Guild Wars 2 – Exclusive Ranger Interview Transcription


Our Exclusive Guild Wars 2 Ranger Interview Podcast revealed a couple of interesting new tidbits of information about this upcoming game. For those of you who prefer reading over listening, here is the full interview transcribed for your reading pleasure!

Sherwood Dungeon Interview: Six Years And Still Going


Sherwood Dungeon is one of those rare MMOs which survived in a very competitive market. Operating for six years is no mean feat for any game and Sherwood Dungeon has proven that it can be done.

Vindictus Story Starter


Gamers eager to learn more about Nexon America's Vindictus will enjoy a sneak peek into the Prologue of the game with the new screenshots. The town of Colhen has long been kept safe through the efforts of Tieve, the town's oracle. Through her mystical ability to communicate with animals, Colhen dreams under the protection of her familiar, a giant spider. The day came when their trusted guardian seemed to go mad and started attacking the peaceful township of trusting people. The call goes out to a local group of mercenaries to help, a group that contains a young, untested recruit with a very special destiny.

Soul Master Preview: Genre Bending Action


Coming soon to a PC near you, Game Campus will be publishing a brand new MMO title that blends game genres in fascinating new ways. Soul Master is a Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy game with skill based action gameplay thrown into the mix. Players will choose one of three different character classes including a Male Knight, a Female Mage, and Bearcat Fighter. Each character class will be able to summon different units for battle and make use of unique skills during combat.

Perfect World Entertainment Announces Open Beta Launch Date For Heroes Of Three Kingdoms


Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a wholly owned US subsidiary of Perfect World Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: PWRD), today unveiled that the Open Beta launch of its free-to-play MMORPG, Heroes of Three Kingdoms, is slated for Tuesday, July 27th. Based on one of the most turbulent era in history, including the famous Battle of Red Cliff, Heroes of Three Kingdoms delivers a high-quality multiplayer experience via various in-game offerings and enables gamers to reshape pivotal moments in Chinese history.

GamesCampus To Publish MMORPG, Legend Of Edda


Leading online game publisher,, announced today its upcoming free-to-play, massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG), Legend of Edda.  Developed by EYA Soft, this fast-paced MMO will go into beta later this fall and will feature intense PVP battles along with trademark cute characters. 

Blade Wars Interview: Movie Grade Martial Arts


ChangYou can be counted as one of the newest MMO publishers to set foot in the western market, who primarily focus on the development and publishing of Free to Play MMO titles. The company is no "newbie" to the MMO industry though - its China headquarters has been in the business since 2003 and is one of the largest and most successful entertainment companies in the world. Blade Wars is one of the company's latest titles, an F2P martial arts MMO which puts players in a mythical world of martial arts and myriad wonders. How will the game set itself apart? Let's find out.

Monster Forest Review: Be A Poke-err… Monster Trainer


Monster Forest is an MMORPG set in the Liberon continent of the Eran world. The game emphasizes the use of pets, which is quite interesting as we have yet to see an MMO that completely focuses on pet usage. Just as the title suggests, Monster Forest can be compared to the likes of Pokémon (or at least the whole idea of it) where characters can catch a wide variety of monsters to aid them in battle. Other than the battle sequences and monster mayhem, the game offers players a nice list of things to do (which will be discussed later). Consider it a Monster Rancher MMO on steroids. It's a rare concept, but does it have enough juice to impress the gamers of today? Let's find out...

Wonderland Online: New Maps Arrive with Version 6.0


Clash of Champions, the new version of IGG's Wonderland Online, has released. Among the many new additions are two new maps: Cornwall and Domremy. Here's a sneak peek at some of the legends surrounding these famous locations.

3D MMO Gaming: The Next Big Thing?


"9you, one of the fast rising MMO developers and publishers in China, recently announced that they will be integrating their upcoming MMOs with 3D technology. You read it right, players will have the chance to view their games through 3D vision goggles and experience the same kind of thrill when watching Avatar 3D (who hasn't watch the movie in 3D?). The company also admitted that the recent Avatar 3D wave helped them to speed up development of the project."

The Allods Quest for Chests $50k Giveaway


Use your keys to open chests for a chance to INSTANTLY WIN some of our most popular Item Shop items, including Enchanted Saddles, Dragon Hide Backpacks, and Holy Charms! Each time you open a chest, you will also be entered into a drawing to win that quest's amazing prizes, such as Alienware Aurora PC Desktop gaming systems, custom Astro A30 headsets, iPads, and 52" LCD TVs!

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