Dragon’s Call II: the Return of the King Update

Dragon's Call II: the Return of the King Update

Dragon's Call II

Gamers who are familiar with Dragon’s Call II may be still immersed in the colorful and shocking experience brought by the last update. Now, a bigger surprise is coming. The operation team of Dragon’s Call II just introduced another update, which aims at enriching competitive gameplay and introduces a free PK system. With the battle system's appearance changed, players will start with a brand new fighting atmosphere.

Highlight 1: Championship, the return of the king

The championship is a competition designed for all players, with the intent of giving players more exciting PvP along with extra game benefits. As a great event prevailing in Stiland, it provides many platforms for adventurers. Even though they are overwhelmed with the current battles, some of the strongest and youngest fighters are still insisting on pursuing the peak and relighting the sacred fire.

Players of Level 30 or above can enter and view the specific competition information by clicking the "Championship" icon in game, which will show a different schedule for each competition. Only players reaching Level 70 can apply, with the championship divided into a knockout round, Top-16 finals, Top-8 finals, Top-4 finals, semi-finals and finals. Each battle is a 5-3 match. Players can bet on the competitors in order to earn (or lose) a hefty sum of gold.

Dragon's Call II

Highlight 2: Free PK, without Scruples

Are you piling up grievances against your enemies? The "Duel" system will bring gamers a brand new experience. Gamers only need to click the role name of a player and select "Duel" to invite the target to fight; of course, this is a challenge and the opponent also has the right to reject.

Highlight 3: New Monsters, New Challenges

New monster opponents will soon arrive! All of them are incredibly strong despite their plain appearances, and cannot be defeated by just any ordinary adventurer.

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