NCSoft West Declares No Censoring in Blade & Soul

NCSoft West Declares No Censoring in Blade & Soul

After the recent launch of the English site for NCSoft’s upcoming Anime Martial Arts MMORPG, Blade & Soul, there has been much speculation that the game would be heavily censored for western audiences akin to its competitor, TERA, did for its young looking Elin race. NCSoft cleared the air stating that any samples of censoring seen has been a result of their pending ESRB rating and purely for marketing purposes until they get clearance.

“We are not planning to censor or alter the actual in-game content you have come to expect from an artist such as Hyung-Tae Kim and a studio such as Team Bloodlust. Rest assured that we love Blade & Soul as much as you do, and any modifications to the marketing material are not indicative of our plans for the final content,” Stated NCSoft West in an official announcement.

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