Top 10 Silly MMO Facts


Since the dawn of MMO time, silliness has spawned from different  MMO worlds. Whether it's the war-filled plains of Novus or the adventurous land of Azeroth, no one is safe from the absurdity and wackyness of the MMO genre. It's not just something that has been started by the MMO community but by the games themselves. What are you waiting for? Check it out!

Extensive Changes to NADIRIM Following The Start of Closed Beta.


Four weeks after the successful start of the Nadirim closed beta, Digital Reality and Twisted Tribe have announced work on a new version of the browser-based, free-to-play MMORPG. The extensive planned changes will affect almost every aspect of the game: the server, the client, the main quests, the combat system, the graphics, the zones, and other features which have not yet been implemented in the current beta test.

Mythos Europe: Best of the Quest


The Mythos quest system lets players play a part in the story of the first worldwide hack 'n' slash MMO. The many diverse quests can be carried out either by plucky lone adventurers, or in groups of up to five players. There are rewards to be had in the form of abundant experience points, or special items which will also enable faster levelling.

RIFT Beta Event First Impressions


RIFT is on the radar of the majority of MMO gamers out there right now and you don’t have to look too far to be swamped by player’s first impressions of the game. So here I am to add to that ever increasing list to give my two cents on what I’ve seen so far.

Genesis AD Review: Twitch Based Shooting is Making a Comeback?


Remember twitch based first person shooters like Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament? With the simple concept of FPSs centering on fast reactions and accuracy, they were the kings of LAN parties and the rulers of PC tournament gaming.  But nowadays, mainstream gamers would rather play a slow and "tactical" shooter like Call of Duty: Modern Whatever.

Funcom and EA Will Co-publish The Secret World


Description: Following the dubious results of MMOs such as Warhammer and APB EA hasn't given up on the MMO genre just yet. Today Funcom has announced that it will be co-publishing The Secret World together with the industry giant.

League of Legends: Have A Plan To Kill Everyone You Meet


Greetings fellow summoners, this is the patch v1.0.0.108 article for League of Legends. The game in which political debates are tossed aside in favour of 5 on 5 grudge matches to the pseudo-death. This patch rides the buff/nerf rollercoaster up out of the deep valley of nerfopia, a rework to one of the most critical mage items in the game, a new form of exhaust and also a brand spanking new champion in the form of Caitlyn, The Sheriff of Piltover.

Legends of Zork Review: Browser-based AND Enjoyable?


We've all tried to find a good way to waste time whilst browsing the internet, usually in the form of a game. Whether it be a flash game or a text-based RPG (even a MUD or two if you're a brave soul), there's one thing that most browser-based games have in common. They aren't very entertaining. Well, one day I stumbled upon the Legends of Zork, a newly released, persistent online adventure brought to you by Jolt Online Gaming. Just a young lad with a moustache, I was more than happy to find out that this game wasn't absolutely terrible.

Playing God With Lego Universe


Whenever I think of LEGO, I'll always hear "the ultimate playing god game" reverberating inside my head. With my bare hands, I can build and destroy anything at will. LEGO is something that I can't categorize as a childhood memory because I can still appreciate how imaginative I can get with just a few blocks in my hand. It was really a hoot when some famous game titles such as Batman, Indiana Jones and Star Wars released their LEGO edition games. Building stuff with LEGO blocks never gets old, so playing a LEGO-inspired game is a complete delight.

Angels Online: Building Bonds with New Year Food Fest


The New Year signifies a new beginning and new challenges one must face and overcome to grow stronger. In Angels Online, even adventuring Angels have obstacles to deal with. A minor crisis is currently vexing the Angel Lyceum as their annual New Year's Food Fest extravaganza, a social event for chefs and food-lovers alike, faces possible cancellation due to short supplies of Super Seasoning.

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