Archlord Release Episode VI – Beyond the Evolution


WEBZEN announced today a Archlord's major update scheduled for December 16, 2010 including a brand new American server.


On December 16, 2010 DragonScion will be officially released with additional new content. This official release of DragonScion went through the successful beta-trial season from early December.

Nexon America Launches Complete Overhaul of MapleStory


Nexon America announces the launch of the Big Bang update in MapleStory, the largest update in the history of the game. Big Bang, set to roll out in three phases, has initiated the first update today, introducing a visually richer Maple World, simpler user interface, redesigned and rebalanced skills, an  easier EXP curve, and two new worlds, one of which is the first world to be hosted on the east coast.

Fly For Fun Nostalgic Review: Flying Fun!


Yet another nostalgic review. Fly For Fun (better known as Flyff) is one of the most famous old school MMOs around. Although the game is old, the servers are still populated. Either it's just the fanbase working or the game really is that damn good (I'd probably go with the latter one). Flyff is a very memorable game for me.

Rift BETA Event #2 To Start December 17th


Featuring the first 20 levels of play, Rift's second closed beta event "Guardians of the Vigil" is scheduled to start at 6.00pm GMT Friday, December 17th and run through Monday, December 20th at 6.00pm GMT.

Batheo Confirms its Open Beta Test


After polishing the game during the past two rounds of Closed Beta Test, MMORPG Batheo will launch its Open Beta Test on Today, December 7th, announced Power Hosts Technology Limited, the publisher of Batheo.  The OBT will last for a week, during which every gamer would be gifted with 1,000 Gold on a daily basis after logged into the game, which is intended to help the gamers to further explore the excitements the game has to offer, according to the announcement.

Vindictus Episode 4 is now live! New Dungeons, New Level Cap!


Two exciting new dungeons are now available in Nexon America's physics-based action MMORPG, Vindictus. The two new high level dungeons, Prairie Entrance and Ruins of Sanctity, open up a world filled with a new vicious clan of Gnolls, deadly spiders and evil toads, as well as a slew of cunning new boss monsters to defeat.


Fairy Story Online Review: VISUAL ANGELS FTW!


Fairy Story is a fantasy MMORPG that takes place in a world on the brink of destruction. The actual art of the game doesn't really fit the setting. Must it always be cute characters living in a dying world? Anyway, according to legend, these cutesy critters are actually creatures drenched in sin (how could something so cute be this evil? Geez MMO! Stop torturing my mind!). Due to the folly of their ways, the gods were forced to abandon the world, filtering their supposed blessings thus turning it into a dying wasteland. After slowly being consumed by darkness, some of the world's inhabitants started to retaliate to stop the "99th" destruction of the world. The storyline is actually quite generic in my opinion, especially since it proved that all MMO gods enjoy giving up on mankind. Brushing the storyline aside, Fairy Story supposedly has a decent system in store for MMO gamers. The game won various awards in China from what I've heard, so I guess it's safe to expect something good fromit. Let's see what Fairy Story Online has to offer, shall we?

In Nomine Imperator, A Warhammer 40K Online Tale


In the name of the Emperor! I bring you news my friends. News from the darkest reaches of the galaxy, ripped from the minds of heretics, torn from the grip of foul xenos and collected by one humble servant.


Special Force Interview: New Content Announced!


Special Force is a free to play FPS. This game offers a lot for fans of first person shooters with features such as the unique captain mode and being part of the WCG. Special Force is the Singapore version of Soldier Front. This game has a great team that tries its best to improve the game and community.


This interview is focused around some of the new updates that have been added since my tour of this game. Michael Choi is here with us to answer our questions!

FreeJack Review – Hop with Style


Lace up your running shoes, folks because it's time to hit up the urban jungle in FreeJack, a racing game published by GamerKraft that's focused on the underground sport of Parkour AND Free Running (For those that don't know: Yes, there IS a difference between the two!) While FreeJack has nothing to do with a 1992 sci-fi film about bounty hunters transporting some guy's mind into the body of a dead millionaire, it features foot racing in tons of urban environments where you run, jump, dash, dodge and vault your way to victory.

Dragon Age Origins Review: An Epic Darkspawn Slaying Tale!


After their successful game "Mass Effect", Bioware decided to take their RPGs to the next level by bringing us back to the medieval world of bucklers and swords. Dragon Age is a medieval RPG for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. First of all, I would like to say that Dragon Age is definitely not a medieval Mass Effect. While it may share the same destiny trees and conversation methods, there are enough features to completely seperate this game from Bioware's futuristic masterpiece.

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