Funcom and EA Will Co-publish The Secret World


Description: Following the dubious results of MMOs such as Warhammer and APB EA hasn't given up on the MMO genre just yet. Today Funcom has announced that it will be co-publishing The Secret World together with the industry giant.

League of Legends: Have A Plan To Kill Everyone You Meet


Greetings fellow summoners, this is the patch v1.0.0.108 article for League of Legends. The game in which political debates are tossed aside in favour of 5 on 5 grudge matches to the pseudo-death. This patch rides the buff/nerf rollercoaster up out of the deep valley of nerfopia, a rework to one of the most critical mage items in the game, a new form of exhaust and also a brand spanking new champion in the form of Caitlyn, The Sheriff of Piltover.

Legends of Zork Review: Browser-based AND Enjoyable?


We've all tried to find a good way to waste time whilst browsing the internet, usually in the form of a game. Whether it be a flash game or a text-based RPG (even a MUD or two if you're a brave soul), there's one thing that most browser-based games have in common. They aren't very entertaining. Well, one day I stumbled upon the Legends of Zork, a newly released, persistent online adventure brought to you by Jolt Online Gaming. Just a young lad with a moustache, I was more than happy to find out that this game wasn't absolutely terrible.

Playing God With Lego Universe


Whenever I think of LEGO, I'll always hear "the ultimate playing god game" reverberating inside my head. With my bare hands, I can build and destroy anything at will. LEGO is something that I can't categorize as a childhood memory because I can still appreciate how imaginative I can get with just a few blocks in my hand. It was really a hoot when some famous game titles such as Batman, Indiana Jones and Star Wars released their LEGO edition games. Building stuff with LEGO blocks never gets old, so playing a LEGO-inspired game is a complete delight.

Angels Online: Building Bonds with New Year Food Fest


The New Year signifies a new beginning and new challenges one must face and overcome to grow stronger. In Angels Online, even adventuring Angels have obstacles to deal with. A minor crisis is currently vexing the Angel Lyceum as their annual New Year's Food Fest extravaganza, a social event for chefs and food-lovers alike, faces possible cancellation due to short supplies of Super Seasoning.

Cause of Mysterious Bird and Fish Deaths Explained: Game Developers


If you had forgotten that Faxion was about to enter open beta, they are here to remind you with taking responsibility for the recent explosion of bird and fish deaths over the holiday period. This has to be one of the strangest press releases ever created. Read on.


City of Heroes MetaÂ’s Verse: Mission Architect


Its been a slow week in City of Heroes. They've extended the winter event until the end of January which is very exciting news. One of the communities favourite moderators is leaving us and everyone is still recovering from the holidays, getting life back to normal. Things are as expected a bit slow. Not that this is a bad thing at all. Everyone needs a break and a chance to catch up on things they missed because they were busy with things in the "real world".

Priston Tale II Interview – Ever Expanding Onwards


The game is in a great place right now. Admittedly, it was difficult taking the reins of Priston Tale 2 from its former publisher, but we have made great strides with the game since its absence from the market. We released a major update to the game almost immediately following launch that has improved many of the game's systems, helping us to amass a global community of diverse players who are all very passionate about the Priston Tale universe.

PWE Announces Rusty Hearts


Perfect World Entertainment announced today that it has signed a licensing agreement with WindySoft to operate "Rusty Hearts" in North America. "Rusty Hearts" is a visual action MORPG developed by Stairway Games, and WindySoft possesses the global publishing right.

DDO Releases Comprehensive MMO Glossary


Turbine has released a great overview of the most important MMO terms. While the full glossary is impressive and helpful it is also a little bit overwhelming. So here are the eight most important terms in MMO land:

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