Warhammer Online Reveals the Classes of the Skaven

Warhammer Online Reveals the Classes of the Skaven

Players of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning were pleasantly excited earlier this year when it was first announced that the game would finally see playable Skaven, though it was made clear at the time there will be certain limitations and not leveled traditionally like the other featured races. Mythic has just released information with both the lore behind their arrival and also what classes are available.

Just as the other races, the Skaven will be compiled of four unique careers. Warlock Engineers who deploy support equipment while fielding powerful effects borne of Warp-Energy, Gutter Runners act as a espionage unit who is at home alone in the shadows , Pack Masters who support the nearby Rat Ogres and spur their allies forward and Rat Ogre himself who acts as the tank career.

For more information on these additions to the game check the Mythic notes here

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