LeKool! Announces Fantasy of Swords


Coming this February 21st, Fantasy of Swords is a browser-based MMORPG that showcases many features of any typical MMORPG including a pet system, market trading system, as well as a house system.  Other features include item enhancing, an email system, a production system, a treasure rewards system, and much more.

Pocket Legends Review – The New Way To Sit Through Meetings


Providing you haven't been living under a rock for the past three years, you may have heard something about one company and their range of mobile devices. Whatever you may think about Apple's minimalist approach to product design and somewhat random pricing decisions, there's no denying that the iPhone, iPod Touch and now iPad have revolutionised mobile computing. The App Store has become a cash cow for thirsty developers to milk to their heart's content. And with millions of people all around the world holding an iOS product in their pocket, it was only a matter of time before someone had a shot at replicating the resounding success of desktop MMORPGs on your Apple phone.

Aika Online Review: Gun-Kata Women? I’m In!


Aika Online is an action-packed MMORPG famous for its nonstop PVP experience. The game has been blessed with enthusiastic reviews, all praising its supposed quality of gameplay. After seeing tons of awards bestowed upon it during the 2009 Korean Game Awards, I couldn't help but be drawn to its fame and glory. It is one of the most famous MMORPGS in Korea today, so I'm expecting no less from the famous Aika Online. Again, the game is praised for its PVP features such as its astonishing 1000 vs 1000 RVR (that's a lot of players!). This means that you will always have people to kill regardless of how bad your virtual bloodlust is. The game is also epically stylish combat-wise, meaning it's not your average everyday MMO that features a single slash or attack animation per character. Will 2009's Best Game of The Show live up to our expectations? *logs in*

My Untimely valentine: DC Universe February Content Update


On the dark streets of Gotham, shadowy individuals whisper of something big going down. No one knows exactly what, or when, but they know it's going to change their world.
In Metropolis, citizens gaze eagerly at the sky, waiting for the event that is to come. Fearful of the villains that rampage on the streets, they still have hope that the heroes will save them. And they wait.

City of Heroes MetaÂ’s Verse: CoH Isn’t WoW


I'm breaking away from the news this week and doing a bit of an opinion piece. All week I had been planning on doing yet another news piece. Because yes, there is more news. More things are going on. But something happened to me this week while I was playing with some friends and I need to talk about it because its something I keep hearing and I've had enough. One of my oldest friends in City of Heroes is against change. He says that all the new things coming out, the direction the devs are taking us is towards a World of Warcraft route. That by the end of these changes we may as well be a WoW clone but with heroes instead of fantasy creatures. Now if this was the first time I'd heard this I would ignore it. But I've heard several people over several global channels saying this. And I've had enough. I won't go into why I don't think its like WoW, because honestly I don't know. It was a game that I could never get into and know next to nothing about. I will instead go into the basic ideas people are trying to get across.

Aika Online – Doors Open to European Players February Today


Aika Online has opened its doors to players from Europe today, February 17th, expanding the reach of gPotato's version of the epic fantasy MMORPG. To celebrate, Aika will be holding a number of events, including the one-week long "Europe, We're Up" Double XP Extravaganza, and a Login event that will give players the chance to win $10,000 in prizes! Login for your chance to win tons of powerful premium items and never-before-seen 3x and 4x Experience Scrolls!

EverQuests Age of Rediscovery: Fippy and Vulak


EverQuest, the game everyone has heard of. A lot of people have played for a short period of time at least and it is credited with being one of the first Western Massively Multiplayer games to hit the mainstream all the way back in 1999. Fast forward to the present and over the last decade it has had seventeen expansions, given birth to its sequel, EverQuest II and several PlayStation 2 games. But starting today, one server will be taking a page from Prince, and partying like its 1999. The clocks are being rolled back to when EverQuest was just a baby. Back when I had the pleasure of having my first experience with the game.

Top 5 Most Memorable NPCs in RPGs


Ah yes... NPCs. Those wonderful CPU controlled characters that exist in just about every video game ever made.  We program them to act as our friends and our enemies. Sometimes, they'll be there to help you or be there to hurt you, and they always have something to say... or nothing to say.

EVE Online: Incursion 1.2 is Now Live


Today EVE Online: Incursion 1.2 was deployed to Tranquility, the EVE Online server, continuing CCP's new content deployment strategy of smaller, more frequent content patches in order to deliver optimizations and features to players as soon as they are polished.

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