Warhammer Online Interview


Since most of our readers are familiar with the basic premise of Warhammer Online, I would like to dive right into the community aspects of the game; specifically as to why you decided to do not only a video podcast but also have these little cell phone video updates usually showing a lighter side of the office.

ONRPG Q&A: Zu Online


Zu Online is a 3D MMORPG which is based on Chinese traditional culture, specifically the cultivation inner peace and wisdom as well as Kung-fu training. In this game, players will play a role that comes to the game world under the direction of gods.

Onrpg: Everquest Q&A


EverQuest has always been a compelling experience for the players. Each time a player logs in, the game has evolved and that is what makes it worth coming back time and time again. There is also something to be said for players that have devoted serious time to the development and customization of their individual characters.

ONRPG Q&A: GodsWar Online


GodsWar is moving into the first phase of alpha testing in which the primary systems have been finished. The other systems will be improved in following phases after the testing.


Fiesta Online Interview


The overall look and style of Fiesta can stand up to any of our direct competitors.  A few of the game features we are most proud of include: the Kingdom Quest system, the Mini House feature, various mount selections and of course, multiple customization options.

DOMO Interview


Dream of Mirror tells of a sacred artifact from mythical ancient China. The sacred artifact Kunlun Mirror has the powers to create and destroy the world. The Kunlun Mirror was originally created to record everything. The world created by Kunlun Mirror reflects the real world; a copy of everything in the real world is saved in the Kunlun Mirror world.

Dofus Interview


DOFUS has been very popular for several reasons. First of all, the DOFUS universe, inspired by mangas and comics, is echoing this culture that is very popular around teenagers and young adults. Unlike other MMORPGS, DOFUS is colorful, with its own humor and very easy to access.

Secret Online Interview


The story of Secret Online is under the ancient oriental background, the territory of ancient China was split into several clans and kingdoms… And also confront and cooperation relationship between different clans.Mohist stands for Peace loving and justice, the Shadow is famous for its assassin organization.

ONRPG Q&A: Gods War Online Part 2


You don't need to choose a race in Gods war, but there are two categories of class which are warrior and mage, so the players will start with a warrior or a mage, but during the game players are able to choose some other class.

Fishing Champ Interview

INTERVIEW Question: Ok, I am sure this is on everyone's mind ... why a fishing MMO?

We've always been intrigued with fishing, and have been planning to develop a fishing game for awhile now. We weren't happy with the current single-player only fishing games on the market though, and decided to go with a new approach to the genre. We believe fishing to be a very social activity, and something didn't feel right being out on the water all by yourself.

Manga Fighter Interview


Manga Fighter is our new 3rd person shooter game. It plays like most 3rd/1st person shooter games out there but it is more advanced. You have the ability to select different characters and customize them with 100's of different costumes and weapons. It also has some MMO aspects to it as your characters can gain levels, ranks and skills.

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