RIFT Prepares Next Patch: The Spoils of War


Beginning next Tuesday, May 10, RIFT will unlock patch 1.2: The Spoils of War, containing many new and useful features! You can now enter slivers and steal triumph from the dragons' jaws in alternate time streams. These 10-man outdoor instances will play a major roll in determining the real world make-up of Telara.

Cardmon Hero: The Not Quite Yu-Gi-Oh MMORPG


CardMon Hero pretty much looks like your typical anime-inspired F2P MMORPG. It uses bright colors, with the inclusion of kiddie-version sprites and monsters. The game in fact reminds me of games such as FlyFF or Rose online. The game environment is pretty light and partnered with an upbeat and catchy but repetitive tune.

The game's light-hearted nature can be entertaining, especially for those who are looking for a less serious themed MMO. CardMon Hero pushes the right buttons in terms of casual entertainment while distinguishing itself with cartoony card "partners" known as "mercenaries".


Kingdom Heroes Xiaoshou Expansion Arrives


Get ready to battle it out in the new Xiaoshou Expansion in Kingdom Heroes. The Xiaoshou expansion will build on the enormous Kingdom Heroes map, providing two new areas for players to explore. Kingdom Heroes offers a unique, story based progression system, requiring players to work with their faction to defeat historic Chinese figures such as Zhao Yun and Lu Bu in order to access the new areas.

Dark Swords: Ultimate 2006 Browser Game


Launched in late 2006, Dark Swords Online has provided players with a great mixture of roleplaying goodness and an innovative character building system similar to tabletop RPGs. The game has also been supportive of its playerbase, constantly coming up with patches and fixes to further enhance the Dark Sword experience.

ASDA Story 2 Closed Beta Starts Tomorrow


GamesCampus announced today it will begin the closed beta test for Asda 2 tomorrow, May 5th for a very limited time ending Monday, May 9, 2011. The sequel to the popular fantasy anime-style MMORPG will feature endless variety, hardcore PvP action and numerous customization possibilities.

KARMA Online: Prisoners of the Dead Closed Beta Imminent


KARMA Online initially looks like your standard FPS set in World War II, a setting that has been overdone many times in the last five years. However, they decided to push the envelope with action considered PVPVE or Player versus Player versus Environment. But instead of just going with a cookie cutter 'environment' like computer controlled enemy soldiers, KARMA takes a horrific twist.

Eden Eternal Interview: More than Cute Looks?


When it comes to features and gameplay, Eden Eternal is actually quite different from KS and GF. Not only are the graphics a step up, but Eden Eternal also offers more in-depth combat, questing, and guild features. Eden Eternal is stocked with more maps, extra classes (and class switching system), player towns, a Need-or-Greed loot feature and an innovative dye system as well.

Black Prophecy Unveils First of Many Big Patches


The space action MMOG Black Prophecy has received new content with the release of its first monthly patch. The highlights of this patch are the ten new missions in open sectors, available to players on different levels. A number of other smaller improvements have also been made.

Sony Online Confirms Theft of Data from Systems


Sony Corporation and Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that their ongoing investigation of illegal intrusions into Sony Online Entertainment LLC systems revealed yesterday morning (May 2, Tokyo time) that hackers may have stolen SOE customer information on April 16th and 17th, 2011 (PDT). SOE is based in San Diego, California, U.S.A.

League of Legends: Scrapbot to the Dangerzone


Greetings fellow summoners! This is the patch v1.0.0.116 article for League of Legends, the game that makes good use of the things that it finds, things that everyday folk leave behind. This patch includes major reworks to a number of champions and introduces Rumble, the Mechanized Menace.

King of Kings 3 Dragon God Ressurection Launches


The first big expansion for Gamigo's MMORPG "King of Kings 3", released today, opening the doors to the Dragon Realm and thus also a wealth of new content and features. Fans of PvP will especially enjoy everything the expansion has to offer - battles can be fought in each of the 22 new areas.

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