CTRacer: OBT Launching


The CTracer servers will become open for playing on August 21 2009 at around 800 GMT+ 9.

Cross Fire Review: One You Must Try


Although at first glance Cross Fire will seem like another generic FPS (First Person Shooter), it really isn't. Cross Fire has many unique features which stand out from other FPS games. This is a game you must try.

Achievement System

NEWS The Achievement System will inspire you to reach greater heights in Zero Online. In the hot summer, we sincerely bring you a cool system. The Achievement System will inspire you to reach greater heigh...

Alien Adoption Agency: Fancy Adopting a Little Green Dude?


As the title says is a web-based game that gives you the opportunity to adopt a "little green man" of your own. You get to own your own bug-eyed outer space wonder and it is your responsibility to take care of the little tyke.

CCP Announces Dust 514, FPS Set in the EVE Universe


CCP today revealed DUST 514, a console-based hybrid MMO/FPS set within the EVE universe. The announcement, which included a video featuring gameplay footage, was made during a keynote address by CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson at the Game Developers Conference in Cologne, Germany.

Shot Online: Cash Prize Competition


Shot-Online Players Take Things Offline To Compete Face-to-Face For a Chance To Win Thousands in Cash Prizes-North American Preliminary Begins August 20th.

12Sky 2: Triple Mega Event Blowout


From 18 August 2009 to 14 September 2009 TwelveSky 2 will be organizing a series of three huge events with over US$20,000 in prizes.

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