Luna Online Review: Oh They’re So Cute!


When it comes to having the cutesy characters, nothing comes close to the cuteness factor of Luna Online. Big eyed cell shaded anime characters, petite build; it's like a whole world of chibified (small dimension) characters ready to kill you with their jolly smiles.

Why Should I Pay For My MMOs?


Many users requesting a game in our request section point out that the game should be free. MMO players often think "Why should I pay for my games, when I can play them for free?"

Eudemons Online Interview: A Look into Demon Rising


Eudemons is a game which focuses on questing and raising demons known as "Eudemons". It has been around for several years now, but continues to be very successful and continues to be updated frequently. The most recent of these updates, "Demon Rising", introduces new high level content to the game in the form of new dungeons, as well as new bosses.

Star Trek Online Preview: Set Phasers to Fun?


After a long and troubled development, the awaited Star Trek Online is about to hit the shelves. The MMORPG is based on the most famous sci-fi TV series, which boasts several movies and various  TV incarnations in more than 40 years. Cryptic acquired the rights for the IP and is about to launch the game at the beginning of February. The Open Beta, of course, is still up and running: we had a glimpse.

Star Trek Online Introduces Skill Cap Last Minute



Contrary to what Cryptic has been telling Star Trek Online fans until now it has implemented a skill cap.


It's interesting to note that this issue wasn't announced during the months of closed and open beta and as recent as October of last year Cryptic confirmed that STO would feature a classless and open character development system:
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