Zero Online December Update


The last month of 2010 is almost here, and the Zero Online team has prepared a series of exciting weekend events, Christmas events, and even some brand new game functions for all their players to enjoy during this month!

Bloodline Champions Review – Seems Familiar


Bloodline Champions is a free to play MMO that resembles Warcraft 3's Defense of the Ancients custom map. The game revolves completely around PVP and greatly relies on  teamwork. With other DoTA-inspired games like League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth hitting the scene, it was no surprise that games like this would follow. While the game resembles some of the titles stated above, Bloodline Champions also has its own unique features. It looks reaaaaaally similar to its game play brothers in my opinion, but is it really good enough to compete with the games it tried so hard to copy? I seriously doubt that this game is an MMO as it plays and runs like its predecessors (which would technically mean that DoTA is an MMO).

Company of Heroes Online Preview : Glorious in Battle


As I sit inside my room, and the clear blue sky opens up over my little country for once, I can't help but feel bad for playing Company of Heroes Online (COHO).  Shouldn't I be outside doing something else and enjoying the sun whilst it's out?  After all I have recently acquired Dragon Quest IX and that game isn't going to play itself.  So maybe I could play it whilst outside and sunbathing?  All of these ideas quickly fade away as I begin to play COHO.

Black Friday MMORPG Deals!


In America, Thanksgiving is done. The turkey has been eaten and the flood gates opened on shopping. For everyone online there are deals to be had too. There's some Black Friday Tidbits to be found but also keep an eye out for Cyber Monday deals.

Square Enix Opens up Twitter Sweepstake for Wakfu BETA


Do you want to secure your spot in the Wakfu BETA? Is the opportunity of a free Wakfu action figure too great to pass up? For a limited time only, Square Enix will be giving away two fantastic Wakfu Prize Packs! All you have to do is complete the below steps to enter.

EXCLUSIVE 4Story Interview – Broa… Come Out to Play-ayyy!


With the onset of this new 4Story update, players are excited to see how the game can integrate a third faction and be successful in including a new faction in the intense RvR combat the game offers. Today, to reveal the newest update and faction that has come to 4Story, Sin Hyeon Ho sat down with us today in an exclusive interview that will give you the latest details on the Broa faction and what's hot with 4Story Online.

Frogster Gains Top New MMORPG License


After announcing Tera and Mythos earlier this year, Frogster has secured another promising MMORPG project. OnRPG has it from good authority that the "secret" game in question is Magic World Online 2, Shanda's new dark fantasy MMO. This game features a Diablo like style and the beta for this game in China starts later today.

4Story reveals its secret


Zemi Interactive has announced today that they are ready to reveal their long prepared secret project "Broa the 3rd nation" to all 4Story fans worldwide.

Conquer Online Inter-server PK Tournament Report


After weeks of anxious waiting, Conquer Online's inter-server PK tournament final (WEPT) was finally held, just as planned. Over 160 global elite players from 67 different servers participated.

RoM: New Features Announced


Things are moving in Taborea, the online world of Runes of Magic. With the forthcoming Patch 3.0.6., Frogster is throwing new challenges at gamers. The new instance, Kawak's Tomb, offers an amazing series of booby-traps and puzzles before players reach the last five guardians lurking in the tomb. Needless to say,, bringing down these five tough new opponents will require new strategies and tactics.

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