WorldShift Review: Is This An MMO?


It's really hard to come up with something new nowadays, but it's always a cool thing for MMOGs to inherit the awesomeness from old single player games. Since these games tend to evolve further, an improved version of an old genre may also be considered something new. This is where the game World Shift kicks in, being one of the most well played MMORTSes (Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy) today.

Last Chaos Interview: Episode 2 After Half A Decade


Last Chaos has and continues to exceed our expectations. Last Chaos as a game is a living entity which we have and continue to work with the developers to improve and update continually.

How can you help your friendly neighborhood Game Master?


I've worked on a major title as a Game Master/Customer Service Representative. I'm writing this to give you guys some insight into the work of a Game Master, and to give you some pointers for when you talk with one, when you need the help, or when you write feedback. I've played online games for eight years, and have received all kinds of service, from excellent to horrible. I decided to become a Game Master to be able to provide players proper service and to aid you on your way to the phat lewt and glory. We all know you most likely pay to play and when you do that, you expect something in return, not just a good game.

Allods Online Patch 1.1.0: Revelations of Gipat


Gala-Net, Inc., a leading free-to-play online game publisher, announced today the upcoming release of the first Allods Online expansion - Patch 1.1.0: Revelations of Gipat.  This patch will include some major changes to the game mechanics, add in a number of very important bug fixes, enhance existing features, raise the level cap, and add in new zone with over a hundred and fifty new quests! releases full development trees for its “World of Tanks” MMO game

NEWS gives insight into World of Tanks level-up and upgrade systems by unveiling an updated outline of American, German and Soviet tank fleets. The tech trees illustrate development options for each class of military hardware presented in the game and provide various research paths with sequences of models the player will have to acquire on the way to his "dream" tank. Final version of the development trees also includes a list of premium tanks and captured vehicles available for purchase.

Aika Expansion: Launching on June 17th!


The first of the two new map regions unveiled in Ashes of Betrayal is Darkrane Forest, the sublime but troubled backdrop to a series of all-new Aika adventures.  Featuring exotic new monsters and almost 100 new quests in an action-packed plot, Darkrane Forest will inspire the many fans of Aika's immersive storyline to fight once more against the treacherous forces that threaten the land of Lakia.

Darkwind War on Wheels Review: Turn Based Road Rage Anyone?


I'm a big fan of Twisted Metal from back in the hay day of the PlayStation. Ever since then that game became a personal benchmark in terms of car-violence themed games. With that in mind, I never really thought that there would come a time where  a decent turn-based game like this would turn up.

Conquer Online: Socket Your Gear And Mine Treasure


Since unveiled in 2003, Conquer Online has attracted millions of players from around the world, to immerse themselves in a fabulous world of ancient Chinese mythology. As a PvP Oriented MMO, Conquer Online was always famous for its unique PvP system, with which players can experience dynamic and furious combat with other skillful opponents. However, after 7-years of development, the TQ team has also noticed the problem of the the gear gap between players becoming wider and wider, which has a serious negative impact on CO's PvP gameplay.

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