Runes of Magic: Treasures of the Desert


Frogster yesterday released 'Treasures of the Desert' a new content update to its popular online RPG Runes of Magic. The update adds a new region, the Limo Desert, and a new instance, Kawak's Tomb. Gamers are now able to power up characters to level 62 and trade diamonds with a special NPC.

World of Warcraft’s Half Decade of Dominance


It's staggering to think that World of Warcraft is now six years old. Blizzard Entertainment's video game masterpiece has spent over half a decade dominating the online role-playing scene, with no sign of letting up. Nothing comes close. Player opinions of Azeroth may have waivered through the years, but critics unite in praise each time a substantial update or expansion pack adds to the already bulging install size. Whatever your thoughts on the game are, and no matter how many times you have cancelled your subscription (only to resub later), World of Warcraft is arguably the greatest MMORPG in the world.

French Armor to Invade World of Tanks

NEWS is glad to announce the release of a new development tank tree for its highly-anticipated massively multiplayer online game World of Tanks.

Good and Evil must Unite in City of Heroes Issue 19!


NCsoft and Paragon Studios, home of the popular super-powered hero MMO, City of Heroes, announced today's release of Issue 19: Alpha Strike! As the latest free update to the recently launched City of Heroes Going Rogue expansion, Issue 19: Alpha Strike! continues the Praetorian storylines introduced in Going Rogue. Players can now unlock amazing new powers and abilities as they begin to take on high-level challenges that have overwhelmed even the mightiest Heroes and Villains. Only the players, as newly awakened Incarnates, stand a chance of saving our world.

City of Heroes Meta’s Verse: Issue 19 Alpha Strike


Hello and welcome to OnRPG's new weekly column Meta's Verse all about City of Heroes. I will be covering topics ranging from the latest game related news to player run events. Anything and everything related to the City of franchise that catches my eye will be talked about. Christmas may be on its way but only one thing is on the mind of the player base, Issue 19: Alpha Strike.

Lucent Heart Start Contest Offers $1,000 Plus Prizes


Gamania Digital Entertainment announced that it's extending the deadline to enter its big Lucent Heart Star contest until December 18th, giving guys and girls additional time to make a big impression and walk away with fantastic prizes. Everyone who enters is guaranteed a free spot in the upcoming Lucent Heart Sneak Peak Beta. The lucky winner gets $1,000 in cash, modeling opportunities, press coverage, and the honor of representing Lucent Heart for its North American launch.

Xhodon Review: You Get Yourself a Palace for Free


Xhodon is a browser-based MMOG that puts you in the shoes of a magician who has been provided a palace to rule, which is believed to come from a forgotten kingdom. The game is the usual browser strategy resource building game set in a mythical world.

Zero Online December Update


The last month of 2010 is almost here, and the Zero Online team has prepared a series of exciting weekend events, Christmas events, and even some brand new game functions for all their players to enjoy during this month!

Bloodline Champions Review – Seems Familiar


Bloodline Champions is a free to play MMO that resembles Warcraft 3's Defense of the Ancients custom map. The game revolves completely around PVP and greatly relies on  teamwork. With other DoTA-inspired games like League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth hitting the scene, it was no surprise that games like this would follow. While the game resembles some of the titles stated above, Bloodline Champions also has its own unique features. It looks reaaaaaally similar to its game play brothers in my opinion, but is it really good enough to compete with the games it tried so hard to copy? I seriously doubt that this game is an MMO as it plays and runs like its predecessors (which would technically mean that DoTA is an MMO).

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