Captains of DarkTide MMO Adds PvP Battles


Battlegrave has been added as the first ever PvP zone in the Fantasy Pirates MMO Captains of DarkTide (CoDT). The new zone throws players into head-to-head battles for the right to collect loot barrels that spawn periodically near the center of the region. Battlegrave is the first of a number of specially themed tactical battle zones, which include areas such as "Boss Lairs" and more PvP scenarios that will be introduced throughout open beta.

Zentia Early Access Beta: Open to All Players, No Character Wipes!

NEWS proudly announces that on August 16th, the Zentia Early Access Beta will be open to the gaming community worldwide. The MMORPG gaming community will have full access to the game with no Beta Key required. In addition, accounts and characters created in the Zentia Early Access Beta will transfer over to Open Beta in early Q4, 2010.

TERA: Arborea unveiled


Frogster, leading video game publisher based in Berlin, reveals some details about the lore of its highly-ambitious online role-playing game TERA. The developer Bluehole Studio Inc. spent years on the creation of the background of the vast world of Arborea. Here is just a glimpse on its depth.

Dream of Mirror Online Interview: Content Updates!


Dream of Mirror Online is one of Aeria game's biggest MMORPGs and one of its longest running games. In a competitive field such as the MMORPG scene, it's a near miracle to stay alive for this long. So we here on OnRPG knocked at their door and asked how the game is doing.

The Exiled Realm Of Arborea (TERA) Beta Preview


So it's been some weeks since the E3 expo finished and I've been contemplating which of the MMOs I saw there that I'm most looking forward to and I've come to the conclusion that its TERA. I'll explain why I'm hyped by this title and try to figure out what race and career choices I will aim toward on its release date.

Mechquest Review – Another Game by Artix


I normally do not play browser-based games but I was drawn to Mechquest. One of the main reasons was because when I was a kid, my friends and I used to play Adventure Quest. After Artix developed and published Mechquest, I just could not leave it without trying it out.

State of the Gaming Address; Games Used to be So Epic


I remember a time when video games didn't receive such harsh criticisms. Back then, the term "good game" was more of a personal opinion rather than a big "8.0" you see at game review sites. If you think about it, picking a game used to be so simple; gamers would just get titles that had great box art. No, gamers didn't need to see the fat "9" to know that Power Rangers: The Movie, for the Super Nintendo was an awesome game. In the good old days, games weren't treated like movies. There were no rants regarding grinding, no fanboy raging on bad graphics, and definitely no complaints regarding repetition. There was always something positive about each game and there's nothing wrong with grabbing the low-selling titles on the shelf. So what happened to the good old days? What stops gamers from grabbing the last copy of Clive Barker's Jericho from Gamestop? Let's find out...

Want Exclusive City of Heroes Keys? Follow us on Twitter!


The great guys over at City of Heroes have seen fit to bestow upon us the great burden of some pretty exclusive coupon codes... in the next couple of days we'll be posting these codes to our Twitter account. First come, first serve!

APB Developer In Deep Trouble?


Rumours have reached the OnRPG team that RealTime Worlds has laid off as many as 60 employees that were working on their only recently announced Project MyWorld. Since they were given notice 30 days ago, and announced the project roughly 14 days ago it seems they already knew the project would not actually go live.

Karma Operation Barbarossa Interview: Looking at CBT2


KARMA: Operation Barbarossa is an upcoming MOFPS developed by Korean studios, Dragonfly, Futureport, Blueside and will be published by ijji for North America and Western Europe. With already a few online shooters in its library of games, including Soldier Front, A.V.A and Genesis A.D, why did ijji decided to host KARMA? What differences will KARMA feature which will blow its competition away? Let's find out.

Dead Frontier Review: Creepy is it’s Middle Name


The game's first impression to me is that it'd probably another failed attempt on creating a "scary" MMO. However, as I played through Dead Frontier, the chills I got were real enough for me to acknowledge that the game does provide the creep factor I never expected it to.

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