PlaneShift’s newest release 0.5 launched!

PlaneShift's newest release 0.5 launched!

The PlaneShift team has annouce that our newest release 0.5 has reached a very good maturity, and it's now stable enough to hold more players!!
Here is a more complete list of changes in this new release:
•Added nolthrir female plate armor
•Added ylian male hair variations
•Added many new monsters variations
•Added drifters and rivnaks as mounts
•Many fixes to icons and items

Junction PlaneShift 0.5 updates release patch
•ITEM STORAGE!! You can now ask certain NPCs to store your items. You can enable this function by the proper NPCs. /storage Jirosh, Taemian, Harnquist, and Gardr (thanks weltall).
•UTF8 (Unicode) support for any input box (this means you can write with most languages) and characters like àùèò and the german ones are supported now.
•Additional updates to translations
•Implemented texture change in meshes when dropping/equipping or when dropped on ground. It's possible to add different textures on the same item by doing changes in the server database data.
•Fixed crashes caused by not entirely loaded items.
•Added additional information for gm in info and bugs with offline support.
•Fixed basic cloth armor for mobs and npcs to be set per race/type correctly.
•The updater now uses curl for downloading updates and should be more reliable than before.
•Damaging spell will be stopped on yield when dueling.
•Added an /fps command which will show the current fps. This should help with bugtracker entries giving better feedback.
•Improved performance of in game windows which should improve performance on slow computer when training.
•Now the quest and event button don't switch anymore.
•Made checkboxes of pslaunch bigger to be easier to click.
•Now it's possible to check easily progress on the updater with a progress bar.
•The updater will fetch the update mirror from the server in place of giving precedence on the local list. should improve download speed of updates.
•Now it's possible to have single named pets and mounts fixing PS#3721 - pet name adds "familiar"
•Now it's possible to use storage and merchants even when overweight exhausted or while sitting.
•Fixed wrong basic ctrl setting in windows and Linux clients it seems the macosx only ctrl setup got in place of lctrl.
•Fixed a bug which didn't allow some quest paths to be executed if not a gm or dev character (e.g. two paths assigning the same quest).
•Fixed movement dead lock without re-log if you stop before being exhaust but end up exhaust anymore.
•Various fixes to text-boxes and scrollbars.
•Added an eta in pslaunch while updating.
•Allow to mine and fish with the tool in any hand
•Allow to get messages about login/logoff of people in the other guilds of the alliance.
•Added quest for rivnak and drifter (mounts) acquisition.
•Many quests are fixed and more fixing continues.
•Npc re-factor phase one is done and phase two is ongoing. Phase one included the addition of new NPCs and an overall balancing/redistribution of about 320 NPCs in game. About 150 are still missing the refactor.
•Added 3 tracks in game
•Improved sounds in nearly all levels, by adding new ones and repositioning old ones.

PlaneShift 0.5 Dungeon Release

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