Sudden Attack Interview: A Straightforward and True FPS


With the year winding down, it would seem that there's no stopping company's from dishing out game after game. One such example is Sudden Attack which has just gone commercial last September. We have been given the opportunity to knock on their door and ask how's the game faring with about three months of operations under its belt.

Operation 7 Review: Customization and Realism Set it Apart


Lately I've been playing a lot of FPS (first person shooter) games. MMORPG's seem to get repetitive at times, so I decided to play some FPS games for a while. After trying many FPS games, Operation 7 has gotten my attention. This is a great game with good graphics, many players, and a lot of customization.

Mafia 1930 Review: Old-school Mafia at it’s best


Mafia 1930 puts you in the seat of an upstart mafioso trying to establish your reign in an otherwise corrupt world. You are given everything that you need in your disposal and it is on how you run the various black market institutions that would make or break you in this world.

Mythos Browser Game: May The Gods Help You


The Greek gods have been a forefront in a lot of games either in consoles and online. From the games like Herc's adventures in the now defunct Psone to browser based game Ikariam you would see Greek gods as the provider of bonuses and whatever necessities for you to be successful in the game.

Things MMOs Could Do Without (Part1: Health)


Every gamer would recognize it in an instant. That red bar sitting somewhere nice and visible showing how much 'health' we have left, like it's the most natural thing in the world. It has become such a staple of gaming that the only noticeable thing about it would be it's absence. Try and think of an MMO (or, for that matter, any RPG) without a health-bar. It has become ubiquitous in this genre, as in several others, and it drives me mad!

Jade Dynasty Ascension Expansion Tour


Jade Dynasty Online just released an expansion called "Ascension", a good reason for us to check out what's new. What has changed in the world of the humans on the path to immortality? And what new content is there to be found?

Dark and Light Review: Game Had Potential But Failed to Deliver


The whole idea of a 15,000 square-mile world would be marvelous to behold and the possibilities are quite profound. If you were going to play an MMO then might as well pick the one with the biggest world. I think that this game just failed to deliver the epic justice of what it was destined to serve.

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