Eudemons Interview: The Divine Path


With Eudemon’s latest expansion: The Divine Path’s release, a new storyline and some interesting new content will be available to all users!

My Addiction to World of Warcraft (part 2)


This is the second part of an interview with “Ollie” who gives his opinions on the game and tells us his story of addiction to World of Warcraft.

Final Fantasy XI: Version Update Tour


The April 8, 2009 Final Fantasy XI version update brought a plethora of changes to the world of Vana’diel, with both brand new content and much anticipated adjustments. Below are some of the highlight’s from this latest version update.

My Addiction to World of Warcraft (part 1)


In this interview I talk to Oliver, an ex European World of Warcraft player who has been a part of the game and its community from the very beginning.

MegaTen Online Interview: New Insights


Megaten is the new game based off the Shin Megami Tensei series, which is known for their popular RPGs, and this new MMORPG is expected to reach plenty of fans and tons of new audiences.

Zero Online Interview: Always Plenty Events


Onrpg had the chance to interview Wang Wei chief game designer for TQ digital. Zero online is a sci-fi action MMORPG, with tons of features never seen in MMORPGs before!

Angels Online Interview: New Expansion


Angels Online has been expanding once again! Players can now enjoy a new PVP system, called Angel Arena, upgrade to level 130 and customize a house for their character.

Three Kingdoms Interview: Exclusive Interview With Uforia

INTERVIEW The Three Kingdoms is a new game which is based on the Three Kingdom novels. The game allows us to battle in many different ways against each other and against NPCs. The many war features are unique and creative, but is the game not too generic? Let’s ask Mike Min, producer of the Three Kingdoms!

2029 Online Interview: A First Look

INTERVIEW We have Edwin Huang, product manager for 2029 Online to speak to us and give us the latest scoop on the game.
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