Mytheon Official Closed Beta Begins


True Games Interactive, an international multi-player online game developer and publisher, along with award-winning developer, Petroglyph, have launched a closed beta for their highly anticipated online, multiplayer action/RPG with strategic game play .  Until now only a limited number of fans had been allowed into the game but now the companies have begun distributing closed beta keys and are inviting Mytheon fans to join in
on the closed beta test.  

Tales of Fantasy: Class Preview


Tales of Fantasy is a massively multiplayer game that centers around the conflicts that emerge between competing factions. The below article presents more details about all the classes.

Space Conquer Review: I Have A Bigger Spaceship Than You


Space Conquer is a browser based MMO made by PLAYNITUDE. The game centers on building up your colony to eventually become the strongest leader on your little planet. The game boasts that it's the first of its kind to incorporate space to land warfare without having a graphically heavy interface.

N.E.O Online Official Release Date Revealed


PlayOMG has announced that N.E.O Online is scheduled to launch at 7:00PM, March 2nd (PST). N.E.O Online will provide an all-new gaming experience that enriches the elements of traditional MMORPG.

Marching Towards The Online World


Remember those days when you wanted to play Legend of Mana but just couldn't order the AI to perform the same way you do? It's pretty easy to press start with the second controller but quite hard to find a player to help you out. It's undeniable that MMO games have created quite an impact in our gaming meta. Having a persistent world where players can help each other without the discomforts of partying up with AI is definitely a lot better than waiting for a friend to pick up the other controller. When it comes to multiplayer options, MMOs are the sure winner. Despite the graphics and extensive gameplay of most single player games, it does get a bit lonely considering the fact that you're playing with a bunch of people that aren't real to begin with. Isn't that why they try to make really smart AIs? To mimic real people.

Altis Gates: Delve into the World of Shapeshifting


Altis Gates has recently wrapped up its closed beta. While the gates to Altis are now temporarily closed in preparation for the next beta phase, the game made quite an impression on all the brave warriors who explored its wonders.

Perfect World International: Become a fashion designer!


Similar to the highly successful “Design-a-Mount” contest held in Ether Saga Online, Perfect World Entertainment has decided to kick off a similar event for fashion in their flagship MMO, Perfect World International.

Aika Interview: 1000 vs 1000 PvP Anyone?


Aika Online is the latest Free-To-Play MMORPG set to be published by Gpotato, which already has successful titles like the popular Fly For Fun (Flyff) and Luna Online. The game will enter Closed Beta 2 starting from the 24th of February until the 2nd of March 2010. The game tells the story of a world torn by war, where nations battle it out for domination while defending themselves from an emerging ancient evil. Players, aided by their Prans, will be tossed into all these conflicts and experience one of the most PvP-centric Free to Play MMORPG ever - Aika!

Sherwood Review: Browser Evolution


Sherwood is a free to play browser-based game hosted by While being hosted for several years, it has grown, evolved, and come to be recognized as a stand-alone MMO. For the "browser junkie," this game is one you can't miss; it will deliver many hours of good game play.

Jade Dynasty: New Zone! The Ancient Lands


Perfect World Entertainment congratulated Jade Dynasty players on the Shura server for being the first to unlock the new PvP-oriented area, Ancient Lands. Gaining access to the Ancient Lands required a server-wide effort requiring players to complete a number of daily quests to unlock it.

Saddle Up Your T-Rex or Dragon, Rides Now Available in Free Realms


What’s better than having a T-Rex or a Dragon as a pet? Having a T-Rex or a Dragon to ride you around in Free Realms! Dragon and T-Rex Rides are now available to transport players, with more Ride options coming soon.  Players on Rides can have all the fun in-game adventures they had before rides, but at quicker travel speeds. Rides are super-fast and let players travel around Free Realms at more than 150% of their normal speed.

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