Concerto Gate

INTERVIEW There were several factors that led us to choose Concerto Gate. But if we had to choose only a couple, we’d say it was because of the compelling storyline, the beautiful artwork in the game, and the unique gameplay. We believe it will be a popular title in North America for the same reasons.

Interview with Perfect World


Question: What is the history behind Perfect World?

Perfect World was initially released overseas as a subscription game. As a subscription game it was acclaimed it for its graphics, gameplay, and music and as a result was the recipient of multiple awards. In December 2006 it was successfully converted to Free to Play, and even after its transition continued to be the recipient of awards by maintaining its commitment to quality.

Myth War II Interview


The Myth War II closed beta has ended and many players have said that they thought it was a total success.

Project Powder Interview


Onrpg: Project Powder is currently in closed beta. What are the positive and negative aspects of it so far?

GM Murdock: We’re getting a lot of great feedback from many different game communities, and a lot of new users are checking out Outspark for the first time thanks to Project Powder. We’ve run into some hurdles, but it’s expected in a closed beta. Outspark has been working day and night to fix any bugs and connection issues we encounter, and have addressed many issues thanks to the help of our beta testers.

Florensia Review


Question: Florensia has a maritime theme and ancient mysticism for its story.  Can you explain more of the concept?

First of all, I would like to underline that the maritime theme is just one part of the gaming experiences in Florensia with its unique dual battle system. You can fight and level up on shore as well as on the sea and the combination of these two parts is the reason why Florensia is such a special MMOG.
The world history of Florensia is filled with hints leading to an ancient culture and its magic. Although in Roxbury on Cardiff Island everything seems to be in perfect peace and harmony, the players will quickly find out that the legacy of the ancestors doesn’t only consist of magical power, but also of devastated areas, disturbed spirits, political implications and horrible monsters.

Artix Interview


Great Interview with Artix von Krieger (Adam Bohn), Founder of Artix Entertainment, Zorbak, Ebil blue moglin bent on world domination and Twig, little yellow moglin. 

Zu Online Interview


Q's by Brian Perry, Senior Editor

Aed by Ice Han, Product Manager of Zu Online

Q: What are some of the balance issues that are being addressed by this update?

Ikariam Interview


The game gives you the freedom to choose where and when you want to play also how much time you want to invest. To be more flexible with the device (computer, handheld, console) you have to use technology that will fit on most of the devices.

Angels Online Interview


First, players will now be able to advance to Level 80, and we have finally included the long awaited Marriage System. In addition we have added 8 new maps with even more powerful monsters, giving players some really tough challenges to face from the bosses in instances. Also, we will be soon including some cute new robots.

World of Kung Fu Interview


The World of Kung Fu is set in a fantasy world based on ancient Chinese myths and legends, where players can join their own schools and countries to help create a “Wulin”, or traditional Chinese Kung Fu society. The graphic environments were inspired by some famous Chinese landscape paintings, and I think that’s reflected in a lot of the game’s locations.

Interview with Disney Online – Pirates of the Caribbean


Pirates of the Caribbean Online is a MMORPG for PC and Macs that give players the chance to live the life of a pirate in the world established by the Pirates of the Caribbean films and the theme park attraction.

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