The New Project Blackout Shop Updates

The New Project Blackout Shop Updates

News bulletin fron the Project Blackout official website:

"A Project Blackoutspecial briefing: As of 02:35 (PST) intelligence reports have reported a drastic increase in opposition firepower.

In order to obtain more information, The Corps and Aegis Inc.infiltration teams havetripped over the queen-mother oftide-turning evidence:

The Project Blackout Shop Update:

If you want the latest and greatest ofProject Blackoutdeath-dealing, and the standard weapons aren't doing it for you, thenRecharge your SG InteractiveAccount with Ntreev Points. Ntreev Points can be used to purchaseany item labeled with the yellow "Points" text.

Nothing paints a wall red better thana well aimed headshot from anGold AK, with FMJ Rounds wielded by the deadly, scantily clad, gorgeous, Pit Viper or Shadowcharacters.

If you find yourself saying ~ "Sarg!... How do I get Points?"

Here'show you do it: (There are 2 options)

1. - Go to the In-Game Shop by clicking theShopping Cart Icon, located next to the Inventory Icon. Then, click on the "RECHARGE" button on the bottom right of the Shop Interface.

2. - Go to the Project Blackout website@

Click the RECHARGE button

When in the Recharge menu, select your preferred Payment Method, and once you get your confirmation... it's time to lock and load!

When you're done, launchProject Blackout and purchase your new Weapons, Avatars, Items and gear!

That's all for now soldiers... As you were.

-- Project Blackout Team"

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