OnRPG Summer Event List 7/14

OnRPG Summer Event List 7/14

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist


Dates: June 27th-July 25th
What: Summerfest Event 1.9. Fishing, Camping, Bug squashing Quests

City of Heroes

Dates: June 27th – July 30th
What: Blockbuster Summer Event. Two movies to play through for various in game rewards. Requires 4 people.

EVE Alliance Tournament X

Dates: June 30th-July 22nd
What: Alliance Tournament to win powerful new ships.


Dates: July
What: The Olympics come to Grepolis.

Rumble Fighter

Dates: July
What: Celebration of 5th anniversary with events, contests and prizes.

Soul of Guardian

Dates: July
What: Events to celebrate coming changes throughout July.

Tribal Wars

Dates: July –August
What: Tournament to win real world prizes.

Cabal Online

Dates: July
What: Sixth birthday item giveaway in game and out.


Dates: July or August
What: Tides of War Event. All out war in Atlantis, new bosses, quests and rewards.

ROSE Online

Dates: July – August 28th
What: Daily chance to win Visa Gift Cards and Item Mall points through July. Huge Item Mall sale through to August 28th

Requiem: Memento Mori

Dates: July 4th-July 18th
What: An in game currency to purchase items such a 1 day XP Boost and 4 hour 100% item drop rate increase. In addition there is a sale on all costumes and mounts.


Dates: July 4th – August 1st
What: New Players receive 300 power and a summer kit which includes armor, a lucky rabbit tail and healing potions. Old players who return will receive 200 power and a veteran kit which includes a trident, shield and master ring.

Ragnarok Online

Dates: July 5th – July 17th
What: Double XP/Double Drops


Dates: July 11th-18th
What: Power cost reduction.

Ran World

Date: July -13th-August 13th
What: Ran Worlds Directors’ Cut event. Players are encouraged to post videos on youtube related to Ran World to win one of several prizes available in game.

Lucent Heart

Date: July 13th-15th
What: Double XP Weekend to celebrate 1 year anniversary.

Lucent Heart

Date: July 20th-22nd
What: Double Drops Weekend to celebrate 1 year anniversary.

Lucent Heart

Date: August
What: PvP Tournament to celebrate 1 year anniversary.

Anarchy Online Con

Dates: August 10th-12th
What: First ever Anarchy Online Convention
Where: Grand Rapids, Michigan

City of Heroes

Dates: August 10th-18th
What: Shark Week in game events starting with Double XP Weekend

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