Ninja Trick Interview: Looking Into The Ninja Scene


First of all, I would like to thank you to all the customers / players that been supporting NinjaTrick over a year.  It was our first title in United State and there was lot of challenges and trials. We have learned a lot from players opinions and we want to keep growing  it with our players.

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Why Keep Trying?


A year doesn't go by without several MMORPGs being released for public consumption. Ever since the phenomenal success of World of Warcraft, developers have become increasingly aware of the MMO genre and how easily consumers will part with their cash just to experience fantastical new worlds. With Warcraft celebrating its five-year anniversary, the persistent world juggernaut has obliterated everything that tried to reduce its subscription numbers. Most of the time, Blizzard hasn't had to lift a finger. New MMOs are announced, hyped and acclaimed. Yet, players prised away from their beloved Azeroth seem to always find a way back. Why are developers throwing millions of dollars at their own MMO ventures in an effort to compete with World of Warcraft, and how is it affecting their business?

Aces High Review: Be Glad You live in the 20th Century


Playing simulation games never really gets old. Even those "World War X" themed games where you get to fly and experience how it feels to pilot or drive those old planes and vehicles that are part of our sad history of warfare.

Gamescampus Discusses Soul Master Core Concepts and Gameplay Details


Leading online game publisher, GamesCampus today announced details about its upcoming genre-bending, free-to-play MMORTS, Soul Master. The addictive new game combines the character advancement of an action RPG with the tactical unit control and balanced game play depth of the Real Time Strategy genre in a uniquely innovative way.

PvP Survival In TLBB


Not long ago, ChangYou Europe notified players of the ever popular 'Master & Student' capability in top European online game Tian Long Ba Bu (or TLBB for short). The successful game publishers have now revealed a number of key features of the guild system and Player v. Player action that allows gamers to battle each other with ancient Chinese weaponry in this beautifully rendered mmo.

Large Q-3D MMORPG Online Game Fairy Story is coming


The full name of NGames is NGames Information Technology Co., Ltd. Founded in February 2010, it is an interactive entertainment enterprise comprising of network game development, operation and promotion. The company is committed to providing high-quality games and services for players, with secure game environment and strong back support. Through the improvement of technology, innovative concepts, thoughtful features and personalized service, the company has established a large-scale integrated entertainment platform, game321, including online games, animation, friends making, etc.

Pink for Tink: Hardcore Caring


If you have been on the internet for more than five minutes you are probably aware of a few common truths. First is the John Gabriel Greater Internet Theory that states that anonymity and an audience results in a caustic environment. Secondly, there are no girls on the internet. That or there are girls on the internet and they are better than you at gaming. Really that article of internet faith goes many ways.

Features for Pardus Newcomers


Pardus is a real-time graphical game set in a futuristic universe that can be played right from the browser. It features dozens of maneuverable ships as well as a sophisticated production tree with a multitude of possible buildings and commodities. Its unique "Action Points" system allows players with limited time online to be just as competitive as players that have unlimited time online.

Myth War II: New Golden Tiger Roars into Action


Though IGG's fantastic world of Myth War II Online was once dominated by the four Saint Pets, the newly released Golden Tiger shines brighter than all of them. As the first of the Golden Pet series, the Golden Tiger has abilities that the game's more common pets can only dream of. When it unleashes its wrath, it can challenge any of the Saint Pets. With its impressive strength and incredible speed, players who have a Golden Tiger by their side will only regret not having obtained one sooner.

War Rock Declares MayDay With The Battle Of Hyperion Vs. Nemico


War Rock, the premier FPS title of GamersFirst, has announced the reunion of nemesis' Hyperion and Nemico in a two-day battle of Valor. Hyperion Vs. Nemico will be a two-day event, starting on Thursday, May 20th, streamed live on X-Fire. There will be special promo code giveaways during the event.

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