OnRPG’s New Look


Hello to all our faithful OnRPG readers and visitors!It's been too long since OnRPG has been updated.. After much pain staking discussion, planning, and testing, we have developed a vision of how to improve the website in various ways to improve your experience. Some of you may have noticed our initial tweaks to the homepage and forum restructuring. This was merely the beginning.

Prius Online’s Closed Beta Has Arrived!


The long wait has finally come to an end! The build up and anticipation has been excruciating but finally gPotato's Prius has opened its doors to all those carrying a closed beta key! Over the past month OnRPG has given away over 3,000 keys to this event and the demand continues unabridged. If you are left out of the loop you must be wondering what this hype is all about. I will fill you in.

Lost Saga Review: Frantic Fighter Hits Europe


First hitting American shores in late 2009, Lost Saga has now made its way to Europe. The core gameplay remains intact, taking the familiar formula of multiplayer fighters present in other games and adding several interesting dynamics to the mix. Basic gameplay, as you might expect, consists of up to sixteen players battling it out in a variety of game modes on a range of maps. From the typical free-for-all deathmatch modes to the more structured base control derivatives, there is plenty to sink your combo hungry teeth into right off the bat.

Metal Assault Preview: Blood and Babes


At first sight Metal Assault looks like the wet dream of any Metal Slug fanboi and fangurl. The game is wholly unapologetic about being a multiplayer version of the original arcade shooter. I know Metal Slug itself was multiplayer as well but hey, you couldn't play with 20 of your buddies at the same time could you?

Chronicles of Merlin Closed Beta Starts Tonight


Chronicles of Merlin, Koramgame's newest browser game combines the best of the strategy and RPG genres. Tonight at 21:00 (EST), Merlin's rift in time will open and players will find themselves thrust into battle with the greatest heroes of all time.


Merlin will bring you to the magical land of Westmore, his flawed attempt at recreating ancient Europe, where only the strong survive. In the chaotic and war-torn Westmore, you'll need friends and allies. As you adventure through Merlin's alternate reality, you'll meet heroes and villains like Robin Hood, Dracula, and Genghis Khan, among others, who you can recruit to join your army.


Grand Epic Online Enters Closed Beta


Grand Epic Online(GEO), an innovative 2.5D browser MMORPG presented by Run Up Information Technology Corp, is to launch its CB today, April 27th! This innovative MMORPG with real-time group action fighting has received great initial reviews from users in last week's trial run.

Spiral Knights: Nostalgia Made New


The Clockworks are in full rotation as Three Ring Design (with some help from Sega) released a brand new multiplayer adventure called Spiral Knights. Through the power of JAVA based programming, Spiral Knights mixes classic dungeon crawling with tons of MMO goodness, all working within your internet browser!

PlayStation Network and Qriocity Compromised


Although it is outside our normal realm of coverage at OnRPG, we needed to get the word out. If you are a user of the Playstation Network or Qriocity, your account information including passwords, birthdate, billing address, and other provided information has likely been accessed by a skilled hacker that broke through the Playstation security protocols between April 17 and April 19th.

LEGO Universe Goes Big, Major Updates!


LEGO Universe is rolling out a huge round of content updates next week, with major expansions to explore and new features to inspire. On May 3, players must band together to tackle a cooperative building challenge; a month-long mission to complete the construction of the Nexus Tower. LEGO Universe will also add a fiery hot racetrack, exclusive racing vehicles and bigger Property worlds, with new capabilities - like placing pets on your personal property and bringing them to life! All of this, plus tons of new models, missions, rewards and more, are headed to LEGO Universe next week.

Age of Empires Online First Look


Remember Age of Empires? Well if you consider yourself any sort of RTS buff you should. The Age of Empires series in the past has been one of the most successful RTS franchises (yes there have been other popular RTS franchises other then Starcraft). The originals have won countless awards and have solidified themselves in the RTS hall of fame.

Grepolis Review: The Scholar’s Wargame


If you're new to browser based strategy games, I would advise you to stay away from Grepolis. The game (like its counterparts) are quite easy to learn, provided that you have played other games of the same genre. The tutorial was actually rather quick, and runs you through some of the mundane tasks you do in your Grepolis career, but it does leave at least 80% of the system to learn on your own.

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