Kartuga Reveals the Engineer

Kartuga Reveals the Engineer

Today InnoGames introduced the Engineer - second of three pirate classes to be announced in the upcoming Action-MMOG Kartuga. The resourceful ship can quickly turn the tides of battle, utilizing its impressive arsenal. The Engineer has a multitude of tools at hand - Repair Crates, helpful Drones and Buoys – to threaten foes and support teammates. A video has also just been released detailing the benefits of the Engineer.

Her variety of buffs and healing skills make the Engineer the perfect supporting class for each team – but she’s also tricky in her use of tools and can definitely hold her own against foes. Like the other classes, the Engineer has a skill tree branching out in three directions, which can be freely combined while leveling up. With the Engineer, those builds are called Buoy Master, Atlanticus and Tinker. The Buoy Master specializes in the use of buoys to control the flow of the battlefield, supporting teammates and attacking at the same time. The Tinker is an expert at debuffing enemy skills, while the Atlanticus build is ideal to repair allies and control enemy crowds.

Kartuga is an Action-MMO with RPG-elements. The 3D pirate game invites players to choose from three ship classes, and developing their unique play style by leveling up and combining various skills and equipment. Core of the game, developed by Ticking Bomb Games, is cooperative PvP. Players challenge each other in teams of four in intense, fast-paced matches. Aside from the Engineer, Kartuga offers a Destroyer and a Protector Class. Closed beta is planned for early 2013. On www.kartuga.com, players can already pre-register.

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