Alganon MMO Game Now Subscription Free Announced

Alganon has converted to a Subscription Free MMOG and in April 2010 a new Tribute Market System, instances and numerous other enhancements will be released. Alganon continues to offer a great new and growing true persistent fantasy world for gamers to enjoy.

QOL engaged Alganon as a Soft Launch in December for the purposes of refining the product and getting in-tune with the industry and player needs. There were two key things to do; refine the game, and review Alganon's position in the market. QOL held back all marketing during the new year because many AAA titles taking the spotlight and determined the best course of action for Alganon's success in 2010 was to convert to Subscription Free and build a new Tribute Market System for the players. QOL is moving out of the Soft Launch phase of Alganon into full Official Release on April 8th and introducing the Tribute Market System.

Base Zodiac Review: Slow Pace and Generic


The title of the game and its tagline usually tell you the type of gameplay you should expect from said game. However, Base Zodiac is one of those games where the title means very little in respect to what the game is supposed to be.

Dragon Oath: New Instance Added to Expansion


Dragon Oath players have had a lot of content to look forward to with the expansion Age of Destiny, and perhaps the most highly anticipated event for players were the new quests located in the Swallow's Dock. Swallow's Dock is a new area of the Dragon Oath world where players will get to experience large scale combat on a battleship setting. Sound appealing?

Players are invited to join in the epic fight taking place from boat to boat. If you're level 60 and above in Dragon Oath and have at least 2 fellow players who want to accompany you in this adventure, welcome aboard!

Trickster online in-game events


Ntreev USA announced today two new exciting events starting this week in its popular fantasy MMORPG, Trickster Online: A New Discovery.  The Lucky 13 Challenge will start March 4th and run through March 17th and the GM event, Megalo Snipe Hunt will begin March 8th.  Players can visit to download the game and participate in both events. 

Aeria Games Announces Kingdom Heroes for North America & Europe


Aeria Games & Entertainment, one of the fastest growing publishers of free-to-play online games in North America and Europe, has officially unveiled its newest title, Kingdom Heroes. Players interested in testing the game prior to its Spring 2010 release can visit the official site, starting today, and sign up to participate in the upcoming Closed Beta.

Altis Gates Interview: What to Expect


The story of Altis begins with the Golden Age of the Gods and continues through to the Silver Age dominated by the Gaea Giants. Then the Humans and Elves were born and civilization was established with the construction of the magnificent Altis City during the Copper Age. The differences in cultures and ideologies between the two races brought about conflicts that escalated into a full-scale war that lasted for centuries. Amidst the chaos, the Borgs were created. Just when the 3 races finally came to see the foolishness of their actions and agreed to make peace with each other, the Shadowy Dragon that once ruled the sky of Altis woke from its slumber.

Perfect World Entertainment hints to new game!


The Perfect World Entertainment development blog posted about an upcoming game on March the 1st. They're not going beyond the basic hints and showing a video. The mystery begins!

What game do you think it is? We're putting our bets on Red Cliff, NA version! But maybe they're just putting us on the wrong track?

We'll have to wait and see!

Fallen Sword Review: Check and Mate


You rarely find a story that ends a bad way. When it does end negatively you expect it to be a very tightly done story. However, there have always been exceptions and for Fallen Sword I must say that their attempt on creating drama in the back-story has failed.

Tales of Fantasy: Alpha Test Client Available

NEWS Tales of Fantasy: Alpha Test Client Available   The game client for IGG’s latest MMORPG-Tales of Fantasy will be available for download on 3rd March 5:00am EST(GMT-5). You can visit th...

N.E.O Online Now Grand Open Beta


PlayOMG’s free-to-play MMORPG game has launched. N.E.O Online brings a brand new experience to players. N.E.O Online enable players to change in-game actions and environments by the interaction among players themselves. This is truly an unique feature that sets N.E.O apart from any other MMO games. Players are able to play N.E.O Online simply with a PlayOMG/Facebook/Yahoo/Myspace account and password.
The class-free system gives players the chance to choose from different paths for developing unique characters with various skills. With the chaos system, players will be able to change the world status between peace and chaos. The chaos mode allows players to freely join PvP battles fighting against others of the same region. It is also possible that players can earn better items dropped from chaos monsters.

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