I have to admit Jagex... you really outdid yourselves this time. The graphics are upgraded like mad. I was turned off from RS1 because there was never any updates for the free server, only members. My friend is a member all he talked about was the beta. i checked it out and its amazing. I'm hooked again... All the things me and my friends ever dreamed of adding, were added (exept ball and chain...) I dont usually like RPG's but not bad at all. Although i dont understand the point of runecrafting... Just buy the lousy runes from the shop instead of going through all that trouble with the talismans and all. Compared to other free MMORPG's i've played, this topps the chart. Good job!

Runescape 2 FULL

FEATURE Lets take RS1. Bland graphics,hard to get into gameplay, with greatness once you got to lvl 40. Now lets polish that up and add some kick ass features (I.E. Hookers in seers village)

Then add the fact that they have re vamped all of the Skills making it easier to lvl up. Added new armor types and the awsome new Dragon Spear,Mace,And full shield. And you get one kick ass game.

There are a few flaws to this-
1-The world is now much larger,making it now takes 30 mintutes to walk from varrock to adrouge (west) Thats way to long
3-The graphics are still under-par
4-The emotes are retarted (dancing consists of moving your legs and feet like your haning a seisure)
5-The value of certs have gone down due to bank notes,which crashes to ecomony,weakens the dollar,and in about a year,runescapes economy will crash.

But over all, its very good, an large improvment over RS1, this game is truly a great game.

NOTE:Runescape haters,Please give this a chance. Play until you get to level 15,then you will see. And members worlds are amazing.

Shadow Lights

FEATURE Well, this is the first review i'm writing. i decided to do this because i know the guy that made this, so it might kind of non professional.

Graphics: The game is text based so no real graphics, but dacauz (the creator of the game) has some cool little gifs on it, and i've heard that a map might be added. graphics= 1/10

Gameplay: Surprisingly fun for a text based game. It incudes chat, towns, battlefields and more. Gameplay= 8/10

Community: The community is nice, and very newbie friendly. The game however, used to be filled with hackers, but they have died down. Comminty= 7/10

Sound: There is no sound on this game, other than the clicking of the mouse. Sound= 0/10

Overall: A great fun game. Good for just sitting down and playing for a few minutes, or staring at your computer for hours until your brain rots. Overall= 9/10

Runescape II Beta

FEATURE This is only for the beta...
I haven't played the beta 100%, but it was hella-fun!

Graphics - 4/5
Whoa, big change, WAAY better graphics, and trust me, way better

Gameplay - 3/5
Still had it's highs lows, not much of a change here!

Plot - 2/5
Ok, it's an MMORPG, so what'd you expect?

Players - 4/5
Lots of poeple playing, and lots of kind poeple, and now, poeple are making guilds and clans!

Menu - 3/5
It was better than the old one, but gets a little confusing, and bulky

Changes - 4/5
Lots of good changes, I'd say great changes, but the battlesystem, they didn't make it any faster!

Total - 20/30

Runescape 2

FEATURE Ok way back a company named Jagex released a game called Runescape. After about 4 years of satisfying their players, the players saw how most commercial MMORPGs were full 3d and Runescape was not. So around 2001 Jagex goes into development of making Runescape 3d. So then around 2002 Jagex decides to make the new Runescape a entirely different game. Which leads us to this, on December 1st Jagex released Runescape 2 (AKA Runescape 3d)

Ok for die-hard Runescape players as soon as Jagex started pumping out screenshots of the new engine around 2002 we all got excited. The new environment was uncharacteristically good. The new NPCs in 3d looked awesome. And the new features rocked. So lets just go ahead and look at the new features of Runescape 2.
Ok lets face it, Jagex uses java to make their games. If anyone knows anything about java they know that 3d environments in a java client are a new thing. So Jagex made new graphics. And all I can say is… wow. These graphics are basic, but extremely detailed. Runescape 2 is a fully 3d environment! I score the graphics a 4/5

The new sound effects Jagex used in Runescape 2 is pretty good. Nothing special though. The music they use is sort of good, I mean come on there MIDIs how good can they get? I score the sounds a 4/5

Combat System

There is one big problem with the combat system. It’s too slow! If Jagex can fix it that wow I would be so happy! I score the combat system a 3/5

These are a few things Runescape 2 has. A PK system, Lots of skills, A huge community, a great staff, lots of updates, and lots of fun things like guilds and mini games. I score the features of Runescape 2 a 5/5

Final Note

This game is great, and I cannot wait in till it is in a final release! So over all I give Runescape 2 a 9/10 this is a must play game.

Jagex staff –

Runescape –


FEATURE ZeldereX Online is a MMORPG strategy that is a bit slow at first glance, but it gets faster and more fun as you play. It gives away awesome prizes to the top ranked player! It also has really good tutorials and manuals if you get lost. The game is completely free, but has a member option which is $2.00 a month. The member option improves game play by adding access to forum, full game mode, 24/7 technical support, removes all adds, and more! It's a well constructed game and fun to play if you are interested in MMORPG strategy games.

Digimon RPG

FEATURE Digimon RPG...we all saw this one coming right? As pet MMORPG's beget cults and loyal followers, Korean-based company DIGITALC obviously makes it's move, creating a Digimon RPG. This is as dull as most of you might think. The game is simple, battle digimon, gain levels, gain money, transform into diffrent forms.

The game is in alpha, but even that is hardly an excuse for the sloppy mess that awaits you. However, the game is saved by one major point: it's addictive.

After fighting your first battle, you'll realize that's all you should expect. Instead of quitting though, you fight another battle...the game is like eating potatoe chips, one is not enough.

So, amidst the games flaws and inefficacies, you will want to give it a try. I mean, come on, how often does there come a Korean MMORPG that does not require those pesky little KSSN's?

Digimon Online RPG

FEATURE Language -Korean-
Kssn? -No

Sound- 4 1/2 - the sounds arent anything music plays while you walk around,or during battle.just occasional ones as you attack,or if you win or lose.i wish they had put more effort into this category.

Graphics- 7 1/2 - the graphics have a nice, cartoony feel, but alot of the same sprites and such are used repetively.the have an almost pastel look to them.Nothing too special.

Battle- 7 - battle is turned based, and simple to understand. one thing i dont like,is it gets music, barely any sounds to accompany it,and from what i can see, you onl have around 3 or 4 different attacks you can learn per digimon stage

Gameplay- 6 - it being a korean game, im heavily dissapointed. i guess thats what we get for a game that doesnt require a had potential..if only they had used it to its fullest.

the game is a fun twist from the regular mmorpg feel, and does stand out with its digimon title.only true addicts to the series would realy enjoy the game.
stick it in your PC shoebox so to will only be using this one as a time killer.

Overall- 6 1/2

Savage Eden

FEATURE Savage Eden is a 3d Fantasy MMORPG based on a Post Apocalyptic War. The game itself is fun. A lot of people play but there is often no lag. There are lots of events happening often such as Double Gold or Better Drop Rate all day. One feature I really like is every so often they would have something called a Castle Seige where all guilds face eachother in a royal rumble while trying to destroy a castle and steal a gem. As for bad stuff, leveling takes a while after level 20. Characters look the same also- For Example, A lvl 15 character with the same Class as someone else will have you seeing double, both of them are wearing and using the same exact things. One of the worst Problems ever in the game is looting. Someone can kill a really hard monster and you can just walk up and take the drops. The class system is pretty cool as you can choose from Four Races: Human-Gun user, Bulkan- Swords and Axe Users (strong guy),Kalipition- Magic Guy, and Aidia- Fairy Type Creature and can use healing and defense magic. The people around you arent really helpful and you are usually ignored. Another cool feature though is that you can get a Labiyong which is a Pet thingy that you can raise and customize how it looks and attacks for you but unfortunately you have to be level 90. There are also quests in the game but you have to buy an Item to get a quest. They are usually quick and want you to kill a monster and get its drops. Character skills are cool also depending on what class you pick but you need to be a high level to get a cool one and as I said before it is really hard to level later on.

And thats all for my review, This was my first ever review so I hope I explained clearly.

Summary- The game is pretty good and isnt that bigof a file. It is definately worth a try. Its more like a bigger Diablo Clone. So go download it at and who knows you may like it. Have Fun!

ShadowWalkers rating- 7 out of 10

Black and White

FEATURE Have you ever wanted to take the role of god and decide what will happen when (well i know i have)...well here's your chance.In Black and White you take the role of god with 2 consciences...good and evil.Thruout the game they give you tips,hints,and help.You also get a creature to help you raise your land and get others to believe in you...or destroy your land and well you still get others to believe in you its just you can be good or evil.Each person in your tribe you can set to do something (farm,build,breed,etc).As your land grows, so does your pet.But you must watch for what you feed him (yes you can feed him anything including his own feces).While your attacking another land with either miracles or your maybe get pulled into a battle with that lands creature.Graphics i give 3 cause they are pretty crappy.Gameplay i give 6 cause there is a lot to do...just maybe sometimes too much to do.Overall i give this game a 6.

Ragnarok Online

FEATURE Ragnarok Online is a very easy to get into game.The classes include swordsman,magician,thief,acolyte,archer...and those are only the starting classes.When your job level reaches level can change into the higher promotion of your job...swordsman->knight,thief->rogue,etc.Leveling in this game is not very hard or time consuming.In two days i found myself lvl 31/25 swordsman.People in this game are very nice and fun to get to know.Just dont expect any of them to loan out any money to you anytime soon.Graphics for this game are very good so i give it a 10/10.This game has some awesome music also so it also gets a 10/10.Overall this is 1 of the best games ive every played in my entire life.Give this game a go if you dont believe me.
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