Legend of Edda Tour – Greek Mythology Never Looked so Adorable!


GameCampus' latest title is putting a new spin on Greek Mythology with cute and adorable action. Legend of Edda (LOE) is an MMORPG centered on the Greek Mythology pertaining to the Gods of Olympus and the Titans. Players will chose to join either the Gods or the Titans and engage in small scale story quests that shed light on the conflict, or participate in huge wars for treasure and supremacy.

Motion Control in MMORPGs – Why It Just Won’t Work


Whatever console you pledge your allegiance to, there's no questioning that the new motion control gadgetry developed by Microsoft and Sony is pretty impressive. PlayStation Move tracks player movement with pinpoint accuracy, Xbox Kinect is a striking display of camera trickery and motion sensing technology. The hype machine has been put into overdrive as gamers prepare for a new wave of motion controlled games and gadgets spurred on by immense publicity and awe-inspiring tech demos. With the popularity of the Nintendo Wii seemingly floundering, it remains to be seen whether or not Sony's wands and Microsoft's cameras can rejuvenate the motion sensing scene and convince hardcore gamers that it isn't all casual platforming and family-oriented sports games.

Questionable EVE attack deals 30 billion ISK in damage


It's often said that EVE Online is a game that revolves around PvP. Even people who engage only in PvE aren't safe from the wrathful influence of other pilots. Players are almost forced to compete with each other in a ruthless open sandbox where all the rules are thrown out the window.

Iris Online to Enter Closed Beta Testing on October 15th


Leading free-to-play online game publisher Gala-Net, Inc., is excited to announce that their much anticipated gypsy-themed MMO, Iris Online, will be entering its Closed Beta Test (CBT). The CBT will run from October 15th through October 29th and will allow players to explore 3 different races, 6 classes, 11 zones, 2 dungeons, 2 different PvP modes, and levels 1 through 40.

Eve Online Announces Commissioned Officer Edition


CCP has announced a new boxed retail edition for EVE Online. This fall, the sci-fi MMORPG will be arriving in an updated retail package with exceptional support for new pilots in the EVE Online: Commissioned Officer Edition.

Dragon Fable Review: First Impressions


When one comes across a browser game he expects a game with crap graphics, poor game play and horrible community. He or she usually assume that the game will be full with children who think downloading will give them viruses and blow up their computer. Dragon Fable is an animated fantasy RPG that can be extremely addictive.  Although Dragon Fable is F2P (free to play) it has an exclusive "members" option.  This is called the Dragon Amulet upgrade which unlocks exclusive areas and powerful items. Dragon Fable is constantly updated and is totally worth your time especially since you won't spend anytime downloading it!

Canaan Online Review: Too Cute to Be True


Canaan Online is a flash based MMORPG that is just too cute to be true. The game reeks of cuteness from the get-go. I think it's safe to assume a lot of hardcore online gamers would be immediately turned off with the cuteness level.

LEGO: A Whole New Universe


I know I have had my calendar marked for a while. Perhaps some of you have as well. Today, October 12th, is one of two big dates this month for NetDevils Lego Universe. Today is, in fact, the start of the pre-order play period where anyone who had already ordered their copy of Lego Universe gets two weeks with the world to themselves. Some of the beta players, now called Founders, have been able to play since the 8th giving them a little something in return for their hard work testing the game. As today is the launch day for the pre-orders, today in the mail I received my copy of Lego Universe. Nowadays many games have Collectors Editions and Pre-order bonuses and other bits to show favour to the fans who come early or pay more. Lego Universe is no exception.

Ministry of War Preview: Civilization’s Browser Brother


Ministry of War is a strategy browser based MMORTS game from Snail Games USA. The game plays upon the concept of civilization supremacy in an MMO setting. You are given the choice to represent one of the four factions found in the game in a race for supremacy and a chance to earn the title champion.

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