K.O.S. Announces ‘Reload for Chaos’ Expansion

K.O.S. Announces 'Reload for Chaos' Expansion

September 7, 2010 has been announced as the launch date to 'Reload for Chaos', the expansion to the first person shooter, K.O.S.- Secret Operations.

"We are thrilled for the release of this expansion," says Dae Kim, member of the YNK Interactive DONTBLYNK team. "The new maps, gear, game settings, and weapons will add the extra oomph in K.O.S-Secret Operations that will have players 'killing on sight' for days, weeks, months, and years to come."

Reload for Chaos expansion consists of several game additions

Reload for Chaos expansion consists of several game additions including brand new content and several updated game features. Players are encouraged to visit the site to preview these game modifications in order to prepare for launch, so more details on each category will be revealed periodically from now until September 7, 2010.

To coincide with the K.O.S-Secret Operations expansion, events and contests will be running throughout the month of September, including a sweepstakes with GoCash, a bonus event with BilltoMobile, and in-game tournaments for chances to win newly added weapons and gear.

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