Order of War: Challenge Released

Order of War: Challenge Released

Wargaming.net, a strategy game specialist, is glad to announce that its World War II Real-Time Strategy game Order of War: Challenge is released. The game is exclusively available on Steam for 9.99$! Owners of the original game will get Order of War: Challenge automatically for FREE.
Order of War: Challenge is a multiplayer standalone game with focus on epic online warfare where players take the lead of the most powerful WII-era armies (the USA, Germany and the USSR) to reveal the best strategists on the virtual battlefields. With ample choice of multiplayer modes the game was designed to provide ultimate “commander” experience and manifold opportunities for thrilling and uncompromising battles.

“We are excited to be bringing Order of War: Challenge to the market as our main goal for the project was to deliver a new captivating online experience with dynamic combats where deep strategic thinking and good knowledge of tactics are crucial for success,” says Nick Katselapov, game producer. “By expanding beyond the boundaries of traditional multiplayer options we hope to satisfy the tastes of any “RTS gourmet” and ensure great replay value.”

For more information about Order of War: Challenge visit the official website.

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