War 2 Glory Announces D-Day: Operation Overlord

War 2 Glory Announces D-Day: Operation Overlord

German publisher, Just A Game, this month announced the launch of a new server for its browser-based War Strategy, WAR2 Glory. Named "D-Day: Operation Overlord", this new server launched just ahead of the first anniversary of the game's launch (November 10th). With a unique story driven by a variety of updated and new missions, both veterans and new players alike will be diving straight into the new Operation!

D-Day: Operation Overlord will focus on the secret mission of US forces in Normandy and throughout France during World War II. With the aid of your trusty Commander, players will need to recruit soldiers and other units, establish a coastal presence and create a formidable Navy. Complete the "Flying High" missions to earn critical promotions for your Commander to get stronger in the game, and follow an epic set of Story Missions to discover the secrets behind how to win the final confrontation!

"We are excited to mark the upcoming first anniversary with this major D-Day: Operation Overlord launch," said Simon Seefeldt, Senior Director Online at Just A Game. "With the new server, it is almost like playing a second game that has the same basic controls but a whole new narrative. Players will have to prepare themselves for new challenges and missions and we promise to continue offering new themes, missions and stories for our community."

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