Allods Online Europe Review: Never Thought P2P Gaming Can Be Free


Allods Online is the latest in the Gpotato Europe lineup that has received critical acclaim, and is considered to be one of the must play MMORPGs for 2010. The game uses a lot of familiar game features and interfaces from famous MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft but also introduces a lot of game elements that are exclusive to Allods.

Special Force Officially Launches in Singapore


Online Military First Person Shooter (FPS) sensation Special Force, published by local operator DF Interactive, a subsidiary of Korean game developer Dragonfly, has been officially launched today after monetary micro transactions for in-game items commenced.

Tales Runner Introduces New Character: Kai, The Demon Child!


Tales Runner, the popular MMO racing game from Gala-Net, is proud to announce the arrival of its newest playable character, Kai!  The demon child, known as Kai, is an integral character in the latest chapter of the Tales saga, Chapter 5: Chaos Genesis.

Faction and Class Distinction and Customization in Soul Master


One of the things that has interested me most while working on Soul Master is getting a chance to see how the emerging MMORTS genre is progressing in the industry, and how the variation and customization available to character classes, buildings and units, and stat modification choices for each of the factions affects the depth of overall strategy, and subsequently game play balance.

How To Make MMOs Scary


We've discussed why MMOs can't be scary, now it's time to see how they can be. As much as most titles tried their best to project the Silent Hill experience, MMOs lack the ability to be scary. One cause would be the persistent plane where players can freely interact with each other. There's also the lack of ambiance, which greatly affects the experience as it takes away the horrific expectations players have when facing a blind corner.

Earth Eternal Perhaps Not Eternal


In an extremely saddening message Matt Mihaly, CEO of Sparkplay Media, the creators of Earth Eternal has announced that his company has run out of money and that he had to lay off all but one of his employees.

Heroes of Kungfu Interview: Kung Pao Browser Game!


Heroes of Kung Fu is a martial arts, browser based game from WebMMO that's been operating for about half a year. We here at OnRPG had the chance to check up on the guys behind this latest martial arts online game. Here's what they have to say about the game.

EverQuest’s Landmark Seventeenth Expansion, EverQuest House of Thule


The unparalleled seventeenth addition to Sony Online Entertainment LLC's epic adventure EverQuest House of Thule is on its way. Now in its unprecedented twelfth year, House of Thule brings immersive gameplay, captivating storytelling and exciting worlds to continue the EverQuest legacy, now set in a never-before-seen dreamland full of mystery and adventure. House of Thule offers an expansion rich in content and packed with game-changing features including a level cap increase and the addition of player housing, which new players, veterans and MMO fans will relish.

City of Heroes Dev Diary – Electric Control


Our good friends over at NCSoft sent us over the this Dev Diary for exclusive first publication! It talks about the design process that has resulted in the amazing looking Electric powers in City of Heroes.

ESTsoft Corp. talks about CABAL Online 2


ESTsoft Corp. is planning rollout of a new title called CABAL 2 (Official Title Unknown), a sequel to its worldly-known title CABAL Online soon to the public. Gaining excellent reputations from all over the world including Asia, Europe, North and South America, ESTsoft Corp. aims to bring another refined MMOG title to the global gaming market.

Cloud Nine Online Review: Strong Rendition as Holic2


Cloud Nine Online is a 3D anime type MMORPG, visually similar to games like Rose Online and Fly for Fun. For those of you who don't know, this game is actually an upgraded version of Holic Online, which served its purpose well before its closing date back in 2009. The story revolves around the land of Lunatia, a world torn apart by Gods who represent 6 human emotions. After speculating on the chaotic world below, the Gods of Hate, Emo (Sorrow), and Anger decided to fire up the human revolution by using their powers to aid people in the unholy war.

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