Let’s Talk: The StarCraft Universe Game

ARTICLE Remember back in Warcraft 2/3, and there were optional stages you could play, not tied to the main game? Well they were more prevalent in Warcraft 3, when we got what would become Dota/Dota 2. RPGs an...

Ratz Instagib

NEWS Ratz Instagib is a multiplayer FPS title by Lino Slahuschek and published by Rising Star Games. Based on the classic Quake 3 Arena multiplayer, Ratz Instagib’s gameplay is completely focused on ...

Battleborn Pendles Skills Overview

NEWS The sneaky snake Pendles arrives in early access for Battleborn with a dashing Australian accent to accompany his culture of knives and poisons. Alongside his early access release comes a slew of hotf...

Day of Infamy Early Access Trailer

NEWS Spiritual successor to Day of Defeat, Day of Infamy brings back most of the classic gameplay with a few updated tweaks. Try it in early access on Steam.


NEWS SMITE gives us an early reveal of TERRA, the next Roman Guardian joining the Battleground of the Gods.
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