Outspark Launches 4th Server for Call of Gods

Outspark Launches 4th Server for Call of Gods

Today, Outspark treated their rapidly growing Call of Gods community to a brand new server, the fourth addition in less than a year. Server 4 intensifies cross-server PVP across this exquisitely crafted free-to-play browser strategy sim, and enables players to experience their favorite in-game events all over again. With the latest content update, Clash of Gods, players are drawn into the heart of fierce faction v. faction fighting as the Dark League and Holy League wage war against each other over the Relic of God where Ancient Dragon Power resides.

"It's always thrilling when we launch a new server because it offers players the chance to pretty much dominate everyone," said Philip Yun, CEO, Outspark. "The minute the server opens, players rush in, stake claims on fresh territory, and start to build powerful new alliances. It's a very exciting time for new players to join the game."

Clash of Gods takes place Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8pm PT, and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 2pm PT. Event details can be found here. Server 4 opening events include the popular Legions Champion Cup, Dungeon Master, King of Players, Orange Fever and Golden Summoner, and run through Monday, October 24. Valuable rewards include skill books, alliance chests, and golden keys.

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