Ntreev USA Becomes SG Interactive


Ntreev USA, a publisher of online games, today announced that it has changed its name to SG Interactive. The rebranding reflects the company's recent acquisition by game developer SmileGate, the creators of record-breaking online FPS Cross Fire.

Uncharted Waters Online: Seven Seas Adventure of the Future


Uncharted Waters Online is a MMORPG that puts you in the shoes of a “sailor” during mans time of exploration. You get to own your own ship, travel the seven seas and create your own story within this fictional era where you only get to travel on ships, big wooden ships to add that.

Final Fantasy XIV Players Get Another Free Month of Playtime


It's not often a game extends its free trial by another 30 days to show a sign of good intention to its day one buyers that game improvements are on their way. It's even rarer that those 30 days are extended by another 30 to make the grand total of 3 months of free game time if you had preordered Final Fantasy XIV.

The Returning Light Monk Class Preview Part I


After several months of waiting, Conquer Online's new class, the Monk, is finally ready for its international debut! The highly anticipated Kung-fu Monk is scheduled to be unveiled this Christmas season!

Shaiya Interview – 3 Years Ain’t Old


Aeria Games has been hosting the North American server of Shaiya, developed by Korean studio, Sonov, since its introduction in 2007 (which is almost 3 years back). The game has come a long way, but the question is: What major changes has the game gone through? Has it gotten better? How is the game holding up against waves of other new MMO titles? Let's find out.

Lego Universe Already Adds New Zones


LEGO Universe just launched on October 26th, but already, the LEGO Group is adding new vibrant and action-packed areas for players to explore. The "World Build League," a talented group of LEGO fans turned co-developers, have dreamed up and delivered three dazzling new zones to the LEGO Universe MMOG playground - a whole realm of exciting new adventures across original, imaginative environments.

Dynasty Warriors Online Preview: Carry a Long Stick


In the various Dynasty Warriors games I've played on the console, there was always this one nagging option that I wanted Tecmo Koei to include in this title, a player made character within the War of the Three Kingdoms era. Reiteration after reiteration of the game has presented various "game changes" and yet they haven't given me the satisfaction of creating my own "character" to plow through tons of enemies and be part of the winning nation.

Mythos Update: Arts and Crafts


One of the features central to the forthcoming Hack-and-Slash MMO Mythos is the comprehensive crafting system. Gamers can break down items looted from one of the dangerous dungeons or stolen from a nasty monster to create more powerful items from the individual pieces.

Lunia Online Review – Addictive Combo Mayhem!


Lunia Online is an anime-styled MMO beat em' up game that lets players enjoy smashing tons of enemies with minimal effort. The game is arranged in a vaguely sequenced system where players take quests and eventually find themselves on  a continuous chain of missions. The game is extremely fun, especially with the all the characters to choose from. The game play sports the traditional Final Fight system, which makes players crush everything on the screen before proceeding to the next part of the map. The game can be played with the keyboard but if you want that classic gaming feel I'd suggest a game pad.

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