Walking the Line. City Of Heroes: Going Rogue Review


There is a place in the MMO world, a place of good people. They are heroes in this place and each day they fight for all that is good and honest and right. Balancing this shining beacon is a place of darkness and ego. Power makes right there, and strength and brutality rule.

Neverdaunt:8bit To Go Open Beta


Neverdaunt:8Bit is a PC game set in a 8 bit stylized 3D world made out of blocks.  A Sandbox MMO where the world is ever changing, since it is entirely shaped by its players.  Players can compete for control over areas and are free to build as they wish, with blocks and Tronics. There are no character classes or levels, the Power-up you chose, your knowledge, and items you wear define your abilities. With no preset quests, players can choose their own goals, allowing them to play and create without restriction, making every players experience a different one.

Freesky Online: NPC Realms Open for Alliances to Conquer


In Freesky Online, even the greediest treasure hunters have had their doubts about the legendary fortunes rumored to be hidden throughout the land. It turns out that the legends are true, as adventurous players will discover beginning Monday, September 13th, when the Freesky Online team launches a new event that will open NPC realms for conquest by alliances.

PANGYA Review: Taking the Game of Golf to a Whole New Level!


I have to admit that I was not enthusiastic at first to review Pangya, the game revolved around golf. I never took interest in the sport. To be honest I always watched it in order to help me get to sleep (when the Nyquil was not kicking in), or just to see Tiger Woods outshine the other players. Pangya suddenly opened up a completely new world and reintroduced me to the game of golf with open arms, quirky anime characters, and tons of fun gameplay!

Fairy Story Interview: Stepping Into Wonderland


Fairy Story is a new 3D MMORPG, which has just gone into Open Beta in July. Published by the relatively new company, Ngames, this really colorful and interesting game is set to captivate the hearts of many players! What kind of company is Ngames? What features are there in Fairy Story that will make it stand out from the competition? Is there PvP in such an adorable game? Let's find out.

LOTRO Is Now Free To Play


Everybody is jumping on the Free to Play bandwagon! LOTRO joins the club. Launching today, players can download LOTRO for free and join with millions of other adventurers as they explore the most complete and authentic recreation of Middle-earth ever created

Casual Online Games Bridging the Gap


In the world of serious gaming, casual games are a necessary evil. For hardcore online gamers, casual online games serve as a repository for "other" kinds of gamers. You must understand that in the mind of a hardcore online gamer, there's the hardcore gamers, and there's the rest of the world.

Special Force Tour: Free Competitive FPS


Special Force is a free to play first person shooter by DFIGames. It is the SEA version of Soldier Front by ijji. I was lucky enough to be given a tour of the game by GM_Millais and the DFIGames team. Let us take a look at what I learned about the game!

New character to arrive in LOCO


burda:ic revealed details about the first new character to arrive in LOCO - Land of Chaos Online: massive, close-combat fighter AAKbah. Making his debut in the Land of Chaos on Sep. 14, AAKbah will be joined by two additional new fighters, Ellan and Partisan, in the coming weeks.

Icy Conditions in Bounty Bay Online


Frogster has announced another region in Bounty Bay Online which is to be released with the upcoming 'Atlantis' expansion - the Northern Islands.

Lord of the Rings Online All Set To GO Free-to-Play


The Lord of the Rings Online is set to go free-to-play with the launch of Head Start, a two day event where former subscribers and closed beta testers have a chance to experience the full game before its public launch on September 10.

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