SMITE Celestial Voyage Giveaway Event

NEWS OnRPG has partnered with SMITE to celebrate their third birthday and scifi themed Celestial Voyage Event by getting our community a set of non-region locked, all platform use God skin codes for Anubis...

Skyforge on PS4: When Everyone is a God, No One is

FEATURE By Jason Parker (Ragachak)   One of the big things that harms immersion in an MMO is, “How am I the only legendary hero?” In the Star Wars MMO, you’re the Chosen One; in Warcraft you’re t...

World of Tanks Console: Mars Mode

NEWS Going to the Moon with tanks is not manly enough; next stop: MARS! World of Tanks Console can get prepared for Mars mode, with interesting physics, decreased gravity, and much more!

Light: Fellowship of Loux

NEWS Gather up the power of Light to battle forces of darkness in Light: Fellowship of Loux! Real-time battles await you!

Dauntless Dev Interview w/ Chris Fox

INTERVIEW Questions by Jaime Skelton (MissyS), Senior Editor Answers by Chris Fox, Senior Designer Phoenix Labs   How will Dauntless distinguish itself from similar titles like Monster Hunter? CF: We’re ...
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