Oversoul Review: There’s More Behind It


Oversoul is a 3D oriental game set in a world where there are two warring clans, the Drakhans and the Tantheons. Your part in all of this is to become one of the strongest warriors of your tribe and bring glory and honor to your clan.

Next chapter of Runes of Magic to appear in May


Frogster announced that it will serve up the third chapter of Runes of Magic, titled ‘The Elder Kingdoms’ this May. Players can expect a new continent with unexplored regions, dungeons, a new skill system and an increase in the level cap to 60. Guild wars in the game will also be expanded with the addition of siege weapons.

Zodiac Online Interview: How Is Your Kung Fu?


With its open beta stage just a few hours away, we here on Onrpg got a chance to talk with GM Blackout on the current status of Zodiac Online's test operations especially after going through a lot of closed beta stages.

Gamescampus.com announces red hot valentines events for its popular online games



Today Gamescampus.com announced a host of Valentines events and special promotions for its popular online games, Asda Story, Shot Online, Manga Fighter and MLB Dugout Heroes.

"Valentine's Day is fun and playful and that's what Games Campus games are all about," said David Chang, Executive Vice President of Business Development at GamesCampus.com.  "We love having some fun with the community and offering all of these great in-game events and look forward to mixing it up all throughout the year."

Mabinogi Brings Science and Magic Together in the New Alchemy Update


Nexon America today released the latest content update for its fantasy massively multiplayer online game, Mabinogi, called, “Alchemist.”  The Alchemist update brings science and magic together and introduces a new storyline to the game, a new skill set, a new zone and new Shadow Missions.
 The Alchemist storyline will take players on a new type of adventure, teaching them a new skill set including Life Drain, Water Cannon, Wind Blast, Ice Mine, Barrier Spikes and Summon Golem.  As players progress through the Alchemist story, they begin to learn these new skills, using science to create elements they need, and magic to develop new skills.

Earth Eternal Harts Fest!


During the month of February, the Harts of Heartwood celebrate a week known as Harts Fest. A time of year where the Beasts of Earth display their affection for that special someone.
The practice originated deep in the Great Forest amongst the treetop city of Heartwood, where every year as a sign of affection the Harts would write poems to their soul mates. As the years went on, other Beasts began to adapt the tradition, adding small gifts or flowers to the basic poem.

Conquer online: New Year Quests – The Spring Festival of Love!


For the upcoming Chinese New Year, Conquer Online has prepared a string of quests for its global community to experience the profound and colorful customs of times past in this Chinese-style MMORPG.
Chinese New Year, also referred to as Spring Festival, is the most important of the Chinese holidays. According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2010 is the year of the Tiger, and this year's Spring Festival happens to fall on February 14, the same day as Valentine's Day.

Dragon Oath: Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Game!


Valentine’s Day is upon us! As the time to express love is approaching, players will get an opportunity to share their feelings for other players in the world of Dragon Oath! From February 10th to February 16th, Dragon Oath players will be able to visit the one and only Cupid in Luo Yang to receive some of his famed “Cupid’s Arrows.” Players can use these arrows on members of the opposite sex to indicate their potential love interest. Players who are hit with the arrow will possess the “Cupid’s Kiss,” which will be apparent to other players due to the radiating glow and hearts emanating from the player’s character!

Dark Throne Review: Generic Gameplay Gets Something New


In the world of gaming there is never really original gameplay, this applies to browser games as well, where one game after another mimics the same gameplay with a few "tweaks" to their system to make it unique from the rest.

N.E.O Online Closed Beta is Now Launched


PlayOMG is proud to announce the start of Closed Beta for N.E.O Online, the 3D Fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). N.E.O gives players the most control over the adventure and offers possibilities for creating characters with various professions.

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