Iron Grip: Marauders Releases Quests Galore

Iron Grip: Marauders Releases Quests Galore

Iron Grip Marauders

Another update to Iron Grip: Marauders has been released, and it includes new missions of all kinds! Bold players can now choose to take on smuggling missions in Atelia, or maybe offer their services to the beautiful and mysterious Lady Heresh. Captain Kolo couldn’t stay behind, and has a bunch of unpredictable new missions for everyone too! On top of all this there’s a new level to reach, new units including the Fury Wrecker, and a whole load of other improvements large and small.

Five new quests are on offer from Lady Heresh, and once they are completed, she will join the player. Like Murtas, Lady Heresh is a support hero, except her talent lies with fast repairs rather than patching up squishy humans (or animals). Her area-effect repairs will keep any mechanized army running for longer - she also has a generous number of smuggling slots. This update also sees fresh Kolo content, with a number of intriguing new quests – players must try to guide Bomb Trucks through enemies to destroy buildings without getting them all blown up first, hunt an enormous Ironclad Walker, or destroy a tavern and risk the fury of a lot of angry patrons!

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