Christmas Comes Early to S4 League


burda:ic has given the world of S4 League a holiday makeover with its latest update, Patch 25, giving players their Christmas gifts early regardless of whether they've been naughty or nice. Today's additions to S4 League include a brand-new game mode, never-before-seen map, additional costumes, and a new message system, as well as a sleigh filled with in-game events.

Nexon America Offers Huge Holiday Deals to Gamers this Week


Those searching for the perfect last minute gift for the gamers in their lives are in luck: Nexon's all-star lineup of award winning free-to-play games are having massive sales and in-game holiday events. Holiday activities include special increased experience events and winter-themed adventures.

RPG Hybrids: What Is Next?


Ever wonder why RPGs don't evolve much? RPGs have been around for decades, providing players with huge make-believe worlds while shoving them into the shoes of a certain character classes. After playing of the most up-to-date MMOs and MMORPGs, we have come to the conclusion that RPGs are merely repeating themselves in terms of background and content. While Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect managed to give players a diverse choose-your -own-adventure system and unequaled combat mechanics, it does not change the fact that it still branches out from the same settings provided by countless other titles. It's always been about medieval and steam-punk fantasy worlds, and no other setting has been offered since the horror RPG Parasite Eve. Requiem: The Bloodymare also tried to give us something new by presenting a pseudo-horror theme, but those are just grains of sand on the beach of games.

Runes of Magic – BIG -Christmas Contest


Christmas is coming to Taborea  (plus patch 3.0.7), along with a range of special events and promotions on a seasonal theme guaranteed to put Runes of Magic fans in the festive mood. Mid-December will see the start of the Snowflake Festival, conveying Christmas charm to the online community giving brave adventurers of Taborea the chance to earn great rewards for the completion of special daily quests. Players also get the opportunity to decorate their in-game houses with festive frills and plant seeds for magnificent Christmas trees.

Tales of Fantasy Review: Awaken The Warrior Within


Since MMOs nowadays offer nothing but repetitive content and generic gameplay, you'll probably need to try out a lot of different titles to find the MMO experience you've been waiting for. If so, then should Tales of Fantasy be in your to-try-list? After seeing the trailer, I could not help but feel hyped over the idea of mounted combat. Since mounts have been nothing more than a fast travelling aid in various MMOs, it was quite refreshing to see players fight while on the backs of their fast moving horses. Tales of Fantasy is a free to play MMORPG that features a broad 3D world where players can travel while immersing themselves further in the game's questing storyline. It also features open PVP, as well as a handful of other things that may appeal to most gamers today. The question is, does Tales of Fantasy have enough features to outlast today's MMOs? Let's see, shall we?

Stress Test For Hack´n´Slay MMO Mythos Within The Month


In preparation for the fast approaching closed beta, Mythos has now entered the 'Family & Friends' phase. Frogster will be putting its servers to the test on December 28th. Thousands of players will be allowed to enter the game world for the first time to test the capacity of the servers, which may well crash as a result. The mayhem will begin at 11:00 CET (10am UK), and the masses will be unleashed in waves to test the server capacity gradually.

Lore: Mathosian Civil War


On this day we, Aedraxis Mathos I of unbroken lineage, undertook the siege of Port Scion, jewel of our empire and home of our royal brother Zareph. His city is rich beyond measure, yet Zareph has refused to fund imperial plans for expansion, plotting instead to supplant our rightful rule. Though arrogant, he is nonetheless our brother. Mathosians! When you read this to your children, and they to theirs, know that your king watched with heavy heart the arc of catapult stones and Mage-fire that tore down the walls of his brother's house.


HEAT Online Review : Casual MMO Racer


HEAT Online is a free MMO racing game that offers  players a ton of different game modes and the ability to customize your car so it can be truly, your car. If you're looking for a racing game for casual play, HEAT Online is for you. If you're looking for a competitive racing game, HEAT Online is still a great choice. It has an awesome rating system in which you lose more in a loss than you gain in win giving it the competitive feel.

WonderKing Announces Its Christmas Event


Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated all around the world. Families deck out their homes in Christmas lights, loved ones scramble to the mall to find the perfect gifts, and so much more! With that said, the WonderKing team has prepared many awesome events for everyone to enjoy during this festive holiday!

TERA Unveils Details on The Human Race History


Frogster goes further on its revelations about TERA, expected to be launched in 2011. Further details on two classes, the Mystic and the Sorcerer, are released alongside with the background of the Human race, one of the important factions of the persisting and evolving universe of TERA.

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