Altis Gates Particle Effects Take 2.5D to the Next Level


The graphics of the game utilize advance techniques such as effect engine and particle collision dynamic editor technologies, creating the 2.5D presentation of the game on a 3D graphic engine to fully reflect the benefits of particle effects rendering technology.

GetAmped 2 launches new website and events

NEWS GetAmped 2 launches new website and events   CyberStep Communications has announced that the landing page of their new online game GetAmped 2. This new MMO battle action game ...

Scions of Fate Interview: GM Vampire Sleep Schedules


Scions of Fate is one of those rare 3D F2P mmos that has survived the transition of an MMO that was once exclusive for a country. The game has steadily earned itself a solid fanbase and has been up to this day running well.

The Mana World Review: Open-Source MMO


The Mana World is a serious effort to create an innovative free and open source MMORPG. TMW uses 2D graphics and aims to create a large and diverse interactive world. Mostly written in C++, the game allows users to contribute to the ongoing project that Mana World represents.

OnRPG Kung Foo! Interview with Devin Grayson


Kung Foo! is the latest Free-To-Play MMORPG set to be published by Perfect World Entertainment, which already has successful titles like the popular Perfect World Online, Ether Saga and Jade Dynasty. Kung Foo! is expected to hit Closed Beta within the next few weeks.

Closer Look at MMOs: East vs West (part 1)


For years people have argued over which is better. Mindless elitism and random nitpickings would usually flock the net addressing each and every advantage that one could ever gain over the other. Since it was quite bothersome to listen to random nitpickings, I went forth to learn about the pros and cons of each.

Outspark celebrates Christmas in all their games


Follow the clues, find the codes and win SparkCash! Come back every day for a new clue and chance to win. Codes do not contain spaces and are valid for one day only. Save the codes for a bonus prize at the end!

World of Warcraft: Cash Shop Worries


 With the addition of this cash shop (which are commonly found in Free 2 Play MMOs); one question had to be asked, what is my monthly fee paying for?

Destiny Online Christmas 2009


Destiny Online will celebrate this holiday with you by providing brand new monsters, brand new mounts and even brand new maps.

Eudemons: Interview with g0d: To the Glorious Triumph of Teamwork!


Last week, a miracle was created on server LA/LV by g0d and his teammates, who bravely challenged Avenging Alamut and finally became the first team to pass this ultimate quest! You must be very concerned about how they made it. Therefore, the TQ team had an interview with g0d, and here comes the details!

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