Elf Online Top Secret: Top Skill Stone Drop

NEWS Elf Online Top Secret: Top Skill Stone Drop

Every game has secrets, the same as Elf Online (http://elf.happymmo.com/). Some players claim that the most elusive thing in Elf Online (http://elf.happymmo.com/) is the combination of different pets and different skill stones. To raise the best pet

Angels Online: New Items for Totem Battle & Wartime Journalists Needed

NEWS With the Totem Battle opening and Double Experience activity going on, this time Angels Online (http://ao.igg.com) from IGG would like to give players some pleasant surprises.


In order to make players appear in battle wearing the best equipment and riding cool mounts, the AO team has

Elf Online Top Secret 2: Rare Pet Skill Stone

NEWS Elf Online Top Secret 2: Rare Pet Skill Stone

What makes a top pet in Elf Online (http://elf.happymmo.com/)? High training level, a well trained skill tree..

Yes, you are right, but not good enough. Your pet need good skill stone to learn skills. A well trained pet equiped with high level

Tales of Pirates: Triple Exp Weekend

NEWS To celebrate the upcoming Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com) One-year Anniversary and the new expansion, the ToP team will be holding an 3x Exp event on this weekend.


22:00 ET (GMT-5) Feb 22nd - 10:00 ET (GMT-5) Feb 23rd


All ToP Servers!!

For more events of this game,

Myth War Online: Guild Tournament

NEWS IGG announced that a Guild Tournament with rewards is being held in game of Myth War Online (http://mw.igg.com) to bring more fun to players. Guild war, as an important part of MWO is held every weekend. Details are below:

Event Duration: Every Saturday from 2:00 PM starting Feb. 23rd and

Angels Online: Double XP on the Weekend

NEWS Angels Online team happily announces that they will be holding a Double Experience event during the weekend. Take this chance to level up!

Below is the event duration:

From 12:00 midnight Feb 23rd EST to 12:00 midnight Feb 24th EST: all servers

From 12:00 midnight Mar 1st EST to 12:00

Shadow of Legend v. Releases!

NEWS SmartCell is pleased to announce the release of Shadow of Legend’s newest update, v. We had an uproar with the last update, but thanks to more and more players participating in our focus groups, and letting us know what you like and what you don’t like, we’re able to shape and mold the game

Voyage Century Online: Double Item Mall Credits for Auction System

NEWS The Voyage Century Online team (http://vc.igg.com ) are testing The Auction System. It will probably be released in March, 2008.

To celebrate this, VCO will be holding a Double Item Mall Credits event. Players will obtain double Credits when they buy items in Item Mall from Feb 21st to Feb 28th.

Zu online: Strategy Guide #2

NEWS Zu Online http://zu.igg.com/ team today brings us the second game strategy. In this guide, they are going to talk a little bit about teamwork and the overall game system.

Team spirit plays a significant role in the Zu world, especially when players need to kill certain monsters to level up. Plus

Patch 5012 Released

NEWS We are pleased to announce that Patch 5012 has been released on Feb. 18, 2008.

Note: Before you install patch, please make sure that you have completely exited the client, or you will fail to update the client successfully.

Patch 5012:

Link 1:

Link 2:

Top Secret: Elf Online Rare Pet Training Report

NEWS Top Secret: Elf Online Rare Pet Training Report

Many Elf Online lovers bear the same question: how to raise a best pet. No doubt that basic attribute is important for a pet, however, what helps the players most is the talent skills a pet has. The higher training level it is, the stronger skill a
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