BATTERY Online Begins its First Game-play Contest


WEBZEN Inc. announced the first offline contest with 6,000 dollars of total prize for its FPS game, BATTERY, in South Korea.


According to WEBZEN, the applications for the "Internet Café - Team Tournament" will begin on January 20th through February 6th. WEBZEN plans to select 16 teams by holding preliminary rounds.

League of Legends: Crocodile Tears


Greetings fellow summoners! This is the patch v1.0.0.109 article for League of Legends, the game in which a crocodile and a jackal can be considered brothers without bestiality being involved. This patch includes the greatest skin for trolling yet (I'm still waiting on a Trollface.jpg Trundle skin), some champion changes, a rework to critical strikes and Renekton, The Butcher of the Sands.

Dynasty Saga Interview: Epic Warfare From The Start


Dynasty Saga is a revolutionary new web game that has combined and improved upon elements of traditional city-building strategy games and classic RPG games to bring you an entirely new gaming experience. Today, I was pleased to toss some questions at Jiming Zhou, who is the Marketing Manager of Dynasty Saga.

Luna Online Releases Expansion: Luna Plus!


Luna Plus, the first expansion to the smash-hit 3D MMORPG, Luna Online, is now live!  This major expansion will increase the level cap from 120 to 150 and introduce a brand new race as well as new job changes at level 145.  Players will be able to explore seven new high level zones, raid massive new dungeons, and battle hundreds of amazing new monsters!

BATTERY’s First Update For 2011


WEBZEN Inc. have announced the first update in 2011 for 'BATTERY,' the Urban Military Shootout FPS game in South Korea. This update will add a new battle mode, 'Extreme Extermination' with new guns and new skills to 'BATTERY'.


Salem Announced, Features Perma Death!


Newcomer Seatribe has annouced they are working on Salem, an MMO set in a mythical version of New England. The game starts with the player stepping off a boat in Boston after which they have to fend for themselves in the ‘New World’.

Conquer Online: Sign Up For The Monk PvP Championship Now


Conquer Online has announced that players who want to take part in the Monk PvP Championship can sign up for the contest from Jan. 20th until Feb. 10th. The registration NPC will be released after the server maintenance on Jan. 20th.

Drift City Re-Review: Cell Shaded Awesomeness


Drift City now owned by Games Campus is a Cell Shaded Online racing game combined with RPG elements. Its unique play style gives it variety while still maintaining the racing game element. Drift City is also known as Skid Rush in Korea. Drift City offers a lot of unique content, some of which are: Leveling up your character, customizing vehicles, racing with other players, doing missions, and doing quests, a delivery service, instances and much more.

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