LEGO: A Whole New Universe


I know I have had my calendar marked for a while. Perhaps some of you have as well. Today, October 12th, is one of two big dates this month for NetDevils Lego Universe. Today is, in fact, the start of the pre-order play period where anyone who had already ordered their copy of Lego Universe gets two weeks with the world to themselves. Some of the beta players, now called Founders, have been able to play since the 8th giving them a little something in return for their hard work testing the game. As today is the launch day for the pre-orders, today in the mail I received my copy of Lego Universe. Nowadays many games have Collectors Editions and Pre-order bonuses and other bits to show favour to the fans who come early or pay more. Lego Universe is no exception.

Ministry of War Preview: Civilization’s Browser Brother


Ministry of War is a strategy browser based MMORTS game from Snail Games USA. The game plays upon the concept of civilization supremacy in an MMO setting. You are given the choice to represent one of the four factions found in the game in a race for supremacy and a chance to earn the title champion.

The Ups And Downs Of Being A Gamer


Historically, the term "Gamer" referred to those who play hardcore stuff like Dungeons & Dragons (the pen and paper one), White Wolf RPGS, and those who commit themselves to various forms of geekery. If you check the early cartoons and TV shows, gamers always seem to look like perpetual virgins who dress up in giant suspenders and get beaten up most of the time (mostly by football jocks and the guy wearing the black skull shirt). I guess today's era pretty much labels that stereotypical outlook null and void, seeing as games have now become a part of our culture. Is it now safe to say that you're a gamer? Well, enclosed is a list of random pros and cons of being one. Check it out.

Aurora Blade Review: Labels R’ Us


I've had a love-hate relationship with browser games lately. There were times that I simply got tired from clicking through text box after text box just to do one move. My utter disdain for browser based online games has somewhat toned down in a recent review when I got to experience a true MMORPG browser based game. 


So I had my hopes up that Aurora Blade would completely dispel that lingering bitter aftertaste I experienced in browser based online games however I was wrong.


Guild Wars 2 Interview – Hall of Monuments


We had the opportunity for an exclusive chat with Eric Flannun, Lead Designer for Guild Wars 2 to talk about the newly announced Hall of Monuments feature! Tully asked him the following questions:

MMO Running Trends (Time Loop)


Exactly how many zombies do I need to shoot before the whole zombie-gig stops? Don't we get enough zombies in console games? Right now, MMOs are revolving around a specific time loop where genres and game styles are recycled and reused. How many elves must we kill before they pick up something new anyway? Yes, we are currently waiting for new games like Ragnarok 2, but will it deliver something new other than new class names (Lord Dragon Knight LOL) and location names (Avalongarde LOL)? The answer is of course, NO. Although there are tons of new MMOs coming this year, we will still be experiencing the same meta of game play. Whether it is questing or grinding, we're all playing the same thing. The only difference is that other games present these features better.

Bungie Going To Make An MMO Next?


MMO and Halo lovers all over the world quivered with joy when Bungie creative director Joe Staten hinted that Bungie's next project could feature "a world that was always there for you.". Does Bungie have plans for a Planetside like game?

TLBB: Re-Roll Your Way To Glory


The 'Purification Pills', includes a number of fantastic benefits for players logging onto the European Dragon server including the re-rolling of stat points that proves crucial in the development of characters. Should a player find himself/herself needing more critical hit than strength (for example), then the purification pills will allow them to re-allocate these points quickly and effectively without hassle and allowing for a smoother path to enlightenment.

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