Wind Slayer Interview: Made for PVP


Saphar: Unlike other 2D MMORPGs on the market, Wind Slayer is designed from the ground up for PvP combat. All six of the game's branching character classes and their skills are designed for fast, action-packed PvP gameplay. There are also tons of different PvP modes in Wind Slayer - capture the flag, capture the hill, team battle, guild battle - and players are auto-leveled to the same level when they join an arena, so fighting against other players in Wind Slayer is all about skill, not about how much time you've spent in-game.

12Sky 2 Interview: Onrpg Members’ Questions Answered

INTERVIEW After the success of TwelveSky (12Sky), the new game Twelve Sky 2 (12sky 2) is currently in development and will prove to be an adrenaline-pumping martial arts MMORPG, ultimately intended for English speaking gamers in the European market.

Rappelz Interview: New Content And New Events

INTERVIEW We will be having a special event for Valentine’s Day. Our in game event will run from the 4 to the 17 and Monsters will be dropping heart candies in the game, which can then be exchanged for heart pets or buffs. In celebration, every user who has played Rappelz recently will receive a 7 Day Hidden Village Pass.

Chaos Online Interview: Closed Beta Details

INTERVIEW We at Onrpg were delighted to conduct an interview with Engputer, Vice President of Ingle games Ltd, on the subject of their newest release, Chaos Online.

Flyff Interview: Version 13 Sneak Peek

INTERVIEW Onrpg has been glad to conduct an interview with Alexandra Pavels, Flyff Associate Producer, on the topic of their game’s current condition and future.

Tales Runner Interview: Racing Innovation

INTERVIEW With the boom of casual gaming in the MMO scene, racing would in fact be a staple genre. Tales Runner, a racing MMO from Gpotato enters the casual gaming scene with a racing MMO that is different from the current trend.

Earthrise Lead Game Designer Interview

INTERVIEW A game currently under development, Earthrise is sure to dazzle gamers with its unique crafting and player vs. player systems, with elements that render the game almost limitless.

Aurora Blade Interview

INTERVIEW With a turn-based battle system, Aurora Blade is the first browser-based 2D RPG released by IGG. It is the licensed English version of the Chinese game Miuworld.

Conquer Online Interview: The Ninja

INTERVIEW With the year reaching its end, Conquer Online of TQ Digital will serve its final year-end treat for their community, with an inclusion of a new job class: the ninja.

Asheron’s Call Interview

INTERVIEW Last August, people at Asheron’s Call celebrated its ground breaking 100th content update of the game. Players got to experience new features in the game such as the PvP land control and the secret societies that enriched the whole AC experience for new and old players alike.
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