Face of Mankind Preview: One Thing Leads to Another


Face of Mankind, this game lives up to its name. Between the political scandals, the shady operations, drug dealing, and wars over resources this game has a real-life feel to it. With danger around every corner will you be able to make your way in this world?

Monster and Me Review: Thorough Nostalgia


Good ol' turn-based games. Who doesn't love them? Don't deny it, we all spent hours on them back in the day when all we had was a Super Nintendo and a few cartridges. That style and feeling, is something that TQDigital's Monster and Me tries to bring back.

Evony Review: I Think I’ve Seen This Game Before


Browser games are currently what turns non gamers into mind numbed zombies who will do their best to sneak a few minutes from work just to check on their online characters. Browser games are more or less work safe. They don't crash your computer, they don't look like games, and most of all they're easily closed (haha! I win Mr. Supervisor dude!). The best part about browser game is that they're system friendly. You don't really need to upgrade your PC 3 times a year to play these babies.

Eudemons: Demon Rising Sequel Revealed!


Only three month after the launch of Demon Rising, Eudemons Online announced the release date of Demon Hell, the first and highly anticipated sequel of the epic expansion. Following the new quest, several new functions and events will also be implemented, including a new eudemon composing solution, Godship switching quest, 2-week free trail of VIP services and other exiting updates.

Mini Fighter Tour: Intimiate Look At All The Features


Mini Fighter is a free to play MMO. The game plays much like an arcade fighter such as Street Fighter. There are various characters you can select each with their own play styles and moves. You are given one character card of your choice when beginning the game. These are the required to play characters and can be obtained later on by playing mini games, running dungeons and more. This game is easy to learn but hard to master. Levels do not matter in PvP so it is all about the skill of the player!

Wargaming.net Reveals Details of World of Tanks Engine


Wargaming.net announces the company is using the BigWorld Technology suite for developing its brand-new free-to-play MMO game WORLD OF TANKS. The software is a really efficient and advanced tool for designing a sweeping massively multiplayer online game, and allows focusing on core issues of the game, such as captivating and realistic gameplay and top-notch graphics and visual effects.

4Story Runs a “My Best Item” Contest


4Story announced that a best item contest has started today. The total reward is 375$ in game money and the winners will be selected with the most votes by the 4story community.

Details Revealed about Mytheon’s Epic Bosses: Hades, Persephone and Circe


Embarking on a Heroic Mythological Journey, Players Will Begin a Quest to Free Humans From The Will of The Gods. True Games Interactive, an international multi-player online game developer and publisher, along with award-winning developer, Petroglyph, today revealed details of several of the mythological bosses players will encounter in their highly-anticipated online, multiplayer action/RPG with strategic game
play, Mytheon.

Blessings in Disguise: A Short Talk on Bugs and Exploits


MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) players are competitive by nature, be it PVP or PVE. There will always be an amount of pride rendered for how strong or able your character is. Epic Gear, Socket Gems, Cooler Mounts, Jet Packs, Everyone will do almost anything to acquire these things. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be strong really; however, it is also the same drive that makes people take the easy way out.

Interview with Mr Zhou Bin: Chairman and CEO of Globex Studios


At the recently concluded Game Developers Conference 2010, Globex Studios officially announced the establishment of Globex Studios LA (Los Angeles). In charge of the new studio will be Mr Carey Chico, who is positioned as the President and Chief Creative Officer. Mr Carey Chico's previously worked at Electronic Arts (EA), where he was the Executive Art Director of Pandemic Studios. Globex Studios LA will work together with the 2 other Globex offices, including the headquarters at Tianjin, China and studio at Taipei, Taiwan.

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