NeoSteam Gran Open Beta [May20]

NeoSteam Gran Open Beta [May20]

Prepare yourselves as NeoSteam will hit your screen tomorrow [May20] at 10:00[+9GMT]!
This time get ready to fully harness the power of the steam!
Level up and gear up your character as there will be no more character wipe out!

If you still don’t have a NeoSteam account or Game client you can register and download it here at

As an opening salvo we prepare 5 events!
1. Neo Community – crerate fansite, blogs, or any NeoSteam community to win in-game items!
2. Rush to the Top – be the top level within the first two weeks to win in-game items!
3. Neo Shout - announce NeoSteam to your forum site and win In-Game items!
4. Guild Country – GM’s will create guilds on each countries so be a part of your Guil Country and at the end of the event top 3 Guild country will win in-game items!
5. Gift Code Giveaway – several partner sites of NeoSteam are giving out gift codes so users of this sites can exchange this gift codes to newbie packs!

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