Crimecraft Expansion Interview


I recently had to chat with Crimecraft developer Vogster Entertainment about its newest Bleedout expansion, and how it's all been going so far.

Meta’s Verse: City of Heroes Brian Clayton Interview- Freedom


Meta had the opportunity to sit down with Executive Producer Brian Clayton and talk about Freedom and Issue 21 to get answers to some questions that were on my mind shortly after the announcement that City of Heroes would be adopting a Free to Play model.

KARMA Online Interview: Now 80% More Zombies!


The difference is clear upon competing in your first zombie mode match: We don't treat zombies like they're stupid; if you want a challenging AI enemy, this is the game you want to play.

OnRPG Interviews HeroSmash Developer


We know Artix as the company behind the wildly popular Adventure Quest series and all its spinoffs. Covering the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genre very successfully, Artix is now breaking into the Super Hero genre with HeroSmash. We have been playing this cool browser game for a little while now during the beta and a couple of questions popped up. Good thing Artix are a cool bunch more than willing to answer them for us!

Eden Eternal Interview: More than Cute Looks?


When it comes to features and gameplay, Eden Eternal is actually quite different from KS and GF. Not only are the graphics a step up, but Eden Eternal also offers more in-depth combat, questing, and guild features. Eden Eternal is stocked with more maps, extra classes (and class switching system), player towns, a Need-or-Greed loot feature and an innovative dye system as well.

Dragona Interview: The Age of Dragons Descends


Dragona is an upcoming MMORPG based on the mythical dragons. Developed in Korea, Gameclub Philippines will be hosting the Global server for the English market. In an age where dragons occupy the lands, massive wars breaking loose and sinister conspiracies involving the Gods, what game features are there which will accompany the epic storyline? Let's find out.

Meta’s Verse: City of Heroes’ Nate Birkholz Interview


City of Heroes Producer Nate Birkholz is greatly looking forward to the Incarnate Trials going live.


"We have been testing these internally and on the Beta server for many months now, but I can't wait until everyone gets a chance to play through some of the most challenging and engaging content we have produced at Paragon Studios!"

OnRPG Exclusive: Realm of the Titans Interview


Realm of the Titans is strategic team PvP combat where scores of players clash in heated battles as they vie for control of the map. Teams begin warfare from opposite corners, and then must fight their way across the expansive terrain for ultimate control of the map. A key component to victory in is a cleverly balanced team. Choose many heroes, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. Only through cooperative teamwork and strategic combat can players dominate the map in the Realm of the Titans.

GDC Update: UTV True Games Shows Us Faxion


GDC is in full swing and so it's time for the various publishers to show their off their wares. This morning we met with the UTV True Games team to get sneak peaks into some of the very promising games they're working on.

OnRPG Exclusive: Grand Chase’s New Character “Zero” Revealed!


SG Interactive is keeping the world of Grand Chase fresh and exciting by revealing a brand new character, and OnRPG has all the details in this exclusive interview!


Many years ago while the Ancient Demons battled, a swordsman mysteriously appeared. Wielding a strange magical blade, he joined the fight and turned the tide of battle. As time went on, his lust for destruction grew and he went into a frenzy. In the end, the Ancient Demons were destroyed and the swordsman nowhere to be found.


Now a wanderer has appeared. He carries with him a strange sword that seems to have a life of its own... He goes by the name of Zero.

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