TERA Prepares to Unleash Chronoscrolls and Gathering Points

TERA Prepares to Unleash Chronoscrolls and Gathering Points

En Masse Entertainment doesn’t seem to know the meaning of a post-launch rest period as they continue to pump out new ideas and features for TERA over a month after launch. Exciting news was revealed at MMORPG earlier this week in that the long awaited Chronoscroll item will be implemented into the game this coming Thursday! In addition new gathering points are being introduced to help with large group player organizing.

For those unfamiliar with Chronoscrolls a detailed write-up can be found here: http://www.onrpg.com/MMO/TERA-The-Exiled-Realm-of-Arborea/news/TERA-Online-Chronoscrolls-and-You. The launch of these items will likely see a mixed result of specific cash shoppers getting stronger (though I’ve honestly never had a lack of gold yet in-game) as well as a larger playerbase due to people not wanting to purchase another month of subscription with real cash being allowed to continue playing by using in-game gold to buy Chronoscrolls off other players. It should be an interesting experiment to watch to see if this really makes a dent in gold sellers on TERA’s servers.

Roleplayers and guild masters are also getting a beneficial update with the new gathering points. TERA will be adding podiums for political debates, arenas looking zones for organized tournaments, and a few more useful places to help give the community a greater sense of well… community!

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