Top 10 Most Welcomed Pets by Elf Online Players

NEWS Top 10 Most Welcomed Pets by Elf Online Players

Ah pets... Those little adorable creatures... It seems nowadays that every new F2P MMO has to have a pet system... and the players just cannot get enough. Well, this is especially true in Elf Online, these pets are not only your companions; they are

Looking for your online Valentine

NEWS Looking for your online Valentine

When chocolate and rose become cliché, are you longing to find a new seasoning to the festival? Variety is the spice of life. Come to Elf Online to experience your fantastic Valentine’s Day.

To the lovers, fate will bring them together even though they are

Angels Online: League in the Totem Battle

NEWS The Angels Online ( Totem Skirmish has been opened to players, now the Totem Battle will be coming soon. During the Totem Battle, players will fight for their league and glory. IGG’s AO team will make a detailed introduction about the League involved in the Totem Battle.

In the Totem

When deer dress up to party…

NEWS Tale of Tales prepare The Endless Forest for Mardi Gras

In anticipation of Mardi Gras on February 5, Tale of Tales have combined the artistic talents of the players of The Endless Forest with the skills of students Digital Art and Entertainment at Howest college in Kortrijk, Belgium. The result

Angels Online: Totem Skirmish Ends soon

NEWS The 2 week Totem Skirmish held by Angels Online ( will end after the server maintenance on 31st Jan. Meanwhile, the amount of Angel League Certificates the players’ leagues obtained will finally be known. The Totem Skirmish is actually a warm-up for the Totem Battle, where Angels

Bluebird & BeautyandBeast Will Be Merged On Jan. 28th

NEWS Attention: All players on the BeautyandBeast server, and all accounts contained within will be moved to the Bluebird server on Jan. 28th, 2008.

If you have an account on the Bluebird server or the BeautyandBeast Server, this could affect you.

We will offer a web page dedicated to `Character

New Wallpapers Of Conquer Online

NEWS To celebrate the new year of 2008 and show our appreciation to our faithful playership, our designers are showcasing new Conquer Online wallpapers! The wallpapers come complete with calendar entries for 2008.

The new wallpapers are free and have been added in the wallpaper section, under

Free Silver Military Academy Badge!

NEWS We here at TQ Digital would like to thanks our players for their continued support. Considering the upcoming Superbowl on February the 3rd, we realize that many of our players will be occupied, watching the game. With this in mind we are pleased to offer all of our Zero players a free Silver

Squad Battles Are Coming to Zero Online!

NEWS Is your squad not getting enough recognition? Well here's your chance to change all that!

Squads wishing to participate will meet at Kreiner, the Squad Battle NPC everyday at 7:30 pm. The battle begins at 8:00 pm and will last until 8:30 pm. The squad that can control the most battlefields will

Taisteal’s Riddle Quest

NEWS Attention Aislings!

I will soon make port from my latest trading run. The recent moons at sea have been quite dull, so to alleviate my boredom I designed a challenge for those who are up to the task. To complete this game, you will need both your wits and knowledge of Temuair. All who manage to

Team Arena

NEWS On December 5th, Team Arena Beta will open. This will be a new pvp feature for Dark Ages. The feature is still in development and requires the participation of players to help resolve any bugs or balance issues. This beta testing is limited to characters at level 99.


Players join one
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