Ten Most Awesome Mounts in MMORPGs


Mounts, love them or hate them you'd never really see a MMORPG without them. They've become the new status quo for MMORPGs. Players get the idea on how high a level or how much time, money or both they have spent on your game simply through the mounts they possess. The fun thing about mounts is that, even if their primary function is the same, the types of mounts you encounter vary depending on the genre or the type of game you're playing. There are different kinds of mounts in each game, allowing players to pick the one that works for them.

Audition Online Throws a Halloween Party with New Songs, Features and In-game Items


Audition Online, the leading online multiplayer dance-themed rhythm game with over 300 million registered accounts worldwide, unleashed a slew of new features and content in celebration of Halloween. The update includes 11 new tracks from various popular artists, over 100 new items added to the Fashion Mall, various new features improving the user experience, and a GM-managed Halloween event for a costume party like you've never seen before. Jump into Audition Online and experience the new update that'll have you costumed and grooving to the sounds of the latest pop hits!

Closed Beta Testing Starts for Gamigo’s Loong


Today gamigo will be starting closed beta testing for Loong, the most successful new MMORPG released this year in China. Loong, the role-playing blockbuster, is now available for select players in North America and Europe.

Champions Online Becomes Free-to-Play


Atari and Cryptic Studio's superhero MMO Champions Online will be free-to-download and play from Q1 2011, with the game adopting a freemium approach to content and item unlocking.

Flyff V16: Rise of the Muran – Open Beta Announcement


Leading free-to-play online game publisher Gala-Net is pleased to invite players to participate in Flyff's V16 Open Beta, starting today! Open Beta will run from October 22nd to October 29th, and will showcase eight new class evolutions, a new end-level instanced dungeon, new monsters to battle,  a new region and city to explore, and a new premium spot for grinding.

Two Grand Fiesta Events in Angels Online


Since the Candy Land updated to Angels Online, the number of players has reached an all-time high. With Halloween just around the corner, the forums are abuzz as angels wonder what tasty treats the AO team has in store for the game's loyal fans. If it's cool items and mounts you want, then you're in luck during the Halloween Grand Fiesta! Here's a sneak peek at two events no Angels Online player will want to miss.

Hero: 108 Online Tour – Cartoon heroes come to life!


Cartoon heroes come alive in a brand new action MMO for gamers of all ages. Hero: 108 Online is based on a cartoon series with the same name shown on Cartoon Network. Hero: 108 Online lets users play as the main characters straight from the cartoon series as well as some side characters, too. Hero: 108 Online uses simple arcade style controls for all types of gamers to pick up and play, as well as supporting all the features you'd come to expect from MMOs such as quests, guild support, PvP and more.

Uncharted Waters Online Interview: Who Needs A Compass?


KOEI has set sail for European shores with its popular and well established Uncharted Waters Online. No compass is needed to get the juicy details, let OnRPG guide you through the dangerous and exciting uncharted waters that lay ahead.

X Machine Online Review: An Entertaining Battle Royale


X Machine Online (or Robogod Fighter Online in other countries) is a semi-side scrolling MMO beat 'em up game that mixes the elements of button inputs from various fighting games with the traditional dungeon crawler. Although the side-scrolling concept has been pursued by various games like Dragonica Online, X Machine also has its own set of unique features to offer, making it shine along with its game play predecessors. The game is completely story based and provides a long series of story missions, which must be satisfied, for players to FINISH the game. This system was used by games like Guild Wars, but what makes X Machine different from the rest? Let's find out...

Why MMOs lack immersion


When was the last time you felt like you were living in the world of the MMO you played? Or the last time you felt like you were one with your virtual character? Chances are, you probably haven't felt that feeling in a long time. For me, I haven't felt immersed in an MMO since I was a kid. Maybe it was because my sense of childhood wonder helped fill the gap of being connected to the game world, but whatever the case, many MMOs just don't seem to have that spark. Many MMOs today lack immersion and while some of the issues are a bit more apparent than others, here are some of the reasons that have the most impact:

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