Cabal Online Europe Interview: Getting Into the Updates for OnRPG


Both Illusion Castle and Steamer Crazy have been welcomed by the players as signs of the direction that the developer team want to take with the dungeon design. Illusion Castle's free camera view and unique cavern-like feel, and the challenging nature of the solo Steamer Crazy are the most-praised aspects if we go by player feedback.

The MMO Bro Code chapter 3: On The Brink Of War


What is an MMO Bro? For those of you who don't know, MMO Bros are probably the most awesome people you'll find in your favorite MMOs. They are so awesome that they tend to outshine the game, hence the continuous changing of MMOs. What can we say about war? Well, it's basically the theme of almost every MMO out there-some even use it as a part of their title (hell I don't know what they're trying to prove). Much like in real life, some MMO Bros also have roles to play in war, hence the list below. Let's check it out, shall we?

Aika: Introducing the Aitan Arena


There’s no thirst as unquenchable as the bloodthirst of players in Aika Online, whether it’s awakened by clashes over political supremacy in Castle Siege or a call to defend the home nation’s sacred relics from invading armies.  There are never enough ways to experience the thrill of winning glory, riches, and unique items through killing worthy foes, which is why we’re proud to introduce a brand new player-versus-player system to Aika: the Aitan Arena.

Soul Master Interview: How Innovative?


Soul Master merges the most successful features of multiple genres in such a way that it creates a gaming experience completely separate from anything that's out there in the industry right now. It has the action-oriented game play of a brawler, with the strategy and tactics of an RTS, and the character development and rewarding progression of an RPG. Players directly control their character that has a unique set of skills based on their class and level, are able to find, craft, and upgrade their own equipment, and go on quests and missions like an RPG. At the same time they're able to make buildings to produce and upgrade an army of units, construct towers and walls for base defense, and fight over resources like an RTS. What we've aimed to do is take the most compelling concepts of numerous genres and combine them in unique ways to create something entirely new in terms of game play.

Craft of Gods Review: Expertly Cross Classing


Craft of Gods is a new MMORPG developed by Cyberdemon, a Russian Game Company. The game is based on Slavic Mythology and revolves around the fantasy world of Akvilon, a world torn apart by the war between the forces of Light and Darkness. Craft of Gods is Cyberdemon's first game and is delivering some serious progress as they continue to cater gameplay excellence. The game has an awesome PVP system and sports the famous RVR feature, which guarantees wars like you've never seen before. The game is currently on its open beta stage, meaning it still has a lot of room for improvement. Being a new MMO, the game is still bound to experience some hefty competition, and some indepth comparison regarding its features. Does it have what it takes to compete with today's MMOs? Let's see.

Capcom and Neowiz developing Rockman Online


Rockman, Mega Man... Whatever name you use on this iconic and beloved Capcom character, I think no gamers will be strangers to him. In what I perceive as a "weird" co-op effort, Japan's Capcom has announced that it will be developing Rockman Online (tentative title) with Korea's Neowiz. Last month, there was a rumor about Capcom licensing the title Rockman Universe, so it has yet to be seen which will be the official title.

Launch of BlackShot Europe Open Service


On the 12th of May finally all European Gamers will be able to enjoy BlackShot Europe on After 2 months of deep tests internal and in the 3 closed beta phases we are ready to start the Open Service. In Open Service everyone will be able to play BlackShot.

HoMM Online Closed Beta Launches


China-based online game publisher, TQ Digital, have recently announced a new chapter of the classic strategy game, Heroes of Might and Magic! The special edition in the Asian Region started on May 7th!

RuneScape Interview: The Dungeons of Daemonheim


RuneScape is a 3D browser-based MMORPG from British developers Jagex. Almost ten years since its original inception, we chat to the faces behind the game and discuss PvP, monster slaying, level caps and that seemingly endless stream of updates. With the hotly anticipated Dungeoneering skill now available for both free and paying players, what's next for what has become the world's most popular free MMORPG?

Global MapleStory Celebrates its Fifth Anniversary


Today marks the Fifth Anniversary of Nexon America's service of Global MapleStory in North America. MapleStory services more than six million players in North America and more than 95 million players worldwide. This past summer, MapleStory broke its own records by reaching 70,000 max concurrent users several times. For the past five years, players have enjoyed additions of several job classes, wondrous world servers, zones to explore, and fierce boss mobs to defeat. 

Angels Online: Fuzz Balls Evolve Into Powerful Pets


Ever since IGG's Angels Online team added Fuzz Ball Eggs to the game, players have been eager to raise and train their new pets. If you don't have one yet, read on to find out why these new pets have become all the rage in Eden.

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