“Warstory – Europe in Flames” Starts Second Phase!

“Warstory – Europe in Flames” Starts Second Phase!

First launched in September 2010, "Warstory - Europe in Flames" has hosted over a million battles to date, and has now been updated to version 2.0. This update features brand new officers and special units, dynamic faction moral with new bonuses. All new social features include invite-a-friend-bonuses, clan and buddy list features to help you and your allies advance across Europe even faster. In addition, players are able now to login via Facebook-Connect directly. Moreover, battle balancing has been optimized in collaboration with the community.

In "Warstory - Europe in Flames" you fight strategic real time battles all over Europe in a race to be the first to free Berlin with your faction. On the way to your goal you unlock new units, upgrade your forces and build up your officers to mighty leaders. These officers carry powerful special abilities like Blitzkrieg or Airstrike, which you're using to defeat clever AI opponents. All is overseen by your Commander, who gains hard fought achievements within the wars (seasons) and whom you build up to a virtual legend. Choose between the Western Alliance (US and UK forces) and the Soviet Union, join the fight now and be the first to liberate Europe!

Available in English, German and Russian, "Warstory - Europe in Flames" has seen 7 seasons and more than a million battles since launch and players have spent hundreds of millions of ammunitions, oil and rations in their race to be the first to reach Berlin. If Warstory has sparked your interest then be sure to check out the profile page here!

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