Imperian Review: So Old School It Rules


Imperian is a browser based text game that puts you in the shoes of one of the many possible races in the game world of Aetherius. Demons, orcs and bickering gods are your biggest problem besides trying to survive the rough land you're in.

Dragon Oath Interview: Age of Destiny


We recently talked with Martin Tan, the General Manager of Dragon Oath's publisher (US) Inc., about what makes this expansion special and the most anticipated.

Mabinogi Interview: Now Featuring Dragons!


We here at OnRPG were lucky enough to speak to with the assistant producer of Mabinogi about the "Dragon" updates, which were released in October and December 2009. These new updates added many features to the game, including a new landmass for players to explore in the Mabinogi world. Read on as we ask for more details  about these new features.

Mortal Online Enters Open Beta


Starting today Mortal Online opens it's doors to the public with an open beta.

They invite the whole gaming community to step into the wonderful world of Nave. Join Mortal Online and experience a fantasticly immersive, beautiful and brutal sandbox MMORPG.

Dark Ages Review: Another Fine Role-Playing Title


Dark Ages is an MMORPG published by KRU interactive, the spinoff company from Nexon that also runs Nexus TK and Shattered Galaxy. Dark Ages is the sole 2D MMORPG based on Celtic mythology. This MMORPG is a real classic; it was released over 10 years ago, on August 2nd 1999.

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