4Story Announces New PvP Region

4Story Announces New PvP Region

Zemi Interactive, a leading Korean developer of free to play MMO, 4Story, has announced news of a new PvP zone.

Besides the in-game money purchasable cash items, 4Story will be introducing some new PvP areas. According to Zemi, the new PVP area will be designed to be similar to Chaos Online, a pvp based mmorpg with a Warcraft III background. The new pvp area will take shape in the form of a new Mission War map. Only the outline of the plan is out yet, but soon the details will follow as the new mission map is estimated for launch within next year.

This is only the beginning of the renewal of 4Story. To honor the coming of the renewal, 4Story will be celebrating it in the form of two events in January: The Revenge of the Orcs 2 and the 4Story Re New Al word collecting event will round out the month. Stay tuned to OnRPG closer to the New Years for more information on these two events.

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