Archlord New Expansion: The Grand Cross Is Coming


WEBZEN is pleased to announce an overhaul of its popular MMORPG Archlord, in the shape of the all-new, FREE Expansion Episode 5: The Grand Cross. Due to go live in the coming weeks, Episode 5: The Grand Cross will add a new battle system called The Battle Ground into the existing PvP system in Archlord.

Tales of Pirates II: Migration Project Kicks off


Participants in the closed beta of 3D MMORPG Tales of Pirates II are enjoying a splashing good time. This phase of testing has gone so well that the ToP team has decided to expand access to the new game by migrating all ToP player data to new ToP II servers. Veteran pirates will now get the chance to experience a treasure trove of exhilarating adventures available in this new, uncharted world.

Big Announcements! Exclusive Talk With Guild Wars 2 Designers


NCSoft released some snacky information about the Ranger Profession. OnRPG journalist Jonathan Doyle had a chance to talk to Lead Game Designer Eric Flannun who previously worked on titles such as Warcraft 2, Diablo, Starcraft and Bard's Tale, and Game Designer Jon Peters about this and other Guild Wars 2 topics!

10 BG Stories used in MMOs – The Gods are to Blame for Our Anguish


Have you ever been curious and asked where we all came from? I bet kids in the MMO world have the same questions. Aside from generic gameplay, renamed classes and recycled features, I managed to find out that some MMOs also share the same origins (in terms of story). You'd think some had already lost their originality in terms of game play, but storylines as well? Geez, it's like they're all connected somehow really.

Battle of the Immortals review: The Rise of the Dragon Emperor


Love at first sight is definitely not the way I felt when I tried Battle of the Immortals on the Chinese servers. The website was pretty basic and the game seemed so effortless; the classes were common and there was hardly any customization when creating a character. It was definitely not something I would have expected from Perfect World Entertainment, the creators of Perfect World and the upcoming game Forsaken World.

Project Torque Closing Down


With sadness in their tone Aeria Games has announced that Project Torque will shut down its servers on the 2nd of August.

COH: Paragon Releases Information on Nova Praetoria and the Underground


Today Paragon Studios reveals details of two of the new areas in City of Heroes Going Rogue. Nova Praetoria is the most exclusive district in all of Praetoria, housing the elite of Praetorian society who have been given the special privilege to live and work next to humankind's savior, Emperor Marcus Cole. Beneath Nova Praetoria lies the Underground, a network of tunnels that were created to hide the ugly side of life from the world above.

League of Legends Season One Opens Today


Riot Games, the developer and publisher of the acclaimed PC game League of Legends, is proud to announce the largest content update and the first major competitive season for the highly-acclaimed online game League of Legends: Season One, is now live. Players that log in today will find many new game features including Draft Mode, Ranked Games, Ladders, a new user interface and a brand new Champion, Xin Zhao, Seneschal of Demacia.

Heroes In The Sky Tour: An MMO With Real Wings


Just when I started to think that MMO shooters were about to enter a generic slump, this game shows up. Heroes In The Sky is a plane-based shooter that allows players to relive the historic battles of World War II while riding in the comfort of their own plane. Honestly, I sort of judged the game even before I got to play it. I must say, I was wrong to have concluded so fast. Most plane games revolve around the isometric bird's eye view 2D platform. As much as I would want to see a game that gives us the same flight combat experience as Ace Combat, all I got were lousy plane games that shared the same Windows 95 graphics and game play. I guess I was lucky to have been given the chance to take the tour, especially since I was able to play a plane game that didn't have to copy the same generic experience most of its predecessors shared. HIS, as they call it allows players to soar the war-themed skies in 3-Dimensional format. If I were to judge the whole thing, I'd say it's the best of its kind, but don't take my word for it. Let's continue on with our tour and see what else they got.

Dragoon Quest Closed Beta Start on July 15th


Dragoon Quest online, the first and only java based browser SLG is entering closed beta on July 15th. Publisher 2NDMMO will start game registration on July 13th, the game registration will be closed when the register reaches 2000. The closed beta mainly focuses on game bug testing and localization adjustment. User data will be erased after the beta.

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