MKZ will be a 32 Shooters Game

NEWS The development of MKZ is now in the final stage. Recently Object Software has invited player teams to visit their studio and revealed some information about the game. Most of the game data like player numbers and weapon properties has already been determined.

32 players shooting contests

Angels Online: MotherÂ’s Day Event

NEWS With Mother's Day is fast approaching, Angels Online Team ( from IGG are going to bring a series of in-game activities for our players.

AO will be holding a [Gifts for Mothers] event in Angels Online to offer you a chance to send your best wishes to your mother.


The Fourth Periodical: Wands Released

NEWS The fourth periodical: Wands has been released. The Kungfu Wand dates back thousands of years to court physicians of the ruling families of China, who competed for the honor of teaching a member of the royal family the secret art. In the martial arts community, it was known as 'The King Of Martial

Patch 5023 To Change The Fair Trade System Released

NEWS We are pleased to announce that Patch 5023 has been released on May 7th, 2008.

Note: Before you install patch, please make sure that you have completely exited the client, or you will fail to update the client successfully.

Download link:

Patch 5023:


Wonderland Online: MotherÂ’s Day & Photo Op Event

NEWS With Mother’s Day fast approaching, the Wonderland Online team ( ) is holding a special event celebration from May 7th to May 15th.

Players can make special cards with some passionate words or blessings and post them in the WLO forum to participate in this event. Player’s works

Zu Online: The Forbidden Kingdom#2

NEWS The Zu Online team ( ) is launching a campaign to introduce the refining of epic suits.

According to the introduction on its official website, the way to refine epic suits is through tradeskills, of which the complete steps are listed on the site. While adventuring in Zu

Elf Online:Scholar Series Job Build

NEWS It’s no doubt that scholars help much in the normal game play of ELF Online ( It seems to me that people have been asking on a consistent basis about the proper build for a scholar. Generally speaking, it really depends on what you will be choosing as the second job for you

Official launch of BMC

NEWS MONTREAL, CANADA, Thursday May 5, 2008, The company AmalGame-Online Inc modified the skin of their “BlackMoon Chronicles – Winds Of War™” official forums!

Tuesday May 6, 2008, we are glad to announce the official release is for May 14, 2008! We want to thank warmly those who contributed to the

Paladin is coming!

NEWS The Wait is finally over! After two years of anticipation, the Paladin class will finally be released in late May!

To play as the Paladin class, create a new account or play on a different server.

The Paladin class will start with 2 unique eudemons: Pixies! Aren't they just beautiful?


Changes on Eudemon Crystal Exchange

NEWS With the next patch released, there is a change on the exchange for a Eudemon Crystal. You will get more power if your equipment has bonus or sockets:

Refined 10

Unique 40

Elite 200

Super 1800

each bonus 200

one socket 800

two sockets 2000

For example, if you have a Refined +2
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