great too, and like the races, each is day and night different from eachother. I made almost all the classes and my favorite so far being the mage.

Graphics: The graphics are geat, if you make a orc/troll you well have to go to echo island (make sure your high enough...pesky crabs attack you, and dinosour type things) it is beautiful. Each area for the races, except those combined areas. Are awesome, each one. I love the undead area, gives that spooky feeling. Some people don't like the cartoony graphics, but their great

Gameplay/General: The gameplay is great, for a stress beta it runs pretty smoothly, except a few lag spikes. I barely get them. Also, my favorite part was swimming to echo island, and being able to swim underwater and keep fighting :) I was so amazed by it, you'll have to try it

I give this a 9/10, fora beta, this is one..or is..the best beta I've ever played

PimpFights – Online Strategy Game to tes

FEATURE "PimpFights.com, the only place online where you can put on your purple velvet suit with Zebra print trim and get your pimp on. Pimpfights is a turn-based strategy game where you play the part of a pimp on a mission to control the city with your power and money. You will master the skills of pimping your hoes for cash, commanding your thugs to go into battle with other wannabe-pimps showing them who is the real-pimp of the city, and showing your leadership skills by starting a crew and leading other pimps, like yourself, to success! " They are not kidding. This game is absolutely amazing. In the game you are a pimp who is in charge of thugs and hoes. To get money you take your hoes and scout them. They bring in the cash and also attract thugs to come back to you. You take control preping your thugs for war, buying them weapons and keeping them happy on weed. It all goes to hell when you start attacking other wannabe pimps who are trying to get you. The best thing out of this whole game is most of the rounds you can actually win CASH $$ PRIZES.


FEATURE Planetia is a FREE ticks based space strategy game.

You own a planet and together with your galaxy and/or your alliance you try to dominate the universe. Develop your planet and attack/defend with your fleets to gain power.

Player can play together with friends in small private galaxies (10 planets) or in larger random galaxies (20 planets).
People can start with different race planets each having it's own shiptypes to develop and build.

You mine asteroids for resources and try to attack and capture asteroids from others planets in the universe.

Fairly easy gamepley but quite a tough game to play due to the highly competative community.

Advisable is to get help in the start from an experienced player and/or to find an alliance in the game which you can join.

Planetia has a strong gaming community and has it's own IRC server and extensive gaming forums. This game has been around for 8 rounds (jun 2004) now with thousands of people playing each round and has been the game of the month on mpogd.com in jan 2004
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