Wonderland Online: Amazing Fishing Function

NEWS Today Wonderland Online (http://wl.igg.com/) is going to give you a little preview of the Fishing function in game.

A new function called fishing is added to the game, because of the special environment in Wonderland. As you know you will probably spawn in an island which is surrounded with sea,

Tales of Pirates: New System for Player GM Selection

NEWS The “1 Day GM Tour” is one of the most popular activities in Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com), which broke up the regular rules that only official staff can be GMs. Ever since the “1 Day GM Tour” was held, it has been highly praised, and in order to complete the event we will be releasing the

Voyage Century Online: Another Two Building Finding

NEWS There are many kinds of buildings in the game world Voyage Century Online (http://vc.igg.com ). To make players enjoy the game more freely, the VCO team has offered another two introductory guides as below. More guides will be posted in weeks.

1. Bullring --- Cloak of Bullfighter

Quest: Tears of

Angels Online: New Weekly Events Available

NEWS Angels Online (ao.igg.com) team from IGG would like to return our players' long-term support and enthusiasm with the in-game activities and we sincerely hope you will enjoy it.

1. Mob's attack

During the past few weeks, you have had great success in defending the Angel Lyceum and sent the

Zu Online: Introduction to the Fire Calamity

NEWS This time the team of Zu Online (http://zu.igg.com) would like to introduce the Fire Calamity to all Zu players.

Once our Junior Immortals have reached level 120+ they will get the chance to try and get passed the Fire Calamity. This means that they can choose to keep the status quo or to try

Tales of Pirates PvP Competition

NEWS The Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com/) team will be holding a “ToP Cup” PvP Competition from Jan, 15th to Feb, 4th. Players can sign up for the competition in the ToP forum. Each battle is a knockout match and only 16 teams from each server will be selected to join the knockout match. There will

Voyage Century: Experience Bonus

NEWS The Voyage Century Online (http://vc.igg.com ) is giving the players the chance to level up more quickly in the weekend.

Since the new version of VCO was released on Dec. 10th, “how to seize Hurricane Island” has become a heated topic. Many players have been bothered by this thorny issue, and few

Angels Online: Production System Introduction

NEWS Angels Online (ao.igg.com) is a MMORPG with rich classes. Here, the Angels Online team is giving a detailed introduction of the Production System in AO.

Production System is one of the greatest features of AO, and includes five classes: Armor Craftsman, Weapons Craftsman, Tailor, Technician, and

Zu Online: Entrusted Sale System Introduction

NEWS Recently, IGG has given a brief introduction of the Entrusted Sale System for Zu Online (http://zu.igg.com).

If Players can't find a trader, then Players can buy or sell items through the entrusted sale system, no matter if the target is on or offline. Below is the guides and instructions:


RPGWO Client 2

NEWS Their is a new client out for the world Chaos on RPGWO it features a bigger view screen and a sector map which can always be seen.

Elf Online New Server Name Collection

NEWS Elf Online NEW Server Name Collection

After 1 month’s formal operation, Elf Online is proved to be a successful game which win player’s heart by thousands. Elf Online decided to launch its second server in order to meet the growing player number and provide a smoother gaming experience,

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