SUN Online Interview: Content Updates and New Class


SUN Online has been out for several months now, we think it's a great game as you could read in our review. However, We still had a few questions about SUN, when are we getting the new " shadow "  class? What makes SUN so different  from other MMORPG's? What content can we expect to see in SUN this year? Read on to find out how these questions are answered!

Neverland Online Announces New Version


OPI Games announced the new version of Neverland Online is coming around the end of March. The new version will add a major content update such as mount system, new maps, new instances, and much more.

Sphere: Reborn- formerly Sphere Online


Sphere Online (or rather Sphere Reborn) is the first Russian made Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). It takes place in a fantasy world called the Sphere (no doi), a parallel universe that has been prophesized to cause turmoil throughout Earth through its self inflicted damage (emo planet, yey!). In order to counter this global catastrophe, the world's greatest warriors banded together to form an alliance against this unruly evil. The best part about this game is that it's free to play. That means you can pretty much walk around without having to worry about progress cause you're not paying for it anyway LOL.

Little Savages II Review: Go my little Purties


Little Savages II is a browser game that puts you in the shoes of a leader of a tribe of "savages". These savages are like your little men and women who cause disorder and mayhem on the island that they live on.

Private Servers: The Good and The Bad


It is quite evident that MMOs have become a hit in today's gaming Meta. With millions of subscribers constantly leveling in more ways that one, there's no stopping these MMO maniacs from playing all their favorite games. Apparently, it is also this love of games that tends to trigger illegal acts of piracy. Not everyone can afford the subscription rates especially for famous pay to play games like World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings online, and Warhammer online, which in result forces them to play the game for free onvarious private online servers.

Order of War: Challenge Released

NEWS, a strategy game specialist, is glad to announce that its World War II Real-Time Strategy game Order of War: Challenge is released. The game is exclusively available on Steam  for 9.99$! Owners of the original game will get Order of War: Challenge automatically for FREE. reveals the first “what and how” details of World of Tanks

NEWS reveals the first details on the “World of Tanks” MMO upgrade and development system for American, German and Soviet lines due in the release. From the development trees players will find out what combat units will be available in the release, as well as how they can reach the fighting vehicle of their dreams.

Kuso Party Interview: All About Fun and Competition


Kuso Party is a free to play casual game being published by SubaGames and the Community is its greatest feature! Players are able to communicate with each other, visit their creatively designed homes, and take their relationship to another level. Kuso Party is a fun and easy game for all levels of gamers to enjoy. Today, I had the chance to ask [GM]Poptart about where SubaGames plans to take Kuso Party. 

4Story “Find the GM” Event in March


4Story announced the monthly GM hide & Seek starts today. The reward is just awesome since it is one of the most important materials for making super level items that all MMO fans like to get.

Bane of Sin Review: Twilight It Ain’t


In usual game lore, vampires are one of the two things, they are either romantic bloodsuckers that seduce beautiful women to submission, they're ferocious hungry bloodsuckers who are hell bent on draining everything that has blood...

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